Life is Getting Better

Have you heard ALL the terrible news? We are destroying the planet. Middle class is disappearing. Deadly Ebola outbreak. It’s worse than ever before. And yet, the cover of my favorite magazine says the glass is not just half full. It’s completely full! There is less war, more food. We live healthier and longer lives, even work got good. Watching the news, everything’s terrible. They’re wrong. Reason editor Katherine Mangu-Ward. We are absolutely wired to see a world in which things are bad. Evolution wired us that way. If you are a caveman who hears a little rustling in the weeds, and you say, “Oh, it’s probably fine.” And the other guy says, “It’s probably a tiger,” that’s the guy who lives. That guy was our ancestors. [News anchors] The media make us more afraid. This magazine cover gets TV hosts right. It is like their hair is on fire. [News anchors] But what’s happening in real life? Steady improvement, and often, miracles! 3, 2, 1, go. Hi buddy. Hi Christopher. Children get cochlear implants and for the first time, they can hear. [Baby noises] There are things that, in another era, would have caused the founding of an entire religion. We made a eight paraplegic patients walk again for the first time in a decade. [Kid sounds] Helping the lame to walk. We do this as a routine matter. Even food is better than ever. If I wasn’t told that it wasn’t meat I wouldn’t have known. These are people who want to make money by selling you a burger that didn’t hurt a cow. What about this constant complaint from the media? The middle class is shrinking. Mostly it’s because people are getting richer. People have moved up. There are more high-income people than ever before— and fewer low income households. Here’s another Reason article that reveals what most other media don’t report. “Pestilence, war, famine, and death are all on the decline.” You wouldn’t know that watching news programs. That’s right, and yet it’s absolutely true. Even the left-wing media admits it, sometimes. [Gunshots] War is terrible, but over the past 70 years there are fewer war related deaths. There are fewer wars and fewer people die in those wars Even with the rise of terrorism? Even with the rise of terrorism. You are lucky enough to live in a time where you have never been less likely to die that way. You are probably going to die of heart disease, frankly. But wait a second… Suicide rates are up 40 percent among white men. Lately, life expectancy dropped a bit Still, overall, that is the tiniest blip. People are living longer, healthier lives. Another Reason story that contradicts conventional wisdom is this one: work got good. All I hear is that work is terrible. If you watch the news, you would think absolutely everyone in America is currently laboring in an Amazon factory crying while they fill boxes and that’s just not, on average, what work actually looks like. It did once look like that A couple hundred years ago, work was dangerous. It was very easy to die at work. And on top of that Work was extremely boring, even for people that had good jobs. Jobs are pretty interesting now, and they mostly don’t kill you, and we should be grateful for that development. Now the people at Reason aren’t stupid. They know there are problems in the world. So turn the magazine over and you get the bad news: Venezuela, threats to an open internet, young people liking socialism. Socialism or capitalism? I would say socialism. Kids love socialism. If helping people is socialism, then I’m for it. They have no idea what socialism is. Mangu-Ward’s most upset about new restrictions on speech. The idea that what you can say on the internet should be restricted, I think, is the most poisonous of all. Her magazine mourns the constant growth of regulation. The state of Washington wants booster seats for any kid who isn’t 4’9” tall. Parents could be fined or even in some cases, imprisoned, for failing to comply with these laws A congressman wants to regulate speech, an old woman is fined because her dog leash is too long. Notice a trend here? Everything that’s bad is politics, everything that’s good is the market. Markets allow every individual a choice. Politics forces everyone to obey whatever the majority voted for. One thing we try to do at Reason, is describe why everyone should have less power over each other anywhere they can. Because people are going to make mistakes and hurt each other. Better that they shouldn’t do it with the force of the state behind them. Bottom line, there’s a lot of nasty stuff going on, but life does get better. Life gets better. We have the opportunity to look in to a future where those trends will continue if we can just manage to keep politicians from screwing it up.

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  1. She is 100% correct. The restriction of freedom of speech is the type of destructive thinking thaat can lead to socialism. This is what we should be afraid of

  2. Don't be so Glum! We Get to see the Death of a Political Party for the first time in History!
    Remember these Famous words!…………."I'm Going to Drain the SWAMP"

  3. It’s funny too because for middle class and rural America, life is pretty nice while in California ancient diseases are coming back and crime is on the rise.

