Meet a reformed Social Justice Warrior

today I'm joined by Lizzy Brown who is altar of a really cool article I read called the red field take two and call me in the morning which is basically about her move from the far left BLM and body shaming all that not basically she's a reformed social justice lawyer and is that first day yeah I think I understand the psychology is the social justice left quite well having been brought up for 25 years with you know the mindset that they still have so and yeah I mean if it wasn't so YouTube I probably would still be out there now flopping my tips well yeah dye my hair pink but um yeah I don't know it's like it I grew up to be a social justice warrior you are kind of declaring yourself to the world as like some kind of Savior type superhero clarifier Messiah I was almost like waiting for people to be racist to someone on the tube because I thought that I would barge in and like help that poor Muslim or that poor black person and I would be the savior you know there's that tiny idea that maybe someone will film it and you'll be on the Internet as the savior which is a very like embarrassing thing to say but there's an element of truth to it where you think that you're going to and I think all these superhero films don't help because it's kind of this idea that you're like this super here is it's going to come in and save someone and make the world a better place where actually your rights apply didn't meet demand and I didn't get my racist thing so I didn't get my chance to come in and save the day but nowadays it's like it's just people armpit and my Bo sweaty kind of rolls and lumps and kind of piercings I don't know it just it's vulgar on me and I don't want to shy them the language policing has gotten so bad that I don't I don't know how they operate anymore because every move anyway no neither today is it just things like every meeting right I've been talk about new phrases and can't use this week because it's upset like one girl in some group in fucking New Castle you know they've made of their own language that nobody else could understand each other but then I'll scrutinize you for a lot using that language I mean I literally I literally gave up if I remember that I gave up I thought I can't learn all these fucking Z today's you know WordPress I can't learn it anymore I can't be bothered quite as I took myself away from it and then and then now I can see how it will fit together you know if you just got you go on internet you you become a ham it's like triple jump lose some friends and then you come out of it kind of ultimately better but this is what happens I mean I didn't mind it on tumblr because at least it was fuckin quarantine like a virus they think somehow it be that it going through they like enjoying shit and industry and it just keeps it really sorry threat the whole of the world and now it's basically lifted the game and then that totally freak sleep chuckle I think the real Raymond comparative I think genuinely there is a huge number of people who love sadomasochism and they love BDSM and they look being humiliated and so they go to the left you know they can do it every fucking day but it's not I mean why does males Hollywood exactly is it great it is an actual thing it's this passive it's black girls it's the gays lesbians and all that and definitely and definitely like Muslim girls as well they're in control they're the dawn yeah yeah the my landlord of course that all the don't so like whatever they say everyone else comes to sort of power down and you know listen minority Olympic that's the oppression Olympics yeah who has the most oppressed at well corpus women and what they're allowed to say the most horrible stuff yeah yeah and due to my phone was a humiliation porn but in real life and on the street I was going to make this kind of like a Disney film I was going to come in and jump in and say no you can't see that well you can't say exalted brexit and I don't know I was very left-wing breakfast I would remain but I didn't know why my mom I gotta wonder baby my mom came in the next day with all we can only be you know it I didn't know what was bad I was just like I was sad all day but I didn't know why I cycled up alright and this idea that everyone in the country is racist and sexist it's repugnant and it's that process it's actually really looking at people that have lower class or in the working areas same in America and going through all their stupid it's ridiculous and I can really offensive like it's very offended by that it's a very it's the other class telling a law passed what deserting leave I would be like you pathetic little Englanders did you stupid from voters voting for he did a great and what they were saying on the significance read you know that egg upper class is it not that boat in America who cried when the first country printed that first sheet of metal the first time in years people are so happy about it that they crying it's like are they fucking racist when sexism racism xenophobia Islamophobia well I don't know it's a fuckin we love for getting a traitor um but luckily in a way maybe those words mean nothing to me more those words are that this I genuinely fucking apologize for being concerned about importing an actual rape culture but maybe our culture worrying about women getting raped I'm putting up videos saying please help us we're getting raped it's racist to listen to them it's not like while the we live again what is going on I'm sorry but like how can you how can you look at these like these pleas from teenagers and also that this the numbers of people that they have to segregate swimming pools and stuff like that and how can you not worry about guys come on you know you've got a shit culture when you've got to put up a fucking sign next to a swimming pool saying please don't rape the children I love all of these women that are moaning and making petitions all this shit to do with man spreading mansplaining baba booey we don't have enough women in a cabinet or wherever fucking place because one of these women and concern them with this stuff I've made them actually do something they could maybe stop some rapes but they don't because they don't care they hate women honestly become zero fucking and get right get right because that's what I'm trying to argue to stop you getting raped but if you want it so bad get right fuck you I hope you don't mind for you but contact so I remember that you showed me on your phone from the screenshot of a bunch of black lives matter and leftist conversations that you're having on water which were basically fucking actually racist yeah say what but like matter at one point they said right everyone state your race state your race so we have what races are in this group just then we can get an idea of the demographic you know don't see many Whitey's in this group it's a black leg group yeah okay and then there's another one no white dome this is a no I don't know why she's allowed I'm not hanging out with people that it's time to go at me because of my race it's kind of why I drew the line at first was like those master because I was like you know it no matter what I did it was not good enough and you know I only like a privileged life and then I don't know where