Marianne Williamson Drops Out Of Presidential Race: ‘Love Will Prevail’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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  1. I give her my respect for at least standing up for what she's believes in, and being brave enough to run! At least she got her message out!

  2. You know, you can still vote for her on the ballot. Just write it in. It’s only a “2 Party Race” because we all let them make it that way. If we don’t play along, things will change.

  3. Maybe Nancy will let her be one of the Impeachment Managers along with Pencil-Neck and Fartwell. They could have a seance in the Senate.

  4. I commend her for being brave enough to stand up for what she believes, and at least make an effort to change this world for the better. Spineless cowards in Government have endangered our democracy by supporting the lies and corruption that come from the White House,  we need people like Marianne who can bring new ideas on changing what we now know is definitely not working for our country.

  5. Marianne Williamson was an author from Texas. Unfortunately she will not make it to the convention unlike the 13 other candidates! I'm voting for Bernie!

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  7. So what Democrat is driving the clown car this week? Now that their favorite Iranian General has been reduced to kibbles and bits, will anyone else drop out of the car??

  8. LOL,, Kloba-chard will be getting nothing. She is a republican in blue cloth, and not very good at faking she cares at that. Your "centrist" delusions are prehistoric like the dinosaurs. Wake up! There is no middle.

  9. To be fair, it rarely seemed like she was in the race. I'm surprised she bothered, her psychic powers should have clued her in to how this would go

  10. Another lick the dust huh Julian CAstro?? Who's NEXT Totsie Garrbage and Elizabeth Warren? TRUMP Said YES….. LOL😂😂😭

  11. If you make these trivial comments like “who?” Your really missing out on a great American who has helped people heal and protect the weak!! Marianne Williamson want USA to have a department of peace in the White House! She is a light in the dark times in America! We are better than this! She will be missed but not gone. Thank you for being of service Marianne! ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🌊

  12. she wasn't a big factor because of MSM supression like yours, America hasnt forgotten #LetYangSpeak you corrupt racist @hoLES and no one likes Klobuchar

  13. When will the others see the writing on the wall? Unbelievable there are so many outside the top four still thinking they have a chance at the nomination.

  14. *HOW TO VOTE for Bernie in your state:

    Register NOW! Don’t wait.

    Donate to Bernie:


  15. Blessings <Marianne for raising the consciousness of America! “Those that have ears, let them hear”…and we have!

  16. (paraphrase)
    Corporate news anchor: “what do you think about the race since Bernie is surging in Iowa?”
    corporate news correspondent: “you should keep an eye on klobachar, socialism blah blah progressive blah blah mid western blah blah”

    Hahahaha keep pushing for klobachar, she might pull 2% from Biden and buttigieg… bringing her up to about 3% of the vote.

  17. Besides Biden, Warren and Sanders none of the other have any chance of getting the South or Bible Belt to vote for them; so what are they up to? Even Warren and Sanders are going to be attacked as Commies! Why should our government work for us; the poor 1% need more tax breaks. Still you don't have worry, by this time next year your Idol god drumpf will have started the war, declared martial law and suspend elections! Then you will not have to worry about self-rule anymore. Your 1% owners controlled senate and installed corporate judges will back their puppet! So get your favorite Corporate Flags out, whatever flag you like, USA, The Patriots or The Yankees, it doesn't matter. As long as you bow down to your 1% owners! Our Democracy is Dead, corporation are now "We The People" and money is "Free Speech." The only question left now is, are you going to jump into your owner's grinder; or walk away and let their Beast system die? You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  18. ​Ok. "Moonbeam" Marianne. Out. She didn't have an Andrew Yang chance of winning. Let's cut to the chase. Save time and MONEY. #BidenHarris2020. #DumpTrump #VoteOutGOP. Sort out the details later.

  19. It saddens me greatly to learn that Marianne has dropped out. It's a huge loss, more so because so many people don't know what a loss it is, thanks in great part to the superficial priorities of the mainstream news media. Now, do try to not screw over Andrew Yang anymore, and screw over the country in the process.

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