Mexicans Buying Children and Other Acts of Social Justice

hey everyone welcome to this week's show as always remember if you're watching this on youtube don't forget to bump up the resolution because YouTube loves to put me at like 144 you know the worst quality so bad in mind and go ahead and bump it up because ice cream is much higher quality than that alright I'd like to start off this show by looking at another well I hesitate to call it news but another kind of mark story from one of our far left outwards and I was think about doing this every time I like we can maybe we can just you know grab something from BuzzFeed of box of ice on one of these delightful places in the beginning you know some people people on the other side of the political aisle actually believe these stories and that's kind of comical in and of itself so this provides us with a a nice kind of way to start shall we say okay let's go ahead and jump into it this time I found an article over advice because you know that's why I just love to hang out all right here we are this is who sells those crappy shampoo packets aoc found in migrant detention okay and then just they're showing this little packet of shampoo like it's the worst thing you've ever seen because it's what type of shampoo okay now here's the thing it's there what are they trying to accomplish here what are they trying to accomplish what the trying to accomplish is to get the company who is producing shampoo for this migrant camp camp you know for this Detention Center to stop sending shampoo who does that help I mean really this is something that I've begun saying that this attempt at boycotts of products that are being sent to these detention centers and how does that help the people who are incarcerated there it doesn't it literally makes their lives worse and yet people like my sandbox and BuzzFeed and all these want to promote these boycotts you would think that they would be going the other way right like like that if companies refuse to do business with them or didn't offered low rates that these sites would be protesting and mad but no no instead that they want okay you know what here's another one yeah you know same basic thing my Wayfarer employees protest the sales to detention centers right and you see this picture you see they see that the silence woman's holding a prison with a bed is still a prison yes yes it is but you know what it is it's a prison with a bed as opposed to a prison without a bed right I mean how did how do they possibly miss this I mean those on the left now what migrants to sleep on cold hard floors with no shampoo in order that they might feel morally better about themselves but for some reason it gives them a sense of comfort I mean my gosh it you have to say there is an irony in this and you know the people who protest the loudest scream the loudest people like you know Alexandra acacia Cortez for example who went to the detention centers and complained so much about the fact that they have plastic shampoo packets she voted no on the spending package to try and increase you know the quality of the of the place she voted no on that like because I guess she's one of these people who doesn't want to have beds in shampoo you know I always try a little e try honestly to understand that side of the argument with this it's like they're too busy virtue signaling to do anything of virtue to actually improve the lives of those that they supposedly care so much about let's see one track says the whole Wayfarer thing is hilarious talking about chopping off your own foot well yeah but at the same time I think it shows something it shows that they don't actually care because if they actually cared about the magnets that were held in the detention center then none of this would make any sense that if they actually they would well want to improve their quality they want more shampoo companies and all of that and instead they're doing the very opposite this shows that what they're really concerned about is using this as some kind of you know grandstanding that's it that's it they don't care about that the migrants whatsoever okay let's move on because there is a new and rather tragic story about the migrants of a Coleman so here we are and this is at the Seattle Times authorities are investigating reports of migrants trying to buy children to enter the United States so here we are in Tijuana Mexico some migrants in Tijuana are trying to purchase children from vulnerable single mothers in local shelters so they can more easily cross into the United States according to shelter directors migrants and Tijuana law-enforcement authorities so that's a thing now apparently and this is why we had the family separations it was not some cruel merciless policy the way that the Democrats are now saying that it was but rather it was to protect kids and to disincentivize the sort of thing that we're saying here because I mean you've got people who are trying to like buy these kids right like they're property but what happens when the single mothers can't or what so what happens when they won't cause what I meant to say well then at that point they're going to start kidnapping the kids as we've already seen some of this and this is being encouraged by our policies by a policy that says that if you bring a kid with you that we will release you into into the United States after just a few days that you can just be housed with that kid and everything will just go fine as long as you have a child that makes a situation worse we're incentivizing child abuse and by the way we incentivize child abuse even when it really is the child's parent because you're incentivizing them to drag the kid across the desert you know I mean that that's it's not something that a saying good parent would do you know that's just tryin enter illegally and all of that okay and the the dams weren't wanted to slam Trump over the family separations thing like but this was a it was a policy was put in place under Obama but also it was actually one of the few good things that Barack Obama did I know that's like really kind of politically incorrect to say but that was actually suddenly he did right and I would say that it seems like Obama actually did care about the kids I mean I have to give respect for it to do but that was a good policy I don't understand how politically it sounds bad you're snatching the kids away from their parents but in reality it actually will result in fewer child deaths fewer child abductions and all of this so you know the policy that went into effect under Obama just carried forward under Trump you didn't even know about it until the media decided to bring about a hailstorm essentially but you got in these areas to see so here we go we're talking about in these camps and this woman is she saying I can't go to work because I can't take my eyes off my boys she's a 44 year old migrant from Honduras who said the men have been targeting the shelter where she stays she said she witnessed some of the men asking women in the shelter about purchasing their children but none of them made the offer directly to her and it goes on they want to rub our kids so they can cross into the United States I mean this is happening you know now so you know it's just kind of like when you hear that the media narrative of the fact the kids have always with their parents and you know that they just need a place to stay and all they frankly just crap because so much of it is and it completely ignores the real harms that come to these kids okay all right let's move on you know the in 2017 there was a terrorist attack known as the London Bridge attack right where you had three jihadis who drove in a van and ran people over intentionally and then got out of that van after they crashed it and ended up well they stabbed people they attacked