this privilege I don't know chart comes from but it's not you know I wouldn't never normally say it but just for a second it's not actually their fault I was blame the baby boomer generation and I would claim yes because I think they set this shit up they told them from your age you guys are oppressed you have been through all this horrible stuff and you are owed you know you were slave even though more white people were fucking this way yeah you were straight and you're never going to be successful because you know you're black and nobody likes you and you won't be able to get a job and they internalize it and it's confirmation bias and they go yeah I'm not gonna be able to get a job not good I'm gonna play this those are the people who are fuckin responsible and then those guys go out and go yeah I start get a job I cut and then they blame everybody else rather and it's so sad for two people from the BBC I think it could be BC or something were fired for being white and you know there was an article that came out by a black girl in the Guardian said oh two guys have been fired for being white you know shocked or else or like all poor them also you know it's so like not acknowledged I'm not very video could get me fired that's that is unfortunately the times that we're living in and you know I could get they can call out they could say Lucy Brown races and you know I get called into the meeting and you know because because I work in fashion so when I work with is very anti everything I like fashion and SJW are go hand in hand they are they are just think tanks kind of anti yeah nationalism aunty common sense you know propaganda like for some reason they have the power to tell us what cool but I know in my gut that it's not cool I know the feet down you know if something's funny you just know it you like explode don't you like if something's naughty or silly or whatever it is exactly for your people that don't they're on your level they get you like Patrice O'Neal I assess with I've been obsessing all week but like I just discovered but it's people that can just speak their mind and when people aren't being genuine you can tell and you kind of smell it in your car's eyeball we don't know about that I want to hang out with them the main problem is when the fuck were these people allowed to go out get jobs and be so fucking socially accepted I'll tell you why because we have stopped bullying we have stopped believing without anything again we just stop bullying again another baby we are playing in this one otherwise that cold well it free we are going back bullying you know why because the autistic fucking social rejects like they know they would get some fuckin head push down and they would be like you know they would be something absolutely there was like you're an idiot you're a fuckin moron and you need to sort yourself out and then they would go shit maybe what I'm saying is fuckin retarded and I'm going to go off now and think about what I said and maybe reform myself and become a functioning member of realizing but no yeah no no you can't bully anyone you know we fuckin jail twelve year olds for saying the wrong thing and now we have these people going around thinking they can run the fucking society because anyone fucking believers hands on the table here I was a cunt before abusive relationships like I was a nightmare it took someone shouting at me for three years and being like what the fucking doing for me to finally realize that I was at the center of the universe is that really I genuinely appreciate that now because I realized that I'm not and in the way I conduct myself in public I think is more polite than your average social justice warrior because I'm quite humiliating to identify with left-wing social justice warriors and to open your self up to the fact that your ideology is embarrassing and protective and and has no kind of ground in real life so but in a way helping other people makes you feel better about your anything as I was like quite grateful that I didn't follow my tumblr but if you had if you had one sentence or one paragraph one message to send to your former social justice warrior friends that you've left behind what would it be we can't all be wrong but then all these people all these channels all these people the news Trump trees may the people that are rioting at the moment in in France and Germany and Sweden who are having massive cover-ups in their code police because they can't admit to themselves that there's a problem we can't all be wrong and these are people on your fellow human beings I suppose on earth that are telling that there's a problem and you're not very popular put it that way like it seems like you are because you're in a big party and everyone's got the same signs and saying the same thing but I'm sorry but there are lots of other people that understand you but we're trying to tell you that you're wrong and please listen because I used to think like that and I let myself be embarrassed and I don't know kind of go through a kind of very painful stage and kind of learning about stuff that I was scared to learn about but ultimately I think I think now I'm in a position to actually do good as opposed to thinking I'm doing good if you know I mean oh of course I think this is the best way the right is it it's very like Mary Poppins kind of stiff upper lip like this is for your own good I don't like going around and saying like stupid things or over-the-top kind of right-wing things just kind of get a rise or whatever but ultimately we want what you want that we want to apply it practically as opposed to if you if you could get a message to young guys 16 17 18 who identify with your right more than they do with the bullshit from the lecturers and their friends what message would you give to them don't back down go back down I think be brave because at the moment we don't right I suppose could be a million different things in child form would have you believe that we'll all right the summative then most people would have you believe that we're not seeing but we're not fucking Nazis as you can see so my advice would be to use your common sense and speak out because people need to know that not everyone thinks that way and also we know from looking at YouTube and listen to view into that these things don't end very well so we need to make our voices heard and you know that as a support network out there because look ass I mean we we know that the right is much more supportive it's much more inclusive it's much more diverse there I say it I mean that conservatives get the most racism from the left whereas we're the ones that welcome their ideas it's funny like this whole leftist kind of ideologies all the survivor has crazy idea this is the crazy bizarre idea where we will judge you based on your humor your political ideology and the way you behave it's a crazy idea we don't do you based on your skin color or your height and remind with privilege be phony about shit will judge you on based on who you are you don't get the mushroom treatment in Croatia treatment you just get like you just get treated like you got by anyone yeah buddy I think I think that I think we actually are in the right to be honest right is right right right television program

