Malcolm X on Liberals

but being friendly and being a friend I think are two different things I think there are many whites who act friendly toward Negroes of Fox X X friendly toward the lamb and usually the Fox is the one who ends up with the lamb chop on his plate the wolf doesn't act friendly and therefore the wolf has more difficulty in getting the lamb child in his plate I'd like to point out though that I say that because it is usually the if you study the structure of the Negro community economically politically civically psychologically and otherwise it's controlled by the white liberals who usually poses as the friend of the Negro who actually differs from the white conservative and in the same way that the Fox differs from the wolf their appetite is the same their motives are the same it's only their mannerisms and methods that differ I would agree that no doubt there have been a large number of whites who have posed as liberals and as friends in the Negro and who have time and again betrayed the Negro on the other hand I think one could point to a large number of whites who have struggled for civil rights give me more equality and have got little or nothing out of it other than quite a few bruises give me an example well the the large number of white students who have gone into the South for example working for snick and other organizations not working for smick or other organizations but working for the white political machines will benefit by the voting efforts of Negro okay I'll be more specific I would cite Herbert Hill for example as an as a kind of person who has championed Negro job rights for example in New York City and elsewhere he has fought the political machine first time I met Herbert Hill personally was when they were picketing to stop the working on the Harlem Hospital in Harlem Negros for ten years had to fight the city to get an annex built on the Harlem Hospital because in Harlem we need a hospital more so than anything else how people are sick plus we do a lot of cutting and shooting of each other though we profess to be nonviolent and Herbert Hill brought his forces out and stopped the working on that site this is the first time I ever saw him then when work was brought to a halt on a hospital in Harlem the same Negroes tried to stop the work at the downstate medical center in Brooklyn which is predominantly white they were out there for three months during the summer couldn't stop anything and I never saw her but healed out there one time now whenever something whenever it takes a stoppage of something that's going to affect the white man you find the white liberal absent but is when it involves something that primarily will affect the best interest of black people and black people only then that white liberal is President Herbert Hill is the labor secretary for the n-double a-c-p and if he was interested in black people he would prepare a black man with the type of knowledge and understanding of the labor troubles involving black people that would enable a black man to sit in the same position as secretary of labor or labor secretary in the n-double-a-cp I'm suspicious of whites who join Negroes and always have to be in the lead who always have to be the head who always have to be at the top in Negro organizations those whites who really have the interest of blacks at heart let them give some advice to some Negroes and stand on the sidelines but don't join the organization and then get at the head of it and pose as a friend of Negroes well I I would defend his sincerity and his commitment and more than that I would say that just because a person is a Negro or a black American does not mean there's going to struggle for Negro rights or for jobs for Negroes or anything else I think that today you could point to a large number of Negro leaders who have consistently betrayed Negroes in a whole host of areas they aren't really Negro leaders these are puppets that have been put in front of the knee community by white liberals these are parents that have been put in front of the Negro community by white liberals you can't name me a Negro later who has been a Negro leader who has been bit true who has betrayed Negroes who is not who has not been endorsed sanctioned subsidized and supported by the white liberals Minister Malcolm I'd like to well I think it's like one example would be congressman Dawson for example in Chicago and in Chicago a large number of liberals locate in the Hyde Park district have consistently fought Dawson and his betrayals of the Negro they've also fought some of the people who represent Dawson on the Chicago City Council the only Negro I know who is constantly for only Negro politician that I know who is constantly fought by white liberals is Adam Clayton Powell and they called him a racist because he speaks so bluntly on the race issue but I'm not as I said not too familiar with Dawson in his work you

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  1. So we went from…
    Whites vs Blacks
    Whites & black vs liberal/Socialist/communist Whites & Blacks

    I think we're headed on the right track, now we're all starting to see the light… In America we only have two types of people Those who love freedom and liberty & those who hate it

    I love freedom loving people, regardless of race ur my brother✊🏾✊🏾

  2. I'm actually glad he's not here right now to see what is happening in this country and all he worked for is still not that far 50yrs later…

  3. Y'all go on how better these times were because they were "civil" ignoring the fact that Malcolm was murdered

  4. I am a white person, and I believe that black people should not be beholden to white people ever. I believe that the culture of black people is being polluted by white ideas and white people who arrogantly think that they know better.

  5. I’d say that this applies to current liberals at the top of politics ie the corporate democrats, but a lot of white liberals actually do want equal rights, at least now.

  6. Why Malcolm X would have fully supported Donald J. Trump:
    I’m just puzzled as to why a couple of people would bother
    to post even the mildest complaints against such a wonderfully gifted person as
    Donald J. Trump. Even though the vast majority of Americans adore his folksy
    style, family values, moral purity, humility, honesty, forthrightness,
    courage, cooperation, moderation, selflessness, kindness, generosity, intellect
    and devotion to our beloved republic, there yet remains perhaps only a couple
    of individuals who would bother to turn over every possible rock to reveal the
    most ridiculously petty peccadillo which one should rightfully expect to find
    even in a “perfect individual”.  Donald J. Trump  is undoubtedly the most
    intellectually gifted politician in the entire history of our nation.