people with these like 12-inch kitchen knives man around attacking people until eventually they were shot by police in London there was one guy that who was in a bar in the locality where this was happening and well he afford them he physically fought them see one of the guys with the knives came rushing into his bar you know waving the knife or knives around and he didn't just run like everybody else did instead he actually decided to fight this guy and in so doing he sustained serious injuries he had like stab wounds all over his body and he because of those actions allowed people to leave he allowed he he saved people's lives who were in that Bob Hope wearing I'll call it with him giving them time to escape now he's on a terrorist watch list so here's the guy the hero who was stabbed now the British government is forcing him to go through de-radicalization which I always heard was like a re-education right this is England and they're talking about re-educating people for having the wrong opinions I mean this is just crazy okay and they're reading him because some people have contacted him like his only actual crime was possessing illegal painkillers and well he probably had the the illegal painkillers because he's in a lot of pain and they they don't want to prescribe painkillers for long periods now you I'm sure you already know the story on the opiate crisis and all of that however he didn't do anything radical that was physical or anything like that it's been reported that people of the far right have contacted him as a results of what he did in the London Bridge attack so I really like so and because of that the government is afraid he might become radicalized not radicalized to Islam radicalized to being anti Islam really and wouldn't it make sense for him to have some rather strong views after what he's been through perhaps to consider that our culture is better than theirs for example it seems perfectly reasonable you know from where I'm sitting but not to them instead over in England they're making their own people into targets the people they should be protecting I mean this guy who ought to be considered a national hero you know who stood up at that time when his life was in danger other people's while I were in danger and he decided to stand and fight you know he should be someone who gets protection from the government but you know they wanted to do the DD vertical ization classes that education on the basis that someone contacted him but what if he was far right I'm really speaking I imagine they were just regular right you know regular conservative in other words but even if he did become far-right so isn't that his right no pun intended but doesn't he actually have a right to feel however he feels to have the political persuasions that he does I mean sure we're all the product of our experiences to one degree or another but you know in a free nation you should be able to to be conservative or be even far-right and you shouldn't have the government try and force you into a region camp unless you actually you know done something but this guy hadn't yeah just like important mentioning just how bad it's getting over in England you know as we're getting close to like the fourth of July on Independence Day maybe it's important to remember some of the reasons that we should be thankful that we're not still part of Britain right okay and in other news this week Donald Trump stepped into North Korea as you may have heard which was kind of an impromptu visit right he was well he arranged it via tweet actually which is kind of stereotypically Trump style so here's what he tweeted I'm in South Korea now president moon and I have toasted our new trade deal a far better one for us than that which it replaced today our visit with and speak to our troops and also go to the DMZ okay he also did another tweet just before this requesting that the president of North Korea of the dictator of North Korea Kim jong-un would meet him at the border he's given like nine hours of notice and the guy did and then they actually crossed into North Korea together so here we are there to look rather happy especially kim jeong-hoon doesn't look like super happy so I just find that comical but anyway it's historic in the sense that no sitting president has ever actually stepped into North Korea and I've heard some kind of attacks on Trump and conservatives and up and so on on the basis of this on the basis that he actually went and had the meeting with Kim jong-un and that he stepped into North Korea and first of all stepping into North Korea isn't an acknowledgement it's a great country and nobody is saying that however you can look if you look at it in a vacuum sure but look at the countries that we actually do do business regularly look at Saudi Arabia who we actually provide arms to which by the way we shouldn't I mean it is North Korea worse than Saudi Arabia how about in China which does have internment camps massive ones internment camps that they're using to fill the organs of their prisoners something we'll get to later if we have time but really what we can you compare it and you look at the fact that you know China is our biggest trading partner ok so there's all of that but then there's the fact that what's the alternative I mean really when it comes to North Korea we have two choices we can either try and work toward peace which requires diplomacy which requires talking or we can have another war and I don't think anybody else I don't think anybody at least nobody reasonable wants more American lives to be sacrificed on the Korean Peninsula I don't I don't think any Americans would vote for a war like that and therefore it just makes sense that we work toward peace I'm just kind of I guess alarmed and shocked that we even like having this discussion like I you've got these pundits who like no no we should never meet with them like how does it help us to keep them completely isolated from civilization from essentially the world I just don't see it new tube cats Paul says yes Obama would have been hailed as a breakthrough leader okay that's a good point he would be I mean he won the Nobel Peace Prize and he didn't actually do anything about peace he had wolf every day of his office but you know it wouldn't be awesome if by the time of Trump's second term or something he could get North Korea to kind of reunite with South Korea it would be like will be like Reagan with the USSR if you could just dismantle what what makes North Korea bad right it would be kind of epic because it would be something the media I don't think could spin in a negative way don't get me wrong they would try you know n Swan dole said on periscope says hell I think it means how would North Korea trust the u.s. at the denouncing the nuclear treaty with Iran well with a treaty you can always change the treaty that's just the way that it works but I'm pretty sure that kim jeong-hoon is well had I put this I think he actually cares about his bizarre friendship with Trump and understands Trump a lot better than well apparently our pundits okay we'll move on but I just want to go ahead and tell you by the way since you know that I'm not just streaming to YouTube and I most of you well a lot of you watch on YouTube are you watch on periscope I'm also now streaming on D live and I also do see the chat messages from D live now it's an improvement from before I am trying to what's the word diversify I guess because the reality is that on these big tech platforms eventually you know something will happen I won't be able to certainly livestream may not be able to do other things too who knows but D live isn't actually part of the kind of Silicon Valley monopoly that cracks down on free speech constantly that kind of thing so therefore I'd like to kind of encourage their usage I'd like them