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  1. 0:56 this is why I despise comic books & comic book movies so much and lucy brown describes here what I've been saying for a long time

    it's not the fact that if comics are real or not it's the scripture that these comics have teaching some very hardcore do-gooder shit.

  2. Everyone must realize that the Left has no interest in solving social problems. They want to inflame them more. Without them, they'd have no ground to stand on. Whenever you see a leftist rallying for a cause, they're not marching to end the problem, they're marching to spread hate, anger, and division to heap scorn on their political rivals.

  3. Heart meets the Mind, when these two are misaligned we leave ourselves open to misguided opinions.

  4. SJWs exist because they don’t know anything about life and anyone who’s talking to them about it is shamed, called names and chased off. This is how indoctrination works. The left is doing that since 1950s. But with social media they have the tool at hand to imprison the minds of youngsters and shield them from reason and experience of the older people. Who are mostly absent on social

  5. SJW don’t do shit, instead of downing the psychopaths in charge leftist would rather cry and gossip

  6. I went into this video with a lot of optimism and intrigue. I too have lately shifted away from the shallow performative politics of the modern, neoliberal left– I still consider myself a leftist, but nuanced dialogue and reaching across the aisle is something we all need to do, etc etc.

    But this was disappointing. Sorry. I understand getting frustrated with the ultimately shallow inclusivity politics that's run rampant on hellsites like tumblr or even twitter, but this just wasn't a particularly intelligent or insightful conversation.

    I frankly started tuning out as soon as Miss Brown said "then get raped"– the whiplash, lmao. You had me 'till then, especially with what you said about classism (how ironic that the left has taken to villify the working class!) but like ???

    This was sort of uncomfortable to sit through, frankly. Inb4 "triggered snowflake" jokes, lmfao.

  7. Hey SJW's, 85% of interracial violent crime is BLACK on White. Nobody talks about that, why?

  8. I would just like to point out that Autism is a wide spectrum disorder that has virtually no overlap with cognitively debilitating pathologies or special needs conditions such as for example SJW, NPC or Snowflakery.

  9. Caolan give Gareth his phone back you stole from the Bristol hotel. There's nothing on there of interest to you nor Stefan LOL !!