McConnell Rolls Out Trump Trial Plan Without Witnesses, Democrats Say It’s A ‘Cover-Up’ | MSNBC

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  1. 10:05 It sounds for all the world like it's an unintentional slip, but does anyone hear Ari say something entirely inappropriate as he tries to get his words out?

  2. Moscow mitch is working hard for Putin to rig trial, like he prevented secure elections. History will not be kind to GOP'S. Congress approval rating is at 9%looks like there aiming for 0%.

  3. McConnell and the like are continuously breaking the law . They were subpoenaed and they didn’t answer WTF do we Americans have to do to take back OUR COUNTRY from these maniacs ?
    We the people would be locked up and keys thrown away ! REMOVE THESES MURDEROUS MOBSTERS NOW !

  4. LANDSLIDE WIN FOR TRUMP IN 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. Ari – you hit the nail on the head – sadly, although we are supposed to improve with age, one of the things that has changed since the founding father's time is the oath. It used to mean something. Today, it is just a phrase to quickly rattle off before dipping your head in the establishment trough. You can't trust politicians, priests, or the M.I.C. What a world to leave to our children.

  6. How does control over the process go from Nancy P. To M. McConnell? Everyone knows this is going to be disgustingly played out. Why are the Democrats allowing this sham of trial to proceed? Maybe it's time for the people to take to the streets.

  7. This miserable buzzard needs to be removed from office, he is clearly obstructing justice to protect a corrupt President. What kind of trial refuses to listen to witnesses and openly declares they will co-ordinate with the accused?

  8. Lindsay please get off your knees and remove Trump's (you know what) out of your mouth and butt and act like a MAN OF HONOR. DO YOU WHAT HONOR TO AMERICA MEAN?

  9. The question should be, who's really holding back the removal of Trump? The evidence shows he committed the crimes of which he was impeached for.

  10. 8:00"Your basically changing impeachment" this is what the Republicans want to do is to change impeachment rules to suit them, but not in a legal way as in by everyone voting on a change.

  11. This so called trail is a sham if witnesses who are lined up to testify are not allowed to testify. This would be a sham trial. We no longer have a representative democracy under Trump backed by the republican party. The republic has fallen. We now have a fascist dictator who pays no heed to the constitution or laws of the United States.

  12. A trial with No witnesses. No evidence is NOT a fair trial. No fair trial. A cover up is NOT a fair trial for THE PEOPLE! TRUMP IS GUILTY. DT cannot get away with this. ESP after nearly causing war world 3 with his lies and lunacy !

  13. Pelosi's leverage is threefold: 1) more evidence comes out daily. The tax returns will be out soon.
    2) they can still call witnesses like Bolton before House committees
    3) they can write more articles of impeachment.

  14. The PRESS needs to go harder when sticking their mics in the face of these lying Republicans and call them out on their B.S. – they are known liars and do your job and SAY SO on the spot!!!!

  15. If the republicons are so innocent….. why are they soooo afraid of having witnesses. Hmmmm…. methinks me smells a foul foul fishyness here.

  16. All you Repuglicans out there – remember this Romney position when he runs for president later this year when tRump is ousted! Romney sold all your jobs overseas for the sake of corporate profits – he could care less about the middle class and certainly the poor.

  17. The world will be a better place with Trump as opposed to Pense. Pense is more likely to start a war with Iran. Hold on to the impeachment docs.

  18. Watch "U.S. House to debate, vote to limit Trump's military powers | LIVE" on YouTube

    Watch "Bernie Sanders Discusses U.S. Conflict With Iran/Iraq | LIVE | NowThis" on YouTube

  19. Chief Justice Roberts could confirm the concept of 3 separate but equal branches of government by taking control of the impeachment trial. Step one…recuse predujicial senators..republicans who voted to confirm the hopeless drunk Kavanaugh and hateful blacks like Booker and Harris.

  20. 70 million ppl murdering 1 person is same as 1 person murdering 70 million. If trump gets away w/ murdering anyone he will murder everyone

  21. So now a trial without the first-hand information witnesses that they wanted at the inquiry stage, yet that they also blocked from being there. Something tells me that they really don't want to hear from first-hand witnesses after all. Why?

  22. Shouldn't Mitch be dropped by a seagull for the second time in his life? Maybe this time he'll land on a rock instead of in some businessman's pocket.

  23. Did you know DJT and Ivanka were involved in money laundering for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard?

    Weird, huh?

  24. What the f*** is this woman talking about? Typical DC? Seriously? There is nothing typical about any of this! mcconnell is absolutely trying to cover this up! There is nothing to debate about that. Sen. Schumer is absolutely not trying to put "spin" on anything. What an idiotic statement! The Democratic Party is finally standing up to the republican regime. Ari, mcconnell isn't making a "point". He's doing what he's been doing for decades, abusing his position of power.

  25. The problem is we already know the truth. The accused have already admitted in public their guilt. The problem is that a large section of the people are prepared to have crimes committed by the guilty to further their on agendas or even the possibility of achieving their agendas.

