McConnell’s wife undermines entire GOP in stunning move

The One Nation Program that we are announcing
today will ensure that there is one and only one set of national fuel economy standards
as Congress mandated and intended. No state has the authority to opt out of the
nation’s rules and no state has the right to impose its policies on everybody else in
our whole country. Because newer cars are safer, the standards
will save thousands of lives, and prevent tens of thousands of serious injuries. So with today’s One Nation Program Rule,
the administration is standing up for all Americans, their needs, and their right to
choose. We will not let political agendas in a single
state be forced upon the other 49. And we will always put safety first. This is Mitch McConnell’s wife giving her
husband a run for his money with regard to who can do the most damage to this country. As Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao is
in charge of the Trump administration’s new One Nation Program Rule, which a direct
attack on the state of California. Since 1968, the state has been granted a waiver
to set higher emissions standards for cars than the federal government. And that’s important because Californians
buy more cars than in any other state, and 13 other states plus Washington DC have also
adopted California’s rules, meaning unless a car company is looking to only sell to just
over half the country, the standards that California sets are effectively the standards
for the United States. But as of now, the Trump administration has
revoked that waiver, and they did it under a barrage of blatant lies. Right off the bat, Chao undermines the ENTIRE
Republican Party’s supposed platform by saying, “No state has the authority to opt
out of the nation’s rules.” Only, this must be the twilight zone because
this is a Republican completely destroying the concept of state’s rights, which has
been a rallying cry for the right since …forever. But I’m pretty sure the 10th Amendment of
the Constitution states explicitly that “The powers not delegated to the United States
by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States
respectively.” So – correct me if I’m wrong – but I don’t
believe that the framers otherwise explicitly gave the federal government the power to impose
national emissions standards for cars in the United States Constitution. Unless I… missed it. And her justifications continue to devolve
from there. She claims that by rolling back fuel efficiency
standards, companies will be able to save money, which will keep the costs down, and
then more Americans can afford cleaner, safer cars. Only, part of the costs we pay go toward allowing
car companies to continue innovating. And it’s that very innovation that has made
those cars safer and cleaner. We have cars that get 50 miles to a gallon
now, which means you’re filling up a fraction of how much you filled up 10, 20, 30 years
ago when you only got 8 miles to a gallon. We have cars that are leagues safer than before
because the government has imposed stricter safety regulations that companies then follow. We have cars that burn fuel cleaner than before
because of emissions regulations, which is why places like LA are no longer blanketed
by smog. All of those things are objectively good. So to claim that allowing companies not to
innovate is going to somehow help us, is the epitome of short-sightedness. Trump is basically saying, “Okay, cars are
as safe and efficient as they’ll ever be, so let’s go ahead and stop innovating, stop
spending money on R&D. This is it, we’ve reached the end of the
road. Now just make them cheap.” But we wouldn’t do this with anything else
– not with iPhones or TVs or computers – so why on earth would we do it with cars? And look, clearly this administration knows
that. They know that rolling back emissions standards
is not going to make anyone safer, isn’t going to make the air cleaner, and isn’t
going to make cars more affordable. What this is, is Trump weaponizing his office. It’s an attack on the state of California,
which – as one of the bluest states in the nation – are being punished for their lack
of fealty to the president. It’s an attack on Obama, who made the cardinal
sin of… implementing stricter fuel efficiency standards, just like the Republican president
before him did. I mean, we are lucky that Obama didn’t cure
cancer because Trump would’ve mandated that it come back in full force. And finally, it’s an attack, yet again,
on solutions for climate change. And because more than 20 percent of US greenhouse
gas emissions come from cars and light-duty trucks, it would only make sense that Trump
would mitigate any effort possible to move in the right direction. And while I’m sure pettiness alone is enough
to drive Trump, there’s another obvious reason: money. Fossil fuel companies fund Republicans at
an exponentially higher rate than Democrats. Almost all of the top 20 recipients of oil
and gas money are Republicans. Higher fuel efficiency standards would mean
less gas, which means less money for them. So they donate to Republicans like Trump,
who then roll back fuel efficiency standards to the benefit of literally no one except
the companies who profit off of gas. It’s simple. We all pay more because Trump want to cash
a fat check for his re-election. And it’s not just with gas. Imposing self-harming actions on behalf of
special interests have become the cornerstone of the Republican Party. We now have people who are CHEERING ON the
fact that they’ll get worse fuel efficiency in their cars because of Trump. Just like he has people cheering on the idea
that they should buy lightbulbs that can last as little as 2% as long as new LED bulbs. Trump has people cheering on the fact that
they will lose access to healthcare, that their government will allow the effects of
climate change to continue to worsen, that they’ll relax gun restrictions in the face
of more and more mass shootings. All harming Americans. All to the benefit of corporations. I mean honestly, if Marlboro asks nicely,
we’re one step away from the White House rolling back age restrictions on smoking and
Trump fans packing cigarettes in their kids’ lunch boxes. But despite their best efforts to destroy
everything for the sake of destruction, this move rolling back fuel efficiency standards
is already on shaky legal ground. The White House has invoked the Clear Air
Act, claiming it has “inherent authority” to revoke California’s waiver, but the Clean
Air Act only gives the EPA the ability to deny a waiver BEFORE it’s granted, NOT the
ability to REVOKE one AFTER it’s been granted. In other words, because California had already
been granted the waiver under a previous administration, Trump doesn’t have the legal authority to
take it away. But this is all clearly indicative of a way
bigger problem for the Republican Party. I know that we say this so much that it almost
doesn’t mean anything anymore, but if the GOP doesn’t stand for state’s rights,
what does it have left? Family values, from the party whose leader
was caught sleeping with porn stars and Playboy models while his wife was at home pregnant
with their son? Law and order, from the party actively working
to cover up a spate of crimes on behalf of the president, including obstruction of justice
and emoluments clause violations? Fiscal responsibility, from the party that
just passed a $1.5 trillion tax cut for the rich and has allowed our debt to explode beyond
anything we’ve ever seen before? Love for our military, from the party doing
absolutely zero as Trump uses the defense budget to syphon money into his failing Turnberry
resort in Scotland, which lost $4.5 million in 2017 and was miraculously up $3 million
in 2018 after the military became its biggest client? I’d honestly love to know what the GOP ACTUALLY
represents because if you ask me, it doesn’t stand for anything aside from being a cult
of personality for Trump.