to actually grow I think that these big tech companies need meet some competition desperately right so I am trying to encourage that so if you're watching on do you live I do see you now in the past I didn't now on the same page okay all right let's go ahead and move on to some other news that we've had just in the past week it's actually been a really busy week so better work visits Mexico meets turned away us asylum seekers well that's just heartbreaking this doesn't look like a photo op at all he just he just cares so much this is what we're actually supposed to believe that he just he just cares so much here we go Democratic presidential candidate better awoke visited Mexico and Sunday and listened to tearful immigrants say they fled the Central American violence and Tim all to seek asylum in the US but were turned away at the border okay alright what he's doing here is see the bottom line is not everyone can get asylum can we just accept that as a basic fact right because it's being passed around in the media as if asylum is just something that you can de facto get if you came from anything less than the United States standard of living then you somehow are entitled to a Cylon that's not what a Salim is a Salim requires that you are being persecuted you know you're a part of some big persecuted group you know the basis of your race or your religion or what have you you're being persecuted it doesn't just mean that you're poor or that you got into a domestic violence dispute any of that and you know he's over there campaigning in Mexico essentially rightful intensive purposes he's campaigning in Mexico speaking to these people and by the way who wants more of those migrants here I mean does anybody because you know the increasing Democrat platform is one of well here are those asylum seekers over in Mexico they should be here but I don't know who they're talking to when they say things like that because I've never met American citizens who are like yeah we need more of those people that was really unskilled labor which I don't anything against them but reality is we're talking about you know unskilled labor people who will take jobs away from our lowest earning people already our poorest communities and this is used to be the people that Democrats would pretend to care about right but no now and so he's is essentially over there grandstanding about how he hates America everything's wrong with America gross if everything is wrong with America then why on earth would you want them to come here right okay once one of trumps biggest accomplishments is getting Mexico to deal with the asylum claims from South America right so instead of coming all the way here to seek asylum if they really are being persecuted they would instead well get do the asylum in Mexico because Mexico is actually a safe relatively speaking place that's actually a big accomplishment for him and the Democrats want to undermine it they want to undermine it and they want us to be flooded with these asylum seekers from all over South America and that's not the way that traditionally Asylum was supposed to work it was supposed to be the first country that you get to that is safe that's why you stay that that country essentially takes care of you but no no the Democrats are trying to reverse this accomplishment because they apparently want us to be flooded again I'm not sure who they were even pandering to at that point unless they're pandering to the future illegals themselves because they know how they'll vote so to be a cynic year but that's what actually makes sense okay I just seen what you guys are saying farmers may need them here here you William Solomon says if elections have consequences then why can't the winning side decide on the census questionnaire yeah well apparently everything has to go through to everything goes to the Supreme Court now everything that Trump does goes to the Supreme Court and it's just it's not the way we're supposed to work you know and it's just essentially a way of preventing Trump from accomplishing anything even when he has to Authority remember the citizenship question used to be under census and now he wants to put it back and now certainly it's a constitutional question I mean what sense does that make it doesn't but what they want is unfair representation remember that you know how many representatives you get is determined by population density that's why the Centers matters so we can figure out the population density of certain places so what they want is whether their there are immigrants on lots of them including non-citizens which is specifically the question there we will have more representative more representation than other areas of the country that's allowing them to well fall intents of purposes do whatever they want you know it also plays a role in how we you know we just redistribute federal funds and you know I've heard it essentially said that you know but what about these illegals who won't have representation it's like yeah that's the point I mean seriously that they weren't supposed to have representation I mean the voting for example is something that US citizens only can do legally because their representatives I mean the representatives are supposed to represent the citizens this is the way that you hold a country together and now we're just acting like open borders in some case in some way makes us better it really just doesn't even make any sense okay let's move on and talk about well what has been probably the biggest topic this week I think besides from the debates which I already covered in other video so I'm not gonna go over that again but this is the attack that took place recently by an Tifa on on this this guy this is an Dino and he is a conservative well yeah because there's a conservative journalist and he really just goes around in Portland and films he films the NC for events he films the violence and because of that he has had a litany of different death threats I mean he's posted lots of different death threats that he's received threats to harm him and so on this has been going on for like over a year at this point because he just keeps showing up and filming them and doing what a real reporter ought to do but the real reporters actually by don't do this okay so he's been doing that and then just recently I'm sure you've heard he was attacked right and he was attacked with what were called milkshakes but according to the Portland Police those milkshakes contained quick-drying cement which essentially means that they threw bricks at him including his head and that resulted in him being admitted to the hospital with a brain bleed which fortunately seems to have resolved and he was released from the hospital but that could have been so much worse he absolutely could have been killed I'm not going to show the attack because I know you've probably already seen it people may be tired of seeing it and frankly it's just a kind of really disgusting video but why do the members of an Tifa who was him who are involved in this why do they fear Him why do they fear exposure I mean they call themselves heroes that they're fighting the fascists they're fighting the racists you know they're doing what's right these are all things that they actually say on ironically and if that's all true then why wear masks and attack reporters you see I don't think they even can possibly believe that they're the good guys at this point why would real heroes fear exposure wouldn't they want everyone to know what they were doing but what glorious works they were doing and this well I guess you call a riot right yeah there was pepper spray that was bear spray and yeah with the milkshake thing we all knew that they wouldn't stay milkshakes right and I talked about it it was either a week ago last week or the week before the potential