  26. Truly Moscow Mitch doesn't want Bolton to testify that is proof he knows or doesn't think Trump would win or trust Donald

  27. This is not the Clinton trial, it's completely different. McConnell continues to do the DC two step as the do nothing Republican Senate announce they will continue to do their work? lmao…Just sayin'

  28. Mr. McConnell fails to consider that you cannot set up a format for an impeachment trial if you do not endeavor to know the details until they have those details to refer to. You can't have a trial w/o a transcript.
    Nancy doesn't have to do ANY of the things you think she will do. She holds that gavel because she is smarter wiser and much more savvy in her niche.
    She knows what to do next. If you didn't know she would hold the Articles on her last move, then be sure you know not her next move and will be just as surprised.
    I believe those Articles are fluid, in a transitory state. Imagine if Mitch starts the trial on Monday, what happens if on Tuesday, Nancy holds a vote on amending or adding to the Articles she still holds in her hand. What could Mitch have for charges…NOTHING! She could hold them indefinitely (LIKE MITCH HELD OPEN SCALIA'S SCOTUS SEAT OPEN FOR OVER A YEAR. THEN GRASSLEY RAMMED KAVANAUGH DOWN OUR THROATS…BECAUSE WE'RE FRICKING NICE GUYS THAT JUST WANT TO GET ALONG. We need to black the gop eye, but good. We need to put a foot on ITS.NECK! It needs to be authoritatively smacked to the ground. They need their teeth mercilessly kicked from their face. They need to know that our one Godly toe is all that spared them from the true justice that resides within their own sick circumstances. I mean, self-service is their Brand, extraction is their credo

  29. There is something fishy about this Iran thing. Sounds like it was staged to make it look like Trump saved the US from a bad man. He had to find something because Ukraine plan got scrapped

  30. I still question Bolton's offer to testify to the Republican-run Senate, but not make the same offer to Congress, in order to get his testimony on the record. Doesn't seem like justice is the priority, here. 🇺🇸🤔🇺🇸

  31. Scumoloni is as ignorant,illiterate and corrupt as the charity thief in charge. Check his phone contact list under Epst…

  32. Beware anyone on Full Of Xcrement news.
    Is it possible the gop are colluding with Napolitano and Bolton. Get Bolton on the stand in the Senate and he refutes the entire story and retires to the Caribbean with a trumpscum cheque in his pocket??
    Beware the enemy holding out a hand,the other has a knife in it!

  33. If McConnell or Graham or any other republican senator is dead set about their decision to acquit this president then they should all recuse themselves ahead of taking their oaths and sign as such because it is evident that none of them will be impartial and this trial will be a sham and over quickly. If they sign that oath book they will all be lying. This is so wrong. Getting a spoiler alert about this trial is no fun except for the one holding the leverage. The judge should recuse these partisan hacks so the trial will be fair.

  34. Maybe time for Americans to take to the streets rather than sitting behind a computer. We seem to have lost the will to protest for what is going to be the complete downfall of our democracy.

  35. Trials without witnesses, and murdering people without trial for crimes they might commit in the future is what republicans stand for.

  36. McConnell looks like an bullfrog croaking.

  37. Trump is responsible for the deaths of 176 innocent civilians on a Ukrainian passenger plane shot down by a middle over Iran. Remove him from office.


  39. Wait wasn't it Republicans whining that they needed witnesses and evidence now that there's droves of them they don't want it

  40. Why aren't any of the news outlets talking about the War Powers Resolution being passed? The ending vote was YEA. Then they voted to Suspend The Rules And Pass Amendment with an end result YEA. That does mean Trumps power to declare war is limited now right?

  41. If John Bolton has something to say, he can have a news conference in front of White House Steps and spill the beans there.

  42. Well what can I say? This is once again fake news, the Senate has the right to question Nancy Pelosi, she's not the president although she thinks she is, she's a nut case 😂

  43. Look at the smirking scrote defying every proper and fair principle so many have died for…….. downright mockery and contrary bratty behavior by wrinkled old sagging "tough guys". Where's peritonitis and aneurysms when ya need 'em…….

  44. Bolton will defend Trump. Ultimately Chief Justice John Roberts needs to review Article II. Attorney General Barr and former Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller appear to believe that a sitting President is immune to indictment. Democrats do not share this imperial Presidency concept.

  45. Republicans kept Clinton under investigation for how many years… That's all they needed to keep her from getting by the sword, die by the sword. But the ly difference, is there is warranted concern over DONNIES corruption…

  46. McConnell wants it now so that congress can do the same thing to the impeachment process as Barr did with the Mueller report. BTW did congress ever get an unredacted version?

  47. This Independent is voting Democrat straight down the line! The past three years has shown that the Republicans are a bunch of lowlifes out to get rich at any cost!

  48. This whole impeachment is a Democrat scam why rush though this just to hold on to the articles. Because they have a weak case now they want the McConnell to make the Democrats case. Republicans job is to read the article and make there decision.

  49. The Republican king, Donald J. Trump… will stand trial… for his actions, Associated with his abuse of powers under our Constitution!!!

  50. If witnesses have expressed their willingness to cone forward, Mitch McConnell should be charged with obstruction of justice

  51. If witnesses are not presented, then its not a trial is it! Its obstruction of justice! Can we arrest Moscow Mitch on dereliction of duty and obstruction of justice now?

  52. No way can #45 testify. He has told lies so much he can't remember what he said. If he lives in fantasy land he can't remember truth. That's the trouble with lies.

  53. All I can say is that sooner or later a democrat will be president. If Trump is allowed to get away with his crap, I hope the next democrat does everything he or she can to thwart anything repubs want. I hope they do whatever they can and call it executive priviledge. Change the rules in favor of democrats and watch republicans cry foul – see how they like it. They forget that things can and will change…

  54. TDS much? Stop watching this propaganda 24/7 it is making brain mushy. The trial will expose Democrats and make them look like DONKEYS

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