Matt Gaetz Intentionally Makes Complete Fool Of Himself To Appease Trump

Republican representative Matt Gates was tossed
out of miss Fiona Hill’s testimony yesterday before she even began because Matt Gates was
not a part of any of the three committees who had issued subpoenas to Fiona Hill and
Matt Gates knew that Matt Gates knew that he wasn’t a part of this closed door hearing
where the Republicans who were there, yes, they were allowed to cross examine her and
ask her questions. It’s just that Gates isn’t on those committees,
so they didn’t allow him to be in there. They asked the house parliamentarian, Hey,
is he allowed to be in here? And this nonpartisan person whose only job
it is to enforce the rules said, no, sorry Matt, you can’t be in here. Please leave. And that’s when Matt Gates got everything
he ever wanted. See Matt Gates knew that he wasn’t going to
be allowed into this hearing and that’s why he went because he wanted to create the optics
that Democrats were shutting out Republicans and he got exactly what he wanted and the
media played right into his stupid little narrative because immediately after he’s in
the hallway giving interviews to reporters saying things like, I thought, you know, I,
I’m on the judiciary committee. I should be allowed in here. This is ridiculous. They’re trying to seal us all from the process. No, Matt, you broke the rules and you’re very
familiar with that. Except this time daddy wasn’t around to bail
you out like he was the other times when you got your DUIs down here in Florida, but the
media this time came to your rescue. Putting those microphones in your face, putting
the cameras in your face and letting you spout your little lies to everyone in this country,
playing the victim while knowing full well that this was the end result that you were
hoping for and you got it. You wanted to appease Donald Trump. You wanted to play into his narrative that
Democrats are doing something secretive. You had to make a fool of yourself to do it,
but she did it. You’ll do anything to appease Mr. Trump and
yesterday didn’t disappoint and then later this moron Matt Gates gets on Twitter and
he says, judiciary chairman, Jerry Nadler claimed to have begun the impeachment inquiry
weeks ago. Now his own judiciary members aren’t even
allowed to participate in it again. The parliamentarian came out and said, that’s
the rule. Sorry. Oh, abide by it or leave. He continues and yes, my constituents want
me actively involved in stopping the kangaroo court coo run by shifty Schiff. Nice alliteration there. Junior. Here’s the thing, Matt, you said your constituents
want you to stop this. Guess what I am? I’m actually one of your constituents. I, I’ve lived in this area a lot than you
have even though you claim to be a native, but you were actually born in Hollywood, Florida. I think people need to understand that too. You’re not from here. You say you are, but you’re not. You see I am. I’m about fifth, sixth generation, Florida
district one. And as your constituent, I can tell you that,
no, I don’t want you to obstruct this impeachment inquiry. I talked to a lot of people in this area,
probably more than you do because I’m here every day and have been for my entire life. They don’t want you to stop it. You know, a lot of the Trump bumper stickers
in this area starting to disappear. Oh, we’ve got a few. We’ve got some hardcore folks who have literally
taken markers and written on the side of their car, their support for Donald Trump. But the levels of support for Trump that we
see down here in this very red district are nowhere near the levels that we saw from McCain
for Romney or for George W. Bush. There are some hardcore Trumpers down here,
the likes of which would probably scare the rest of the country, but not as many as we’ve
had with any other Republican politician. Gates is wrong and his district is changing,
but he’s going to, uh, continue making a complete fool of himself because it makes Donald Trump
happy. So just remember that Matt Gates, you’re not
being a good Congressman for your constituents. You’re essentially having to act as a jester
for the president of the United States.

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  1. Gaetz is a beta. He’ll happily humiliate himself to try to get favor with a guy that shows no loyalty?

  2. I'm sorry but there really, REALLY needs to be an IQ test performed on anyone running for any office from now on. This Clown Circus has to stop immediately.

  3. Got that little frickin LIAR πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Nothing but a snitch. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Rumps puppet just like Nunez.

  5. How can a man of this kind get to become an ass hol* this just shows how bad the ROC is really are and let's not forget who sent him on this mission none other the other ass how is running your poor country into the whole, what a shame.

  6. It's funny howTrump staff keeps getting smaller and smaller the people around him are becoming more and more Yes Men more and more in a bubble have nothing but praise and showering affection for everything does. He could shit on his desk in the oval office on live TV and that gets with the thing that turd that's the turd of a very stable genius so amazing so amazing I can see it now

  7. That is putting your foot in his ass for being trump jester and puppet. You should also mention that when the time comes he won’t be getting a majority of the votes because of what he does

  8. I feel certain that there is a direct correlation between how much dirty Russian money each republican has received and how irate they are about the investigation into Trump, the Ukrainians and Giuliani. You can bet that Gaetz got a bucket full of that corrupt money in return for doing incredibly corrupt things.

  9. What a joke of a politician he is. He should go and crash some wedding or bar mitzvah somewhere, he would have probably been received more warmly.

  10. This guy is looney and is disconnected to reality: all he does is yell…I loved the way Nixon's attorney at the time (John Dean) of Watergate days just laughed him off.

  11. These people have no honor, no morals, no professionalism. We cannot count on the Republicans to police their own the only alternative is to replace them with Dem's and Independents. If the Republican politicians want to be a Trump henchmen then we should start designing their very own custom prison clothing of course with a giant yellow stripe down the back, they need to join their crime boss in prison. Lock them all up!!!

  12. Matt is one of them that must be involved in this corruption! Right along with Lindsey Graham Mitch McConnell Giuliani and Ron Johnson. Those are the guys who yell the loudest and are the ones that are corrupted. There is more of them but I can't get them all on here. But you know who I'm talking about! Matt had no business being there but he wanted to cry to the reporters just for Donald Trump. He knew this would make Donald Trump happy. all I know is they're all a bunch of pussy Grabbers like Trump!