for it becoming something else and don't get me wrong you shouldn't throw a milkshake at somebody either I mean it is battery it it simply doesn't make sense in the scheme of you know political dialogue how would that possibly help anything it wouldn't I mean even if it weren't illegal for example it still wouldn't be a good thing to do but the reality is we all knew it was gonna be an escalation you still a milkshake at somebody or some other drink you increase the possibility he's going to punch you back it's a very fast at escalating thing and now that there are all these different messages including from some like the so-called blue checkmarks on Twitter talking about how it should have been something else it should have been something more dangerous is essentially what they're implying police will also hit with these milkshakes they made at least three arrests but they're apparently still making more they weren't really on the scene the day that Anthony was attacked they were nowhere to be seen in fact when he called for an ambulance the ambulance ambulance showed up and then it he had to talk to the paramedics and tell them but he needed to talk to the police before the police would then show up later on he's still having trouble from his attack to his head by the way he's still having trouble speaking properly this you know just because the brain bleed is no longer bleeding doesn't mean that he is out of the woods yet there is a that was it GoFundMe for him that last time I saw it was at like a hundred and seventy thousand I believe so that should help him to sue frankly because that's what he really needs to do especially if the mayor gave a stand-down order to the police which is what we keep hearing little bits about the fact that that almost certainly happened that he should be suing and frankly I hope that he ends up suing these people as individuals I always hate it when people like he have no choice but to essentially sue the city which means soon with tax payers right because well firstly it hurts the taxpayers who weren't responsible but also because it doesn't hurt the people who really are responsible the people who need to learn that actions actually have consequences and you know I've got this here we go just show you so he was a see from this riot where it says free vegan milkshakes known at season shows that stupid symbol and so you've got these milkshakes or supposed milkshakes being thrown around I have yet to see an instance what anybody is drinking one of these milkshakes now that is the case then that means that all of these and Tifa members knew that these weren't real milkshakes that you couldn't drink them and yeah I mean you've got the typical look black-clad I mean they look like terrorists right can you see them as anything else I can't and some of the attacks on these people were really severe I mean they were being kind of underplayed I guess in the media narrative they were especially early on after Anthony was attacked they're like well it's it's milkshakes and he's a provocateur but she's not he just shows up that's not being provocative in any way you know showing up and filming yeah unless you know you're a terrorist who doesn't want to be identified and that's your real problem okay but okay so nobody was drinking the milkshakes which begs the question just how many of these people knew knew that they were throwing essentially what would amount to bricks at people and you know it's caustic to know that the cement is it's caustic to the skin so that's something to consider too now is the Department of Justice gonna do anything because the local police local law enforcement aren't doing much it would appear Ted Cruz is calling on federal law enforcement's actually do something so here he is for some reason which is politics good tweet now but anyway here's the federal law enforcement investigate and bring legal action against the mayor who has for political reasons ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists okay firstly he's absolutely right he's absolutely right that the federal the federal government federal law enforcement should get involved thing is he's just a senator so he can only request but there is somebody a president who has well frankly who has the power to order the Justice Department to investigate the problem of Justice to do something about this and I wish that he would but honestly this is it is so frustrating when Trump just doesn't do things like this when I know that he has the power to use the Justice Department as it's actually designed to it's not an overstep to use it for its proper purchase purpose to go after terrorists who are terrorizing people for for political reasons I mean it's it's terrorism in every regard right I mean these acts of violence for political reasons to try and make people afraid to show their faces to open up and come forward about what they really believe and all of this and some of the attacks were really brutal I talked about and II know but he wasn't the only person who was attacked he was I wish to go ahead and show you a guy named Adam who's tried to intervene in an attack and this is what happened to him this is over a there's a GoFundMe for his care and his help those are serious injuries again we're talking about life-threatening injuries and it's still more or less being being glossed over by the media I CNN to its credit I mean has actually said some things about how this isn't right that this is wrong however they did encourage this sort of thing for well years now at this point literally years each time they're like well this group might be a bit aggressive but they're fighting fascists remember all of us different apologetics and stuff like that when quite clearly they are the fascists who are trying to silence other people for believing the wrong thing yeah it's always been pretty ironic okay moreover they were using special gloves at these attacks there are several videos where you can kind of pause it and sort of see but there were in these gloves that are reinforced in the knuckle area essentially I guess it's the equivalent of like brass knuckle gloves some people say it's carbon fiber or something but here we go here's a pretty clear instance of it this guy is an anti fur organizer the guy next to him works for the Guardians you know because the guy from The Guardian is perfectly fine hanging around taking pictures apparently but not the conservative but you can see this guy I think his name is Louie those gloves yeah lots of the antifa people had those gloves that they were using to hit people including hitting and they know in the head so my point is that this isn't something small you know they try to brush it off as if it wasn't a big deal because they were just you know spring silly-string at Andy or something like that that's not what this this was was a bit of silly string these were serious attacks that and you may not ever fully recover from who knows what what long-term injuries in addition to the cosmetic injuries that guy will have he certainly could have died and he could have died so okay and then just to kind of run the point in about how antifa is a terrorist organization there's incredibly violent they are planning acid attacks on the free-speech rally that's coming up in a few days in Washington DC so antifa plans acid attack on DC free speech rally promises to blind attendees now tell me that I mean seriously this is what the federal government needs to get involved let me just look at these people whoever looks at these people do they look in the mirror and see themselves as the good guys I can't even imagine there's just no way okay so though they've been inside a private chat messages and these anti-fur groups people talking about here we go references to muriatic acid which is basically hydrochloric