Marine Le Pen talks about Yellow Vests protests + Emmanuel Macron, Gilets Jaunes, English subtitles

Marine Le Pen talks about Yellow Vests protests + Emmanuel Macron, Gilets Jaunes, English subtitles

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  1. Some background to this.
    Last Monday (10th December) President Macron gave a televised address in which he announced some reforms intended to placate the yellow vest protests.
    This was a big event in France – 23 million people watched it (more than watched the world cup final).
    This video is Marine Le Pen's response to Macron's speech (this wasn't televised, it was posted on her Facebook page the following day (
    CSG = a social charge payable by everybody
    SMIC = minimum wage
    GAFA = four internet giants = Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon
    CICE = tax credit to help companies hire people and be competitive
    "Reculer pour mieux sauter" is a saying in French = taking a step back in order to help you jump forward = taking a step back in order to take two steps forward.
    "Unfair competition" is a phrase Le Pen uses a lot, it means for example French farmers having to compete with foreign agriculture, where wages are lower and there are less environmental standards etc.
    "UMP-PS system" UMP and PS are the two mainstream parties that have dominated France for decades. UMP are centre right (now called Les Républicains), PS are centre-left.
    La République En Marche = Macron's party
    Le Pen is saying here that Macron is not an outsider, his government is made up of establishment figures from the UMP/LR and PS.
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  2. That little puppet Macron has to go ,I cannot understand how he got elected ,he does not care about France only his paymasters he is a traitor

  3. thi sis an invasion of the west, by the criminal united nations and eu, this is a replacement program. genocide, deport all of them back to their homelands at once !

  4. Excellent speech – another nail in Macon's coffin. Good translation as well Cassius. Viva l'France !

  5. Bravo Madam le Pen! If the French do not put her in office the next time they deserve their fate..this will be their last chance to save France before they push a Muslim president and sharia law on them…le Pen is the right leader in times like these..I’m so hoping they have early elections and she will win by landslide…thank you Cassius for the great translation!

  6. Imagine you vote for a dude so you deny the "evil nazis" the power and he fucks you over every step possible lol

  7. If Louis 14th had withstood the will of the people like Macron, there would still be a monarchy in France.

  8. Marine fight fight fight … The world loves France and le monde loves you … The women will take it all very soon!!

  9. I don't understand how she lost the election in a landslide. Where were the French people when it was time to vote?

  10. Really and how do you explain both Le Penn and Macron's close ties to the Rothschilds ? How do all explain the ties of Putin to Habad Lubavich and Israel the Rothschild own Nation State ? How do you explain Trumps ties to Israel and Kushners ties to Soros ? These people are all working together to bring about The New World Order and civil war is just another tool to divide and conquer the sleeping masses – It's all of US verses all of the Elites !

  11. Jesus warned us about this in Revelation chapter 2 verse 9.

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