Listening Activity: Listen & Draw – Prepositions

Extra English Practice [EEP] Hi, everyone. Welcome back to Extra
English Practice. EEP! [laugh] I love that. Today we want to review the prepositions — some prepositions — of place, and then we want to do a listening activity that you can play along with. Ok, so, we’re going to review a few of the common ones, starting with two that are similar, but have a different meaning that we’re going to explain. so the first one is ON. ON means… For example, here is a rabbit. The rabbit
is ON my head, which is different from ABOVE. ABOVE means this… ABOVE. Do you see, there’s a space here, so this is..this is ABOVE.. This is ON. another one is IN, so I could say the rabbit is IN my hands, Or, because this is a puppet, you could say your hand is IN the rabbit. That’s right.. it’s very… both ways. Let’s also talk about BELOW. BELOW means underneath, so the rabbit is below the book. A little shelter for the bunny. Yes. And NEXT TO.. the bunny is NEXT TO Misha. Or BESIDE — BESIDE and NEXT TO mean the same thing. That’s right. NEXT TO here, NEXT TO here. It doesn’t matter, either side. He’s next to Misha. Now, we’re going to do a little listening
practice. So I’m going to describe an image, and Larissa is going to draw it. I’m ready. And you can also play along, so get a piece of paper, get something to write with.. and as Misha explains, draw it, and then we’ll compare and see if we got it right. That’s right. So, to start, we’re going to put one shape so we know where the other things should go. So I’m going to put a box on the left-hand side like this, so you should do the same. Okay, Larissa. Ready? Yes. So, IN the box, there is a small circle. ON the box is a triangle. NEXT TO or BESIDE the box, there is a heart. ABOVE the box, there is a star. (I’m running out of space ABOVE the box!) And BELOW the box, there’s a letter M. Oh, for Misha? Well, you know, among other fabulous things. Anything else? No, that’s it! Okay, should we compare? So this is my drawing I made earlier, and Larissa’s. Hey! Pretty good! I have a capital M. Oh, well, I wasn’t specific. Does yours look something like this?
Good.Very good. That was fun. Let’s do it again sometime. Yeah, exactly. And you guys can do that.. It’s an easy activity to do. You can practice with friends, so one person draw something, explain it to the other person, and then compare. Alright. Alright. Thanks for watching. Extra English Practice [EEP squeak] On, above! [voices in background] [whispered:] oh no! The children are coming! My family’s home!

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