acid but you can purchase it in all over the place basically there we go I just want to toss as many balloons of muriatic acid in the faces as many crowd boys as I can I just want to bind as many of you not going to read that are possible okay they're actually planning this thing with the intent of blinding the people they're going up against as a result enrique Theriot who is the chairman of the prayer boy is contacted the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security and apparently the FBI will be providing some law enforcement or some more law enforcement at the scene so when the free speech rally takes place on I think it's July 6th they will actually have some decent security they're ready to actually arrest people if they show up with acid balloons or anything else okay it's just all right you know what let's just move on let's talk about Elizabeth Wang you know I'm big big fan big fan actually you know what before we do that one quick second you thought you knew your ABCs and the days of the week it's time for a real education Tuesday smooth day no there's no Tuesday anymore it's Sarah day watch Sarah coiour the st. millennial every week at 10 p.m. on Sarah Day that's 10 p.m. Eastern Time 9:00 Central Time eight mountain time and seven for the lost Pacific region okay I am back Elizabeth Wein like I said she was a woman who if you may recall was talking about how we need to do something to break up big tech remember that and then in the recent budget Veritas releases one of the Google employees was talking about how well if you break up big tech if you beat if you break up Google for example a lot of smaller companies won't be able to stop the next Trump event from happening they won't be able to stop essentially the next Trump election from happening that's why you need big tech and now elizabeth warren has changed her mind now not only does she want big tech to apparently stayed together but she wants big tech to be our sensors see Becky Becky we're looking at Breitbart by the way back here she was him just March 2019 she said curious one I think Facebook has too much power let's start with their ability to shut down a debate over whether Facebook has too much power thanks for restoring my posts but I want a social media marketplace that isn't dominated by a single sensor completely agree I can put the agree she was talking about breaking up Facebook Facebook deleted her posts and then brought her post back but only when you know it essentially became a big thing in the media right now now here she is again the attacks against Kamala Harris are racist and ugly we all have an obligation to speak out and say so it's within the power and obligation of tech companies to stop these vile lies dead in their tracks you see how quickly she turned that now it's it's the job of the tech companies within their power and obligation to stop racist attacks what she perceives as racist attacks and you know what the racist attack is over and show you over here here we are this is by a black guy Ali Alexander and he says Kamala Harris is not an American black she's half Indian and half Jamaican I'm so sick of people robbing American blacks like myself of our history it's disgusting now using it for debate at dem debate – these are my people not hurt people freaking disgusting ok what's racist about it this is a black American man who is upset that that Kamala Harris is basically well see you thought of her words appropriating the history of American black people as her own when she and her family didn't experience that history that's his point that that's not for her to just kind of take for herself as if it actually happened to her and her family he has a valid point but how is it racist only again he's a black guy who wants to you know well he wants to have some kind of say in his own history there's not somebody else to be able to just steal it Blake that's that's mine and therefore I can have political points which realistically is what we're talking about and you know he actually doubles down on this in fact yeah she says Jamaicans are Jamaican african-americans descended from Africa our history is that of slavery here Harris's family were actually slave owners she's a brown woman I'm not going to rub her of anything but I'll not allow her to rub my people in our history ups and downs okay so this guy stepped off the Democrat plinth plantation he's actually thinking for himself you know and he has his own opinions and not only is that not allowed it's being put down as as racist and people aren't even mentioning that the guy who brought this up is black I just hit I keep hearing these in mainstream press they're racist attacks against Kamala and then you look at what the racist attacks are and it's it's this guy and people who feel the same way that he does it doesn't seem racist at all to me but then you know in addition to all of that now Elizabeth Warren is like we need to shut him up using big tech using the big tech that not so long oh she thought was a problem I really have to wonder if the Google expose by project very tasks changed the way she thought when she listened to that Google employees say that since we need these big conglomerates these massive tech companies in order to do something about Trump I really do wonder if that is the real reason for her about-face so and really that's just election tampering right I mean that that's all you can put it down to if you're trying to incentivize a company to act in a way that will well change the election then how would you see it as anything else I don't think you possibly can William Solomon says Don Lemon said the same thing about Kamala well good for him Denzil Horton says sir what do you think of Andrew yang I don't like any of his policies really like the vast majority of his policies I don't like however I think that he has a right to speak and I don't think he's getting a fair shake I think that essentially the the he's actually more coherent than the vast majority of the Democrat nominees perhaps more than all of them I don't know but he does make his arguments in a very cogent way and and they are trying to silence him you know you had these silent mic thing at the last democratic debate and all that so I mean they tried to shut him up I don't like his whole thousand dollars a month I don't like a lot of his policies like I said it's beside the point I'd never vote for him okay let's what's wrong are you sir because I have much more over this is kind of a downer but anyway abortion supporters are suing Georgia over the heartbeat bill that passed right so that when a baby is far enough along to have a detectable heartbeat the abortion is banned except for in cases of rape or incest that's the Georgia law well orchids is their their argument okay so here we are the bull should support a suit Georgia of a heartbeat law dehumanizes women to call cells growing inside of us human they're actually complaining about dehumanization whilst calling the cells inside that was referring to a child as cells growing inside of us I mean isn't the irony just kind of like off-the-charts at that point I think it is I mean I read that several times and I've read through the article too and it's just like how can you be so void of any kind of self reflection whatsoever they don't see the irony they're denying the the humanity of babies again we're talking like after the six seven weak point that they're not even talking about any cap sort so ever the damage don't talk about any limits at all anymore they used to but not anymore and yeah here it is we will not accept any law that dehumanizes us in an attempt to assign humanity to cells that are growing inside of us it's like they're talking in circles yeah literally circles let's stay on the abortion topic for a few minutes though