Making activity happen - Caroline

my name is Carolyn I'm an NHS physiotherapist and I work with patients who are diagnosed with her neurological condition exercise is a really important part of neuro rehabilitation so when patients completes their neuro rehabilitation on the NHS we want them to continue to exercise so we refer them on to local gyms the problem we're facing is the local gyms weren't quite set up to accommodate this group of people and after several months patients re referred back to our service they had lost physical fitness so we started a collaboration with better gyms and we trained their gym staff so that they could take our patients in return better gyms would buy specialized equipment and give a dedicated time slot where they had a fitness instructor available the gym instructors have been absolutely amazing and our patients all give us really positive feedback they feel stronger they feel more confident they're able to walk better when I started my rehabilitation process I could barely walk 50 yards and now I'm back at work full time I've learned how to build up strength so I can keep going a bit longer without the team I wouldn't have done there this program has given our patients a real chance to be able to self manage and to stay physically active it's been fantastic you

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