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  1. For breathable air occupy the White House and senate 2020. Flat earthier are against wind, solar and any clean power . Vote or die 😱🕳.

  2. Where are the Republican now when we see they're treason under this president. This is called true government failure under the Republican party.

  3. If she wants to argue against states rights, then states cannot set their own gun safety rules, states cannot set their own ban on abortions, states cannot opt out of the Clean Water Act, or the Clean Air Act. States cannot opt out of Medicare.

  4. As crooked and corrupt of a b*$#h as her husband is. Still hasn't divested, as she promised, when she was appointed to this position, … the definition of a conflict of interest. Lining her own pocket at the expense of the people she is supposedly acting in the interest of, …just like Moscow Mitch. #Moscow Mitch

  5. Nice to see communism from traitors. What happened to an open market? We have Moscow mitch and commie wife. why cleaner safer cars? Not cleaner safer environment?

  6. California should just ignore Trump's laws,as he doesn't follow the country's laws at all.And Trump has no chance of winning in California so what he says doesn't matter.

  7. Stunningly corrupt bitch: Doesn't care about the environment. Used her position unethically to promote her fathet's company in China. A minority that Ignores the extreme practices of her rracist husband. Millions of dollars of cocaine on ship?!!! 1 (Chao) plus 1 (McConnell) equals more than 2 (amount of harm caused). 2 Evil corporate driven, money hungry, diregarders of the masses (99.9%), and the planet.

  8. The USA arrogance is stinking to heaven and polluting the whole planet! Usa cars will not sell in Europe, and more USA ppl will loose employment, since no export. we care about the environment, efficiency and safety. Trumpelstilzchen and his gop are so corrupt! Vote them out!