because going back to the UK going back to Britain there's a topic here that is actually kind of hard to believe in which the British government using its National Health Service is trying to force a woman to have an abortion against her well just go ahead and show you so you know that I'm not making this up this is at the Washington Examiner UK judge forcing mentally disabled mother to have abortion against her well I mean this is real the judge ruled that a mentally disabled pregnant woman must have bought her baby because doctors have arbitrarily decided that an abortion would be less traumatic for than childbirth it is 22 weeks along the baby can feel pain I may be viable outside the womb it's 22 weeks along guys this woman is developmentally disabled so they think that she has a mind that's much younger okay so what if she does do we well there have been instances where you have like 12 year old girls getting pregnant and stuff like this do we do forced abortions if they want them because we don't think they're mentally capable we actually don't do that we don't and the the mother of the development mentally disabled woman wants to help raise the child so in other words the grandchild that said the grandmother of the child wants to help they've got a family a support network that could make this work they've been trying to to have the kid but the doctors and the court want to murder this child and how do you decide just arbitrarily seriously that that this would be more truck the pregnancy that delivery would be more traumatic than abortion I mean after delivery you actually have a child after an abortion you don't I mean this has been studied there is a sense of extreme loss even in cases where a mother aborts voluntarily and then she comes to regret it or at least feel like she's lost something what about in a case where it's forced against her well where she was ready to have that child isn't that's not gonna have a psychological impact and those on the Left call people like us Nazis wanting Lee they just throw the word around but this is the very same kind of huge on eugenics crap that was used by the Nazis and to some degree in this country – in that particular era we've got from the Nazis after the Nazis and the Democrats over here were really big into the idea of sterilizing the mentally ill the disabled you know and this is what we see come back to England in the modern day this is you know current News and at 22 weeks along an abortion is essentially a surgical procedure it's not you know just the process of taking a pill right and therefore why would you have the abortion like essentially at the point where you are doing a surgery why not do a c-section I mean you're already doing a surgery why not just wait and do a c-section you avoid the trauma of delivery if that's supposedly what they care about right the trauma of the delivery would be too traumatic for this girl we have a surgery for that we have a surgery that would get you out of childbirth it's a section that an abortion this is the way that they work I mean at this level 22 weeks along right where infants have survived at that point it's definitely not a group of cells nobody can intellectually honestly say that nobody can they that's that's kind of an abortion they're you know they're actually kind of giving birth partially to the baby and then sucking its brains out and you can look into how the that kind of an abortion takes place but it's it's really what I'm going to go ahead and tell you you know essentially believe the head still in there so that way it hasn't actually been you know birthed yet such as the way they their twisted logic it's and then they can say that it's not murder right assisted homicide or something so this is just the most warped story I've come across in a while I had to essentially double-check make sure this thing is real but with the National Health Service things like this are gonna start happening more often I think and you know again this is like the socialized medicine and when you have a socialized medical system you do to some degree you you give up your autonomy the recognition of your own self of self ownership in a sense you give it up to someone else is you no longer just going into a doctor and paying him to provide you with ex-service because makes decisions for you Brighton says the NHS is going down the tubes well yeah but it has been for as long as I can remember you know that's born under the NHS and it was going down the tubes then people say it was going to implode but they just keep printing money and filling it in and the economy just okay eventually it will collapse but they're just gonna keep feeding money into it and any problems that appear with the NHS they'll just blame they're not having enough money it's a lot like with the educational system in this country the public educational system whenever you have a school that's failing it's always there's not enough money that's been poured into this school you know we're not paying this teacher enough for these teachers enough we don't have enough electronic displays of this crap which nine times out of ten 99 out of 100 the problem with our schools it's not a lack of funding okay um but anyway let's move on eh this is actually also in England funnily enough there we go disabled granddad a grandfather sacked from Asda which is essentially Walmart over in England it's a subdivision of Walmart it's what they call themselves over there for sharing billy connolly sketch on facebook the guy who's been working at Asda for five years he's an elderly man and he was let go by the supermarket after a colleague complained that it was anti-islamic he know I should be fired for sharing a comedy skit on Facebook on his own time away from work is there nothing to do with work and yet he was fired and I looked into it the the actual comedy sketches they call it that he was throwing around was both anti-islam and also anti-christian it was anti religious and yet you only see one of those groups that's complaining notice that and he's actually afraid for his life at this point you know because he passed around something that might be seen as blasphemous to Muslims he's afraid none of Christians he isn't afraid of those isn't it interesting you know I mean I am a Christian but I'm obviously going to sit here and defend his right to share the comedy sketch that he found funny I just don't see many Muslims doing the same thing on the other side he's not afraid of the Christian backlash he's afraid of one specific set I understand I'm so tired of these stories of people posted Twitter people post a facebook and lose their jobs had their lives ruined what kind of times do we live in you know it it it was better before social media came along I really do believe that who is it who's a better person on Twitter on social media now in real life nobody is we become like more snarky more aggressive people become bolder and engage in virtue signaling boycotts and stuff like that it's just okay since well in that topic naturally do you remember Senator Ron Wyden his name might sound familiar he say what I'll show you a picture that way maybe you'll remember him here he is a Senator Ron Wyden he pushed for censorship of the Donald which is a special area of Reddit before it was quarantined you may have heard of the Donald like I said it's a special area of Reddit or subreddit if you're familiar and it's an area where Donald Trump himself went on I mean the 2016 essentially like during the election and didn't ask me anything thing and all of that and now they're being quarantined supposedly supposedly because there were people inciting violence people weren't inciting violence it's an incredibly popular threat if somebody if one person incited violence I'm sure that it was probably a leftist who came