Little Dragon - Peace Of Mind (feat. Faith Evans) [Official Music Video]

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I love you guys for maintaining the underground status whilst collaborating with mainstream artists. I appreciate you guys for creating well calculated beautiful tunes. <3 from your day 1 fan.

  2. Nagano's clear glasses/pink cropped baggy sweater is so dope! I'm so used to her bangs but she looks so good with pushed back hairstyles. Also the Drummer's shirt, "UNFOLLOW", haha. Another KEXP show he had a shirt that said, "Sorry for the late reply" with a long nosed Pinnochio next to it.

  3. Ow yes!!!! always love faith Evans,and now…….with Little dragon😍my dream s comme true,proof i AM on the right side of the path,gods ways are …….. ondoorgrondelijk 💓💞💙

  4. static noise is absolute shite!! and I like static on my old vinyl Who's idea was that??, otherwise sweet sweet track, beautiful voice Yukimi keeping it fresh as usual, I love you X . Faith a fabulous contrast The band and production are all amazing human beings Never ever stop please

  5. I love this song but faith they got faith out here like a step child waiting to bust out. She should have had her own verse or something.

  6. This is simply amazing. I can't believe how good y'all are. So so so psyched you worked with Raphael Saadiq. Can't wait to see you on tour. Thank you!

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