MacMANIA: The Story of Conor McGregor’s Insane Star Power

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. "I wanna take this chance to apologize: TO ABSOLUTELY NOBODY,THE DOUBLE CHAMP DOES WHAT THE FUCK HE WANTS!"

  2. Mindblowing video.
    You have to appreciate what he's done so far,if it wasn't for him the ufc won't be so big right now and that's a fact.

  3. The media sure can promote excitement with there bullshit.they build it up & up & up until finaly it becomes a reality.unbeleivable.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. Honestly amazing mixed martial artist, loyal, courageous and fearless and not to mention talented. He deserves to be in the hall of fame for everything he has attribute to this sport like he said before " we're not here to take part we're here to take over!!!!!!!!!

  5. Star power? WTF is this guy i power ranger or pokemon? What happened to the world if a kid with no heart, no balls and a big mouth is a fighter. He can talk the talk but he is a balles quitter.

  6. This means Conor's comeback is happening soon. Would love to see him fight Tony. That's the only fight that makes sense right now.

  7. Mayweather and Conor got together and had a talk to come up with a plan to have there highest payday yet. It was all a money scheme that they hatched up and when you watched the fight you could see that, neither one of them were fighting for real, both were throwing punches at half power and holding back. It was a WWE slap boxing match with the whole fight planned out round for round. Of course they couldnt tell us that because that would be fraud but they got together somewhere before all the trash talking started and came up with a game plan to fool the world into thinking it was a real fight and make a lot of money. Thats why it ended the way it did, Conor would start out good and than floyd would finish him, that way neither one of them would be affected by it. It was planned so Conor would lose but would be allowed to land more punches than anyone else that floyd faced so he would come out of the fight looking like a fighting hero for accomplishing what no other boxer could do and continue on in his career unaffected by the loss because its not his sport. And floyd was set to win so his record wouldnt be affected for losing to an UFC fighter and still be considered TBE. That way they could both go on with their reputations unscathed and hundreds of millions richer, it was the perfect plan to make easy money.

  8. So…. shout loud, talk shit and generally be a little faggot and you make millions? In history you still go down as a shit talking wanker tho.

  9. Should have titled this video "How they were able to bullshit so many people into watching an ordinary boxing match".

  10. Hey Dana, most of Ireland despises Conor McGregor for raping and assaulting a young woman and behaving like a fucking scumbag .
    Conor mac rapist

  11. Conor is a genius making everybody believe its about the sport, while he is making millions of Dollars. You can literally see the point where he turned from 100% Sportsman to 100% Businessman, perfect way to be like "Fuck you all, i have what i wanted".

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