Media using “Cut and Run” to describe the Democratic Party

I I wanted to get to a piece of written by
of the you know back in today of Washington post that it’s a says it’s time to cut and run
from come around we talked about this a a little earlier and a racial slur about it as well I hope
it does not come talked about now %uh Tim russert you know it’s so he’s consistently in in show after show after
show and I use it because it happens all over the
media the the phrase cut and run is used by the
mainstream media as if it’s a policy that as it fits into it so John murtha the democrats cutting and running the question about it like that you can ask
you a question well the democrats are doing is virtually
a leadership as you plan to his withdrawal on the country go into chaos that’s a question not cut and run abizaid but has indicated that is going to
be in the in the air force and that that’s the one that
the strategies the teaching over there and is they cannot not quite as soar above the three said bill
frist yesterday on the floor on CBS- news we can’t cut and run he said it twice on CBS-
news that of course you know it’s there regional banks peace first announced as democrats
plan to cut bunch of thailand weekend on Iraq what we’ve done is proven what are some of
the blind said John Kerry thanks for coming in sir for have heard quite
enough of this novel term cut and cut and cut and cut around that’s their praise he
told honest my plan is not cut and run it’s a lie and
got Fox news was on the story John Kerry cole that line that anchor bill
hemmer told Senator lindsey graham what do you say to that and and that grasses and the sound board works
not going to be an effective way to fight the war he’s right but of course it is the exact for the war is being fought
republican party chairman ken mehlman says there’s a debate going on within the
democratic party something we got my mother cindy the couple showed it’s all the same
you cut walk stop stop stop stop stop stop stop in the
use the media needs to stop buying into a series

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