MA in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice

always at the end of each module we talked about conflict we talked about peace and it was that a little bit which I loved I think that understanding conflict and post-conflict transformation in particular is really helpful for what I'm interested in doing because I wanted to live in a place that had experienced conflict so whenever I heard about this matters and country transformation social justice I thought it was a perfect location to do it so our program is pretty unique and I think the idea of conflict transformation and social justice really attracts a certain kind of student a certain kind of person who really does want to create change in the world in some way quince itself has leading researchers it's part of the Russell groups I mean we are a top university in the world and you can feel it's many of our professors have experiences and research skills in other conflicts in there in Belfast to kind of share those experiences our master's program grew out of the Institute which is a Research Institute in a very interdisciplinary research institute in itself representing law sociology politics different areas so if you want to look as your Palestine we've got fellows who can talk about that if you want look at Cyprus if you want to look at Falls Nia being able to engage with those scholars and practitioners who are based here and are already doing cutting-edge research that is risky that's out of the box because they're trying to make that real change in the field and in the community and they aren't content with less than that I love being able to live in a place that has so much recent history I mean just last night I was able to have dinner with some friends that I've made here and learn from them about their experiences growing up here if you were studying a conflict somewhere else in the world and you wanted to hear what ordinary people thought you would have to go through journals you'd have to find out what people had written for you wouldn't get to hear it for yourself we have two poor modules one on those four themes of transformation and social justice and in another module which is on research methods in conflict areas Belfast is a living case study no matter what university you're out if you're studying conflict if you're studying pace you're gonna look at Belfast and I think that's the biggest thing that Belfast has to offer compared to other conflict zones it is relatively safe for someone to live in and to study what has happened here I think our students do leave with a sense of agency of empowerment feeling that they are definitely equipped with more knowledge and skills to be able to have the kind of impact that maybe they envisioned before in a more abstract way but they leave confident that they can actually go out and do it it can work for grassroots organisations or further you and so in anywhere in the world so I would say that's you know gives us a lot of opportunities the idea of being able to take a society like Northern Ireland or any of the case studies I did been able to actually make an impact in those conflicts that's really what the conflict transformation meant to me it was support people and I was about me and what I could do

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