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Michael Savage Unleashes on a Liberal Wise Guy Caller

Michael Savage Unleashes on a Liberal Wise Guy Caller

let's go to the callers Los Angeles kg il Michael welcome to the program go ahead please yeah like oh I just think that multimillionaires like you are afraid of Obama because you make well over two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year and you don't want to make I make over ten times that that's right and you don't give me a dime of it do you in fact the amount of taxes I pay pay for losses like you well Lucas like if it wasn't for winners like me losses like you would be licking garbage in the gutter so don't sit here and tell me I'm taking it from you yeah and Obon did you did you put any money in my pocket keep abortion legal did you put any money in my pocket did you put money in my pocket I listened to your show and I get it you don't put anything in my pocket it's losers like you who want a government to give you something but where do you think it comes from it comes from hard-working people like me not from losers like you that's all go wah go whine in the streets go whine in the streets and leave me alone one eight hundred four four nine eight two five five michaelsavage calm New York City wor Dan go ahead please uh Michael I think Obama's doing a magnificent job I don't understand good is he done with North Korea what what has he done with North Korea and what is North Korea has developed their nuclear weapons to the point within our threatening America that's your idea of a good job North Korea developed its nuclear weapons during the Bush administration well women go keep blaming Bush Bush is gone Obama's president for almost six months now stop with George Bush don't pass the buck Obama had the chance to stop him from launching his last Rockets why didn't the order of the military to do it number two Iran why is he doing nothing with Iran saying he has nothing to say about the mullahs of Iran not even a statement in favor of the pro-democracy movement I'm happy to well he's doing a nuanced job of maintaining our posture and maintaining our interests oh hold on what don't give me the word nuance that's liberal double-talk he did nothing but support Ahmadinejad by saying it's not our business that is not true what he did was no that is not true what he said was he said what is the will of the Iranian people he had deep concerns about the legitimacy of the election but what he wasn't going to do was meddle in Iranian politics what he did know he wasn't going to meddle then why is he meddling in Israeli politics because Israel is part of our our our as an ally and we're involved with Israel you mean so we're allowed to meddle with allies but not meddle with dictatorships I'm not using the word metal you are you just use the word meddle you used it not me but in the case of a reign you used it not me so in other words if Franklin Delano Roosevelt didn't meddle with Germany what would have happened excuse me meddling why did Franklin Delano Roosevelt meddle with a dictatorship of Germany explain that to me excuse me you're an expert on words Michael meddling is uninvited interference it stop using rhetoric with me don't try to trap me in the same kind of arguments that you used your entire life and destroyed your family with let's go back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt had he not stood up to Hitler what would have happened to the world you'd be a lampshade right story you know would be a lampshade and that's because Franklin Delano Roosevelt meddled with Germany but what are you talking about meddle with Germany had a lend lease agreement with Great Britain and he was an ally of Brittany and and they think that's correct so why is it that Obama's not an ally of the democracy movement in Iran this is no meddling and Iran would be you can't answer the question can you you think you're still in your muffler shop that you sold five years ago but you're no longer in your muffler shop selling shoddy merchandise from China you can't sell your shoddy merchandise on this show Obama is a complete failure and he is a neo-marxist trying to impose a neo-marxist agenda on this country you know it and I know it and every brilliant person who knows what's going on knows that so don't sit in double-talking me well I didn't own the muffler shop it doesn't mean anything but I also have a PhD that doesn't know what what does that matter what you get in Kellogg's box I know as your dissertate wait a minute what was your dissertation on and what leach means what was your dissertation on since you have a PhD we no evidence you represent no the whole it stop her I'm hanging up on you you just said you have a PhD what is it in what university is it from and what was your dissertation about University what did you say versity well why I don't need to prove my career you just said you have a PhD I can name five people who never went to college you have PhDs if you give enough money you get a PhD what was your dissertation about please please I'm not you don't have a dissertation so don't try credentials on me you loser you've written nothing you are nothing but a Microsoft a liqu you're a slave of the Obama hypnosis that's all you are you have no PhD Savage

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  1. I put money your pocket! I bought some of your book's! I work and pay taxes. I like you Dr. Savage and I appreciate your hard work putting out the Truth to the best of abilities. FDR had to help England because England is our Allie. I like Dr. Savage but Milo and Shepario owned you and I laughed my ass off when they made you look like a pig in shit. They are far more intellectually superior to you and your PHD!

  2. “Muffler shop that you sold 5 years ago” !!
    LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think this guy is a liberal he talks over people and very loud and obnacious typical liberal tactic he won't let people talk this guys is beginning to be a fucktard.

  4. There's nobody as good as smart and as patriotic as the great Dr. Michael Savage. Thank you for your tireless efforts.

  5. This was uploaded in 2009, and Mr. Savage is already calling Mr. Obummer "a failure." Damn that crystal ball between his legs!

  6. Michael Savage sharp as a tack /// elders seniors handy cap disable need SS// to many leches, young want SS,, don't want to work,, professional agitators///Latinos Hispanic Chicanos zoot suitors mehecanos love. ((m. savage )) good message ///

  7. What was your dissertation on? and the guy is stumped and surprised sounding as if he never heard of the term. LOL!

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