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McCain on US Attorneys: ‘consequences’ to election

McCain on US Attorneys: ‘consequences’ to election

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Bharara would make an excellent independent prosecutor to look into the trump administration's collusion with the Russians.

  2. CNN is deep state media. Be aware if you are watching. No that we do not elect the deep state. It is out of our control. The president is in our control. Be aware that the deep state possesses far more power than the president will ever see.

  3. Having every right isn't the same as having any business. It's just another "diminishment" on their behalf. Russia should be marching in any day now, so have those Playstations ready!

  4. A rationalist viewpoint on this matter. I am a moderate independent voter and a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant (1972-1993) who voted for Trump. While I respect Senator McCain (Age 80), and his service which he rendered the country, and even voted for him during his failed Presidential bid, he has turned into a bitter far right ideologue and a relic of the cold war era. I find myself increasingly questioning his judgment which seems to me to be far to colored by seeing Trump succeed against incredible odds in his presidential bid where McCain failed in his OWN far less then heavy odds against him bid. Also I have to ask if McCain’s very hawkish and unpragmatic “foaming at the mouth” stand against Russia is driven by his personal cold war experiences stemming from his Vietnam era service of the 1960s. While I agree that Russia is NOT a nice guy, it is NOT the USSR I remember and was trained to fight during most of my cold war career. What is desperately needed here at this time for our country is REALPOLITIK and NOT ideologues such as Senator McCain, who seem to have personal axes to grind. Senator McCain whether you like it or not President Trump was voted into his office on the promises he made – and which he is attempting in good faith to honor. I find that very refreshing and it’s about time! Both my wife and I are tired of professional politicians like yourself. President Trump has a tough enough job to do without you sniping constantly from the sidelines and not supporting him! Sir, to put it bluntly, you are out of touch with the mood of the electorate who supported Trump! If you cannot support the President I and my wife voted for, then perhaps it’s time, for the good of our country, for you to retire before you do more damage than you already have.

  5. You're right Senator McCain elections do have consequences. But the voters expect leaders like you to speak up when you Know, as well as everybody else, that the President they elected is not only deranged, but highly suspect of illegal activity.

  6. There;s photo of the old fart with the leader of ISIS…He should be HANG for TREASON..

  7. You get a Thumbs down for evening having this man on your show. Republicans and Democrats dislike this man.

  8. How many of these anti CNN "american republicans" are actually russian social media bots and how many are just stupid people?

  9. Fake News typical BS, Trump did not promise anything to him. The whining pussified minion. I see The Crap News Network hired traitor John "the Songbird" McCain, a perfect fit a whining crybaby traitor and a whining crybaby nonsense Network.
    Mccain can suck on his penis shaped Binky in the corner with his blankly.

  10. What is CNN 's obsession with McCain? He must be saying bad things about trump. Has to be, why else would CNN be making time for him?

  11. CNN s Chris coumo wants grown men in the women's bathroom.he said if a 12 yr old girl didn't like it she was intolerant

  12. Hey! you old bastard you should go back to your little hole and crawl in it before midnight ,that's when old mutherfuckin pedos and fake heros turn into a bigger pile of shit.Songbird of is as dirty as hitliary an obummer when or it comes to being dirty,This company he started is like hitliarys hidding the same facts are alive in it.child sex trading and Aston works for him,know why Aston was asked to come before them and testify? to steer any attention away.Check out the video of his X demi Moore making out with a eleven or twelve year old boy from 2007 its sick.

  13. FLASHBACK: When Bill Clinton Had 93 out of 94 U.S. Attorneys FIRED IN ONE DAY, did CNN criticize Clinton? if Cliniton can do that, then what wrong for Trump? if the AG cannot fit to Trump's administration then Trump as a boss fired him is understandable.

  14. The fbi and cia have already looked into any link between Russia and trumps people being in collusion.They have found that their was none. If they did find something we would have heard about it already. Hitler ounce said if you tell the same lie over and over no matter the proof to dispute it people will eventualy believe the lie is truth. Welcome to the democrats progressive liberal plan. Taken straight from hitlers playbook.

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  16. I have ZERO respect for John McCain. He is considered the Song Bird by most Vietnam War Veterans. Look it up if you wonder why.

  17. 5000 years in the fukking senate??? THANK you for your SERVICE to this FORMERLY great nation NOW get the FUK outa here!

  18. This war monger obviously is, and always has been, an agent of the deep state and should be arrested for treason.

  19. it happened in the past that happened in the past we are supposed to learn from our mistakes and make things better slavery was in the past too doesn't mean we should do it again even though most people who work and pay taxes are inevitably slaves

  20. Podesta group lobbied for Russia's largest bank to lift Russian sanctions:

  21. More Bullshit from Johnny, now your CNN's bitch ! hehe
    So completely out of touch he does not know that Hispanics whose families have live in Arizona longer than Europeans have ever even heard of the continent want ILLEGALS GONE, especially in AZ> ! lol
    Illegals have the rest of America treating especially in places like Arizona Mexican American that have been here longer than America has been a country Worst than ever !
    Mexican Americans, ans Legal Immigrates have worked hard to gain Americas respect and be the best citizens they can be , only to be kicked in the Balls by Americans who are upset and pissed off at being invaded by Illegal Aliens .

  22. TRUMP in collusion with the Russians LOL? . . . This is news . . . as fake as the fictional hype about TRUMP'S tax returns. FAKE NEWS . . . FAKE FAKE FAKE.

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