  13. That's NOT what I saw, I saw 2 reporters rip his ass embarrassing him telling him he knew he couldn't be there to which he resorted to stupid stuttering.

  14. I think some of Republicans that are carrying water for Trump should be investigated. Re-election cannot possibly be the only reason they are kissing his ass. Are they somehow being bribed (like Kentucky getting that huge contract) or blackmailed? I am very curious.

  15. congressional jester to King Donald's court ttruly ridiculous. House minority leader this morning announces that more Republicans are pulling the same stunt again today. The little child was being a go to boy for the obstruction quorum in the Republican party.


  17. Matt Gaetz is trying to get some of that reelection money from Donald Trump, but he's too stupid to realize that Donald Trump isn't going to give him anything, once Donald Trump is kicked out of the White House all of these Trump supporters are going to be left holding a bag of shit.

  18. i'd love for the government (or someone) to charge him with sedition.

    he is lying and spreading misinformation about the government, i'm pretty sure that's a CRIME.

  19. He always tries to make himself relevant and ends up looking like an idiot. He looks like a fat doughboy with giant Chiclets for teeth. He can't even shut his mouth because they're so big. I would ask that dentist for a refund!!!!

  20. Just concluded why the GOP is standing by 45. They know 45 is tied up with Russia and they know the Russia mafia is in the U.S. AND SCARED for them and their families. So the sell out and stick by Trump although they now he is a craze nut. Another thing one video say about 60 would vote to impeach him, if the could case a blind vote. Of course a blind vote is not going to be allowed. Just saying. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ 🀴 πŸ‘³β€β™‚οΈ πŸ‘Ά

  21. Gaetz is auditioning for a job in the Trump administration. Break the rules like Trump, play the victim like Trump, and become infamous and corrupt as Trump. How stupid can Matt be?

  22. I'd love to hear you announce Matt Gaetz as "The Court Jester, Mr. Hollywood…" on your show sometime. That'd just be precious.

  23. Gaetz is a total buffoon, devoid of any intelligence and decency whatsoever.
    He fits that well known phrase, "Whiny Little BiΓ·ch" perfectly.

  24. Ugh just looked up Matt Gaetz’ background and hes from my home town and went to college with me and graduated a year earlier. Considering burning my degree now.

  25. This generation of politicians are an embarrassment. At least older generations knew how to hide their corruption behind a facade of competence and stoicism.

  26. Matt has that face that you wanted to punch in college. He just looks like that guy you immediately want to knock out before he opens his mouth.

  27. They wouldn't let me in either. Its the end of democracy. He is such a suck up to Trump. He's got no respect for himself. Same as Jim Jordan and the rest of his little gang.

  28. Sad state of affairs. A tool like that in any way shape or form involved in government. For Christs sake look at us! The United States of America, Unbelievable

  29. What a fucking shameful stunt. Orange Daddy was watching. Trump dickriders probably believe he's a hero. What a numb fucking cunt…

  30. I don't know what's more dangerous in Florida, the gators, the hurricanes, or Matt Gaetz,….for sure it's boot-licker MATT GAETZ!!!!

  31. I remember right when he did this. I saw it in a Fox News segment. It was just his words no talking head BS. And the comments underneath were insanely stupid. Shit like β€œI remember they had all the hearings for Nixon televised” and β€œthis is a coup”. Damn idiocy.

  32. Gaetz you need to grow up n stop being an ass kisser! Republicans like you with no balls have shut Americans out from hearing the truth about the underhanded criminal. Shit going on behind our backs! You sit on your ass n do nothing to benefit the American people, only pass what Trump n your cronies want to enrich your dam wallets! If you can't stand up for American values, time to get another job where you may have to actually work ! Maybe a drinking job. N finish frying your brain!

  33. He's a spoiled, whining, child. The committees don't want him immediately running out to fox news and lying about the testimony. I can't believe people vote for him.

  34. Matt the brown nosed reindeer. Yes Mr. Trump, I so love that suit Mr. Trump, it's very slimming Mr Trump. I LOVE that tie Mr. Trump. Numnumnumnum.

  35. Nothing much news there Gaetz is known for being in the words of Rex Tillerson "a fucking moron " that is why he and Trump vibe so well 🀬🀬🀬😈🀬🀬

  36. I thought OJ was a slam dunk and I’m worried that Matt Gaetz is going to say β€œif it don’t fit, you must aquit” and we will get more of this hate filled dumpster fire.

  37. Sound like Trump Supporters using markers on other peoples cars. The just not had the time and money to do a paint job. All them Trumpies are the same.
    It's a bit stereotyping but hey. Some fires you better fight with gasoline. It will just burn to long. Better take it down. All of it.

  38. Matt Gaetz is a corrupted #TrumpLapDogwilling to compromise ALL his morals and values to support this administration, just like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. #Vote2020 #Vote2022 #Vote2024 #Vote2026 #Vote2028 #Vote2030 #Vote2032 #Vote2034 #Vote2036 #Vote2038 #Vote2040 #Vote2042 #Vote2044 #Vote2046…….

  39. Yup for some reason trump ballsuckers have absolutely no self respect or honor. They all suffer from dunning-krueger retardation and think they can do what ever fits there agendas no matter what the long as the orange orangutan gives the the green light .

  40. What's the matter? Dims afraid of someone telling the truth about how dims are the real criminals, afraid of thinking people actually knowing that DIMS are gutless slime balls, committing treason to get back to their agenda of making America a slave nation for their f..ked up political party.

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