Meet the students of Goldsmiths – Politics, Philosophy and Economics

I’ll see you in a bit! Goldsmiths has a history
for being alternative and different in the way that they provide
their degrees and that’s what kind of attracted me to this university, so… We actually come across a lot more progressive thinkers rather than, you know, just neoliberal, classical liberal. We just get a really diverse, you know,
well-rounded curriculum. -How’s the work going? -Work’s been difficult but I’m getting there.
-Ok, yeah. For the courses that I haven’t been familiar with, like aesthetics and political anthropology, but political anthropology has been amazing in tying anthropology… -Yeah, I had no previous encounters with economics as a study before I got to Goldsmiths and I thought it’d be really really hard because I wasn’t too keen on, you know, analysis with like, numbers. However, I’m so happy that I get to contribute to economics more critically so that involves more writing, as well as understanding models to critique different ideas. -Tell me how the new economic society is going.
-It’s going well at the moment, we’re just trying to incorporate different ideas and just explore what post-capitalism means for our futures… Will is one of the most amazing lecturers we have at Goldsmiths, in the politics department, political economy, he is one of the directors of the Political Economic Research Centre. Even though they are their own research
centre, I think that’s a great thing, because
they’re always doing their own research and, you know, keeping up with what’s
going on in the actual world. Economics affects everyone on a daily
basis, so… I’ve met some of the most
amazing people at Goldsmiths. Second-years, we’re really a close knit
community because there’s only about 25 of us. -You know, there’s definitely people on our course that understand economics a bit easier, and then we’ve got a few very like, into philosophy.
-Philosophy heads. So when we were trying to do our
aesthetics essay that we all went a bit crazy on, we would go and seek help from them and
things like that… -Goldsmiths is one of the best campus universities in London, you definitely get that space where you
can just meet absolutely anyone on your journey to wherever you’re going. Hello!
-How are you? I’m good!
-Are you busy? Yeah, I’m filming… Ok, peace! Currently I’m revising for my
international monetary exam, so that’s international monetary economics, and… Yeah, I’m trying to revise so that everything becomes more simpler, so when I look at my notes it’s just
easier to get at what I’m actually revising. Fingers crossed it goes well.

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