on there to try and get the place shut down but they're actually very quick to moderate the Donald as well call incredibly so this guy Hugo just goes oh thank you William for the donation thank you you're awesome okay anyway so here we are on reddit and there's a guy here I don't know how well you can read this but southern Jeb awesome do you support mr. Huffman's decision to allow subreddit such as the Donald to continue to have a presence on the site despite continuous sharing and posting of questionable and subversive content why or why not and here's senator Wyden who comes back and he says from what I'm told the Donald is home to messages that cross the line toward inciting the hatred that is avoiding a democracy and it would be good to see mister Huffman and read it to do more work to moderate such behavior okay so you have a sitting senator here who is trying to push for a private corporation to silence people and to remove their voices yeah it's like they call us fascists well how would you see this other than a fascistic move you're literally I mean you have the government telling a private corporation to do its bidding you know by silencing individual people and that's really troubling I guess I mean it's seriously it's a really poetic thing and you may remember Ron Wyden because he co-authored section 230 of the Communications Decency Act back in 1996 so in other words before any of these social media sites were really a thing whilst they were still just popping up just in their infancy he put something into the law to essentially allow them to operate with some degree of impunity to allow them to grow and be immune from lots of lawsuits from people who wrote on their platforms you know provided that they were essentially acting as a neutral third party which they're actually not but he claims that that wasn't even in there it's a ridiculous argument but anyway he essentially laid the groundwork for us to even hand these social media websites in existence you know without without the limited liability that comes from section 230 that protects them from lawsuits as a result supports on their websites they wouldn't be able to function there would be no Twitter there would be no Facebook none of this they owe it to him you could say this is as I said way back in 1986 it's okay this guy he gets more kind of authoritarian all the time but places like reason and a few of the allegedly libertarian sites love to kind of pat him on the back about how wonderful he is he's not wonderful he's not that Aryan who becomes so only when well anyway it's convenient I guess it's the same way with all authoritarians right you had this thing where he when he sees conservatives getting silenced he doesn't care when he sees his side getting silenced he that he does care great guy great guy okay let's move on so a staffer for mayor Pete or Peabody judge called for a urine attack on the Republican congressman Matt gates and you can see this as she is Samantha Polara please please let it be urine next time and she's referring to the fact that Matt Gaetz the Republican congressman was attacked with a milkshake we're back to the note shakes thing again okay he is actually pressing charges by the way over the fact that he was attacked with a milkshake and I think that is such a good thing you know rare that is it's so often you have these bursty public figures who get attacked in one way or another whether it's milkshake a physical attack or whatever and they don't press charges in fact just recently Donald Trump jr. he was spat on and he decided not to press charges and I think that's such a mistake because these people who were doing this who are engaging in these acts of political violence are people who've never experienced any kind of consequence in that regard they're like children who need to be taught hey this is wrong there will be consequences you can't continue doing this and if people don't press charges which is what you do with an adult who you know acts like this then they will keep going they will keep getting worse so if you get attacked you know an act of political violence or of any sort and police ask you if you want to press charges absolutely do so these people get emboldened by a lack of intervention and you know they just get more and more aggressive over the time as we're seeing now with and Seifer again you know that we're talking about milkshakes in the beginning and then it's like let's put some cement in and then it's like yeah let's throw acid balloons at people at a free speech event ridiculous so it is a huge problem that I think people just don't want to go through the trouble of pressing charges of going through all of that but really it's worth it you might end up well you might end up saving somebody else who would have been attacked these people tend to just kind of break down if they are forced to accept consequences there tons these videos online when suddenly these Punk's get arrested and they just completely fall apart like they've just never had anybody well discipline them in their entire lives in a another instance of tech censorship I know it's like ongoing and constant but I'm covering it because that we should cover every instance while we still can that's basically the way that I see things you cover every instance while we can because it's not guaranteed that we'll be able to for the long haul right so Apple has threatened the free speech platform Paula I know people supposed to call it parlay but it looks like Paula so just telling you okay here it is Apple tells Paula Paula to censor free speech or lose its app so in other words they will literally kick the the app out of their store which will remove it which will mean that essentially you can't install it no matter what so here's a guy from the company says Apple contacted me over we could go via telephone saying that we need to ban offensive content of Paula although we'll take Paula off the app store we flat-out refused and now we cannot push updates obviously by offensive they mean conservative content Twitter is exempt from this clause as they generate more hatred than any platform in history okay Apple is acting in a way that abuses its monopoly power anybody who has an apple for an Apple phone they cannot install things that Apple want on Android you know Google's Android phones it's a little bit different you still do have the so-called play star which makes it most convenient to install something and Google has in many occasions kicked programs off of it however on the Android phones it is possible and fairly simple to download an installation file install a program that's not part of the store the official store on Apple that does not seem to be true on Apple they control everything and they are wielding this increasingly they bandgap they essentially banning certain telegram chants the there's all sorts of different they I think mines for a while to all this is happening and it's such an obvious violation of their monopoly position when people can't go around them to install something on their own devices devices that they supposedly own so don't purchase an Apple device I just ought to go without saying at this point if you have one it would seem like a wise decision to trade it in for something that actually allows you to express yourself however you wish seriously James hints on how it says I use gap well Alan gap – but I will say that you know even it's happened to gap – so I was gonna say they were kicked out of about the Apple Store and the Android store and their developer account was killed by Apple when they had the audacity to complain to the Department of Justice that Apple was abusing its monopoly power which it does oh shit is right and you know so all of that in fact gab got censored even by payment processors they've had real trouble