Maywave - Harmony (Original Mix) [Official Music Video] [Alter Ego Progressive]

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  1. Wow. All of this you can find brother. New fan to Maywave but Almost all of your supported artists are long time faves. Tucandeo is one lots dont know but also underated. DJ Eco, actually just Eco, did a Tucandeo remix that i think is phenomenal. Thanks for posting great progressive.

  2. Okay dude this makes me feel like…i don't know man there are no words,i'm sure you know what i mean.Blessings bro

  3. Peaceful chord's. I really like the feel of the baseline not to highly energetic, but still has a nice groove. 🙂

  4. If you have the facts that this track is a rip off why can't you put it here , show a audio wave of both tracks or something . You don't need a audio engineering degree to find that there are no similarities between the two tracks , even a kid knows that . In between no one else in the comments is saying that it's a rip of simon patterson track .You think you are correct and all others are wrong shows how much ego you have . Take your hatred some where else .

  5. i guess you are deaf or something wrong with you to see the similarities between an vocal and non-vocal track . what melody are you talking about in the simon patterson track there's hardly any in that track save for 10 secs or less. whereas this track has melody from start to finish . like the track says learn to have some harmony instead of commenting bullshit .i think i wasted my 60 secs to even write a reply to such a distasteful comment ..if u don't like get the hell out and don't comment

  6. not sure what makes u think its similar to Simon Patterson here and now .. no similarity whatsoever ..give some credit to a good track

  7. lucky strike to find this track…

    it´s amazing, words don´t get it right, just listen for yourself 😉

  8. Oh my God!! This tune is just beautiful!! Sit back, close your eyes, and take a listen. l love it. Fantastic and amazing video Jim d(^_^)b

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