  9. Bitch, please explain to me how ANY of the 49 other states can impose something on me. If I live in my state, no other state can do SHIT unless my state passes something…

  10. All states have rights. Where in the constitution did it talk about cars? Science matters, you should notice that there is one planet it doesn't care what political party you are in. This is an odd thing. Do republicans think we can pull an all nighter and fix the weather? When I think of chaos theory I think of meteorology or the Trump White house! Ignorance kills liberals and conservatives wake TFU!

  11. LAWL Sounds like we're living in China now. There will be no questioning of our rulings, States rights don't apply (unless it has something to do with Slavery), and all the nation will bow before out supreme leader, The Don, and kiss his ring.

  12. The GOP's entire platform is that states should have the right to decide their own law and the federal government has NO right to force its will on every state.
    This bitch then goes on about safety, which has NOTHING to do with fuel standards.
    Dafaq is going on?

  13. King trump doing things to push his own interest? Noooo. Really?

    Yet the leftist are too cowardly to stand up for the country. Blame the right wing all you want but you're the ones letting them do it.

  14. When Trump fails the Democrats can use this rule to takeaway the state rights and be able to mandate right across the board with climate change.

  15. Have these retards in the Republican party ever see L.A. while sitting in traffic? You can literally see green pollution over the city and that's after making regulations to try and lower emissions. This is just more proof on how Republicans only love states rights when it fits their agenda on abortion, lobbyist money, colluding with foreign governments, ect but things they don't like they say how dare you protect the environment, or protect our elections you heathens. They don't represent any set of values. Just corruption, greed, and getting cucked by their supreme leader.

  16. Let them have this victory, the precedent will be used by President Bernie to have stricter gun laws across all states… Indiana’ gun laws will be the same as Illinois – no more guns purchased in Indiana ending up in Chicago.

  17. She is the poster child for immigration gone wrong. This “national” policy won’t withstand constitutional scrutiny in court.

  18. We're going to introduce coal powered computers, refrigerators, and water heaters, and make it understood that from now on everyone is REQUIRED to smoke cigarettes starting at age two as a part of the tRump plan to insure better health.

  19. This fucking lying cunt should be executed! If you are a traitor to America, you should pay with your life! Sick and tired of republicans turning on America, and lying to the poor, stupid, white people, screaming “AMERICA”, and getting away with it!

  20. We in California can set standards that promote clean air and water. Those are the right given to the state in the constitution ( invisible rights). If this administration keeps attacking our way of leaving;we should stop sending out hard earned taxed dollars to the federal government. Remember “ no taxation without representation “.

  21. It's the Trump Administration, what do you expect? The only question is how much money did this cost the oil industry and how much of that is going into his pocket.

  22. Shut up, you SIno-Russian skank!! Go back to the Soviet-Sino border with your Moscow Misha husband! BTW, aren't you also an immigrant, like your boss's wife, Melania? JUST STFU, Mrs. Mao-Tsao Dung!! LOL

  23. Again, who these fucking stupid sycophants faill to realize is that auto manufactures around the world will simply say "fuck off. We're building cars to California's standards, and will continue to do so whether you like it r not." American auto manufactures have spent BILLIONS to make assembly lines to make Calif compliant cars. They're going to flip the fat bastard off too. All this does is demonstrate that the chickenshit in chief Is "The DUMBEST GODDAMNED STUDENT I EVER HAD".

    I guess that level of stupidity is contagious.

  24. Those high school dropouts and ignorant demagogues in the conservative entertainment media have become the thought leaders of the Republican Party. I truly don’t actually have a problem with conservatism, but those clowns don’t know squat about anything. They are particularly in the dark regarding civics or conservatism. All they have a talent for, is to spew invective against liberals. It shows in how trump attempts to govern, in spite of his utter incompetence.

  25. California has the 6th largest economy in the world. The companies aren't obligated to lower the standards they have put so much time and money developing. They should all just say, "Okay, thanks but we're going to go ahead with what we've already set in motion. It's just good business."

  26. The GOP want to roll back as much of our government protection policies as they can get away with. Dirty air and water will surely kill off a whole lot of us. And the GOP the DNC and the whole world looks on. How long will this go on? Maybe things will change when the air burns our skin and the waters of the world is no more than sludge.