    There are some who insist that perhaps only Thomas Jefferson might possibly challenge Donald's mental acuity, but readily
    admit that even he would only possibly compare as a very “distant second” to
    the sheer heights of Donald’s cerebral grandeur.  No other politician in American history could
    possibly stand so soundly on the mere recall, fluency and mastery of facts and
    policy understanding as President Trump and when he is in the room …all others are simply “lost” by comparison
    to his profound knowledge….of history, science, mathematics, economics, philosophy, geo-political insight, geography and of course…the matter of ethics. The matter of debates is completely obviated by the sheerness of his intellectual
    superiority. Even his adversaries hold him in the highest regard as he …more than any other American …past or present.. demonstrates the utter respect, compromise and goodwill of the consummate statesman.

    His integrity has been rightfully compared to that of George
    Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It’s nearly impossible to say if either of
    these two presidents could really measure up to Donald’s nonpareil standards
    when it comes to truthfulness and honesty, after all, George Washington is but
    “rumored to have never lied” whereas no such  rumor has ever even soiled Donald’s character.  And as to Abe Lincoln, people would probably have to admit that they would give the nod to Donald on honesty as he is
    completely trusted everywhere . . .even in the South whereas Abe Lincoln was
    trusted only in the northern “Blue states”.  Never has America been so enamored with such incomparable giftedness so
    devoted to the unity of all American perspectives and persuasions.  Given the obvious universal respect he wields
    (in his own mind) and a very careful examination (if that is even necessary) of
    his body of work (if one can even be found), this could have only meant one thing
    for this wonderful president; that he’ll enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean cruise
    which will commence with his official retirement from office on January 20,
    2021 at midday.

  7. Malcolm X may have been crazy and called for violence, but liberals are taking the blacks for votes. Amen, though I don't believe they hate blacks, they just honestly think they're helping blacks.

    Stats show that liberals, on average in America, also think blacks are dumb and/or can't draw conclusions and figure things out on their own.

    Look at how liberals say voter ID is bad for blacks and minorities. They say it's because they can't find the DMV and all, but you know that every black person that's not disability knows where the DMV is

  8. To many conservatives who say to liberals "in your face" while watching this video, know this. Malcolm hated conservatives too.

  9. white liberals have destroyed American blacks more than anyone or any thing. nearly every American city is run by white liberals, is majority black, broke, and DEMOCRAT. Blacks must try some other party, some other political philosophy, because white liberal Democrat Party stuff is a complete failure

  10. Can you blame the guy. Any white man who was in his position would do the exact same thing.

  11. Allah rest your soul brother Malcolm. A father figure to me. NOI Malcolm had that special fire (I'm Sunni before people tell me it's not Islam)! His autobiography & speeches changed my life & made me revert.

  12. Shout out to both. I'm not sure of the white brother's name but I appreciate him having a conversation with Malcolm and bringing up legit points. We need conversations like this nowadays.

  13. Yeah…….and look what the liberals are doing today!……….we need to get rid of this PC liberal society…..Trump 2020…..

  14. Malcom was the best leader of black people ever. MLK opened the door but Malcom knew the truth to success in America. That is why he was killed.

  15. i see clearly that mr x had a very interesting insight into social and political operations.its kind of educating and enlighteneing the views he had and the interviewer who also has done his homework
    socially what is being questioned about the liberals.friend or foe to the poor blacks or blacks in general or tp anyone in the usa if they have a certain individualsocial view about the black race or races in general and is race still important in 2019?

  16. The greatest ever victim of black on black crime. Malcolm was clairvoyant and if you take out the generational colloquialisms…you have Candace Owens. OWENS-SHAPIRO 2024!!!!!!

  17. I agree with much of what Malcolm X says in this interview. He certainly understood the insidious fox-like tactics and strategies of typical so-called "liberals" – and I've witnessed those exact behaviors by liberals I've known who when no black people were around, showed their true colors (pardon the pun) and were disgustingly racist at heart. But I am disappointed how he denies that any white person could be a true friend of Negro (today called African American) society. If this is how he truly felt then he was a racist himself. If so I can empathize with him – after all, it was his personal experiences that led him to that racist attitude. But I still find that to be very sad.

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  19. The LIBERALS are Celebrating The 6 Bombings With 120 Dead By that Peaceful
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  20. Malcolm X was a great man, whether you thought so or not. If he had lived to be an elderly man, I believe the state of black America would have been greatly improved. He has been a hero of mine since I read his autobiography when I was in my 20's and he still is, 30 years later.

  21. No. He doesn't understand how much these people who like them are self-hating white Uncle Toms and Jewish people who don't consider themselves white. They really are friendly, but blacks are just too stupid to understand it.

  22. What?? Why aren't people yelling, sceaming, or talking over each other!! What kind of polical TV discussion is this? (Sarcasm intended!!)

  23. people(liberals) cant handle Malcolm X's bluntness then like people(liberals) cant handle Trumps bluntness today

  24. obama was a fox to the black communities all throughout the US of A. Obama was a fox in sheeps clothing until the seams of his sheep costume started to fall apart to reviel hes been a fox all along getting his fill of lovely lamb chops

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