Living with Progressive MS: Jennifer's Story

I was diagnosed with my multiple sclerosis 8 days after my 23rd birthday and I had just graduated from college I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting ms and my course is progressive now when you are living with the progressive form of multiple sclerosis it is easy to feel underrepresented because it feels like so much in that medicine and the knowledge is directed towards the relaxing remaining when I was diagnosed and instilling got involved with the National MS Society wanted answers those questions wanted me people also living with the disease and interestingly enough this is where I met and my husband who had just been diagnosed with relapsing remitting ms when we met Jennifer was in a wheelchair she had progressive MS I was relapsing remitting and some 15 years later I've never known Jennifer to walk so people don't know what it really means to have a progressive form of the disease it's the core of everything that we do everything that we deal with everything we live with as far as our day-to-day activities it's just that's just part of who we are there are days when I really just want to use my hands I want to put on makeup want to fix my hair and dang it I can't do it and I am very lucky dan is there to support me and to help me when I was diagnosed when she was diagnosed there wasn't a lot of positive voices out there about MS in showing living with MS we have a blog that we write together to help other people living with multiple sclerosis the operative word is living we are still out there and we're still active and vital members of the community we continue to live despite both of us having the disease we you like to do fun things we like to go have pizza and beer with our friends we love to grill on our patio in any sort of crazy weather because you can we like to bake and he does the the arm work and I am his sous chef and I read the recipe and make sure that we always have the ingredients I want to live my life in spite of this disease no multiple sclerosis is just this much of me I mean it looks like a lot because I'm in a wheelchair but there's so much more in a Jennifer there's so much more not all of us that are living with the disease and I hope given time that most people can see that I must really put their life in focus help give them direction and clear it up so you don't worry about the little things you know they use Eli for the big things and what's really important how you truly believe everyone will find something to give them a reason to look beyond multiple sclerosis you'll get a handle on it I mean it's it's troubling but you look at a handle on it eventually you

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