  27. It’s sad what the Republican Party has came to and it clearly has changed. It used to be the party for the people and is sad what they have done to Lincoln’s party. When I registered to vote over 20 years ago it was as a Republican do to people like Lincoln, Grant, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower and MD state senator named Don Munson that gave us a field trip to tour congress and talked to us when I was in elementary school. That same senator actually answered my phone call and helped with a problem I was having with the DMV when I was 21 or 22. I’m now ashamed to be a Republican due to everything that has happened the past 4 years and guarantee that Lincoln, Grant, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower are all spinning in their graves. As a matter of fact Nixon,Reagan and H.W. Bush are probably doing it to. People may say oh tricky Dick yea, but at least he was brave enough to admit he was wrong and resigned. Disgusting what has happened

  28. & that's why people who don't understand the very basics of the constitution shouldn't get involved in America's politics if you don't believe in climate change yet these abuses of power should change that.

  29. To be fair, no political party and very few politicians have ever really cared about "states rights" unless it benefits them. The states rights argument for virtually anything has been pretty much bullshit since at least the Civil War.

  30. I actually sometimes feel bad for the GOP. These days trying to find them as worthy adversaries is like being a boxer and showing up for a match against a koala. For some bizarre reason they are all consistently dropping trou and showing their asses at every public event they can find. I just don't get it. We hand them rope and they literally fight each other to see which one of their necks best fit the noose. It's sad.
    Perhaps back in the 00's they all contracted some kind of brain amoeba and the symptoms are only now kicking in? Or perhaps because there is no longer over-the-air free television they believe nearly no one is watching and, hey, that world-wide-webs thing is all batsh] [t crazy fake stuff for children and losers anyways. I dunno.
    But man. Just weird. And sad.

  31. chow is as disgusting as as can be. Truly represents the ugliness moscow mitch and the repuglican cult have become. It's sickening to even look at these "things".

  32. Good point . . . one set of standards nationwide.

    California has already written a comprehensive and effective system of rules that automakers have announced are effective and achievable. Make the California standards apply nationally. ‘Course Trump’ll have the petroleum industry write the new spec.

  33. … all Americans and their right to choose? This biotch is crazy if she thinks she can convince sensible people that what CA & many states want for cars in their state isn't better. Only stupid conservatives believe this.

  34. At this Point I'd Say the Republican Party Stands for Satan Himself.. Either that or They're Reptilian Aliens.. I Sure Wouldn't Call them Patriotic or Honourable in Any Way Shape or Form


  36. Evil, greedy, soulless bitch whore. How do I know? She’s apparently fucking Mitch McConnell, only a whore bitch that would do that is an evil soulless whore bitch, fuck her.

  37. Just imagine the sycophantic chants of the sheep who support Bozo the Clown at his next rally of retards…."we want smog! we want smog! we are stupid! we are selfish! we don't care about the earth! we are IDIOTS! Screw our kids! Screw the next generations!

  38. American politics makes the Roman Senate look like little kids. trump (meaning little hands) makes Caligula (meaning little boots) look like a saint.
    Gee, is it possible that we are not as great as we thought. trump just keeps getting worse and the do nothing Dem,s just keep doing nothing. if you are 18 or more in 2020 get off
    your ass and vote these people out of office. lets start over with a whole bunch of new amendments. we need to vote for new blood on both sides, new Rep,s and Dem,s. take the trash out!

  39. Anybody catch that bit with her cheesing about peoples “right to choose”… I found that statement sadly ironic. Cars get choices not women’s bodies huh?

  40. the American Repliscums are STUPID….they ruin the country for themselves and for everyone else…..all of the shit-show problems we have in our Idiocracy are all self-inflicted….Americans are so ignorant, cowardly, brainless, despicable and dumb, they are their own worst enemies……KNOW YOUR ENEMY…….

  41. P.S. take FOX NEWS off the air. just kidding they have freedom of speech. but they are pretty bad. the owners are getting the good ratings so their bull shit will just keep coming!
    does Hannity, tucker and all rest sleep well at night?

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