finding a payment processor that won't cut them for having offensive speech on their platform remember gap doesn't are illegal speech it's completely legal speech that's on there that authoritarians in positions of corporate America are making decisions that affect all of us Denzil Horton says can't wait for Jordan Peterson zap yeah forgot what it was cold already but think think's fart I think we'll see ya I'm open for as much competition in this area as possible honestly I think there is nowhere near enough competition and I do wonder what they're gonna do about things like payment processing where Gabor's went into real problems the bottom line is if you allow all speech all legal speech the big tech companies come after you and part of that I think is because you represent in real competition to them because originally you know Twitter was that was saying you know with a free speech wing of the free speech party and all of that we allow all speech just you know come together and like the best ideas win all of that that's all stuff that they were saying now they're no longer doing that but that's what built them now they were built on the premise that they would do something they would allow for free expression in the exchange of ideas and all this so if they cut somebody that link comes in and fills that hole that they left that you know it is well good you know a lot of these different alternative program you know platforms or whatever call them are kind of in their infancy and all trying to rise essentially but if you get one that's really well done and that presents a real competition to places like Twitter to what it can die especially if Trump switches yeah it's all one big power thing essentially this is what it's about that's about power so again don't purchase an Apple device and use the alternatives whenever you can you know including things like Paulo Paulo and I know and gab Minds is getting a bit weird with its I've already discussed this before a bit weird with the way that it's dealing with speech now I think part of that is to try and remain in the in the app stores but that point what's the point you know what's the point of staying in the stores and then only being allowed to have certain speech at that point why not to choose Twitter so I'm kind of frustrated with mines I'm still there but I'm just telling you I'm not sure if it's gonna come back or not I hope it does okay tell you what we should probably wrap up about now it's been a pretty good show I think if you have any questions you can go ahead and send them to me now and I'll try and answer them for you I also wanted to thank the people who donated in you know the past week and frankly month to enable me to keep producing these things these shows and the mini shows that I do in between when I say I couldn't do without your a minute quite literally I know it sounds cliche but I appreciate it and as some of you are supporting on subscribe' style and others through the direct site and all of that seriously thank you let's see at least bit shoot and subscribe star is here that's true and I do have a channel over one bit shoot too again as I said before I'm also on D live which if I ever lose my ability to do live streaming on YouTube which only requires I think one strike we'll be doing the live streams through D live and anywhere else that lets me you know do it periscope so far allows it but periscope is part of the big tech conglomerate meaning it's owned by Twitter so D Live is actually I'm hoping that it continues to grow as it has been they're working on a lot of new features over there they have an app for your phone so there's all of that subscribe to me over there too just in case you never know right I'm told that diversity is our strength so you can we can diversify a little bit with the different platforms that we use okay that was a bad joke but anyway aphrodite says I'd love to watch Pitts 4:00 a.m. in the UK i subbed but getting rid of notifications keep going you're fantastic thank you I'm sorry I know it's so late in the UK why do these live streams you can always watch them the next day though and well it's really hard to get a tan that works well for everybody you know with there being four time zones just inside the United States it's 11:00 12:00 now where I am so that is that I also have my own web tonight at Sarah Khouri accom so when it comes to notifications if you go there fact you know what let me just turn this on there you go you can now be able to see the sarah code upcoming the bottom right corner of the screen you can go there and i've got email notifications at the very bottom of the page on every page and it's also an updates link over there are multiple ways to follow me to find out reliably when I'm actually doing a video when I put one up don't rely on the YouTube notifications because I'll just disappear I get comments all the time that say hey I remember you but I don't know how I got unsubscribed or I've been subscribed but I don't get any notifications whatsoever it says it happens all the time and I just may be surprised anymore so I do have an email list though and I will notify you every time if I do a live stream and every time I do an actual video it's the most reliable way okay yeah basically since I start to give you a little bit of backstory there when I first mentioned the SPLC the Southern Poverty Law Center that's when notifications start working it's also when my view counts on videos started going backwards that I've said this before I can understand how somebody would like a video wash all the way through and then unlike the video I can see why likes could feasibly move backwards view counts should not move backwards that just doesn't make any sense but they do on YouTube and so yeah it's obviously deliberate but I'm just gonna keep fighting and going I just have kind of accepted the fact that the view counts are not accurate and so I just kind of base my decisions and where I you know focus on the interactions that I get from you guys if you interested in a certain topic that I just follow that and all of that it's really my only option so do stay in touch I also I have a discord server which for those who don't know is like a chatroom and some of you guys are already in there and you send different newsworthy topics it's all good just wherever you want to follow and interact is great I don't do this thing that a lot of people do they just stay on one specific account like like the Twitter and YouTube person they just let that's all that they do it's now it's really dangerous and frankly really stupid in this day and age where you're not gonna last that forever I mean I actually started this YouTube series when when I got suspended the first time from Twitter you know here 12-hour suspension that was when I actually first started this soon as that miles low road says what do you think of the concentration camp liberal talking point I think it's stupid I think it's really stupid it's not a concentration camp by any reasonable person's definition the definition that AOC gave which was if you help holding people before trial in an enclosed area then it's a concentration camp by that analysis but then that means that every jail in the United States is a concentration camp which is not but that's where we hold people before trial we then move them to prison after the trial they're not concentration camps people like her however do not comment on actual concentration camps like those that occur over in China they're completely silent on issues like that it's all about narrative I find it hard to believe even she thinks that concentration camps okay alright I'm gonna wrap this up I enjoy talking with you and I will see you again soon I'm sure thank you guys bye bye you

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