    Wonder where that came from?

  4. Citizen: So in a nutshell life would be better without politicians?
    Politician: It can if you vote for me and I can change the law.

  5. This is why we need a economically free market system. This is why voluntaryism is important and needed. And socialism is a virus and not to mention statism and government regulations and restrictions.

  6. I'm crying while I fill this box for Amazon !! Hahahahaha

    All snowflakes need to be bitch slapped into reality.
    Politics/politicians are a scurge to human happiness and advancement !!

  7. If we had more John Stossels, things would even be BETTER. The man speaks the language of complete TRUTH, rarely found in the media today.

  8. How can I take a grown woman with purple hair seriously? I imagine she either is or, in the least, secretly supports ANTIFA-type activists. That being said, there is merit to this but the surge of ignorant support of ideas such as socialism by millennials doesn't bode well for our future.

  9. Great video and the major take away is "if politicians don't screw it up". WITHOUT exception, government is always like fire. Very useful and needed in SMALL controlled amounts but ALWAYS dangerous and usually deadly when allowed to grow large and no longer controlled by the people it is supposed to be serving. The Founders understood this and it has taken decades of CPUSA influence in our public schools to erase this most powerful lesson.

  10. Life is indeed getting better, especially for Trump voters in Idaho, Kentucky, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wyoming.

  11. Weird. This video seems to make a lot of sense and be prety rational. But a few videos ago you endorsed Nuclear energy? I wonder what Reason's take on that would be? For some reason, I have a suspicion they will be all for it. Which would be a travesty, since nuclear exists ONLY at the behest of state actors and their subsidies for the puposes of perpetuating a global warm machine and arms industry – it is an 'energy' with no practical benefit due to its A. Hyper-lethality B. Persistence in the environment C. Terrible track record globally (100s of plant and weapons and disposal site disasters despite the claim of 'once in a 100 year failure rate") D. Absolute lack of profitability without state subsidy and dependency on fossil fuels to control and maintain and support it E. Complete lack of either a plan to mitigate a major or often minor plant accident, or to comply to safety standards that do exist, or even to comply with scientifically obtained predictions of earthquake/tsunami probability which are foregone in the name of selfsame profit motive and overlooked by the in-bed nuclear regulators operating fascistically on a revolving door basis.

  12. My cousin is 77 years old and is less than 4 ft 9 in. She has been driving since she was a teenager ( 16+). Does she need a booster seat?

  13. In a thousand years people are going to say we have it easy in the beginning of the millennium they had to type in google search bars and wake up to go to work and the government took a percentage of everyone income

  14. Compared with what life could be it’s nowhere near as good as it should be. Western Europe is an example of why they are ranked higher than Americans in quality of life.
    Healthcare in America can drive you into economic ruin unlike in Western Europe.
    People are working longer not shorter hours. They have less vacation time and in many cases the average American family requires that both parents work in order to support their families. In 1969 the average automotive worker made almost 140k in today’s money.
    These are the things that JS does not tell you.
    The 40 hour work week, vacation time, weekends off and basic work safety standards all came about through combating the free market not as a result of the free market.
    Typical JS nonsense!
    Notice that he says nothing about the quality of life that environmental laws generated. Those of us old enough to remember the America before the EPA know better!

  15. Capitalism – Encourages people you've never met, to produce products you've never thought of, so you can live a life you've only dreamed of.

  16. I think it’s social issues that makes people upset and feel depressed. I can’t say a joke without having to look over my shoulder.

  17. The greatest trick the media ever pulled is convincing the world the 😈 doesn't exist. Now they're trying to convince the world that it's going to hell in a hand basket, How convenient.

  18. Life is certainly better than it use to be, but there are plenty of problems that are real and growing; opioid epidemic and climate change mainly.

  19. I'd say that life getting better that's why these politicians keep wanting to restrict us more and more, I think they feel that their control on us as flipping. And that is why they want to initiate more and more control over every little aspect of Our Lives.

  20. I literally saw a comment on a video yesterday, entirely unrelated, where someone said "Wow the Earth is beautiful… too bad we are destroying it." GOD I HATE THAT! Obviously we have an impact on the world. But the absolute negativity is so annoying. We humans have learned how to lessen the impact we have. For every tree we cut down, generally we are planting a new one. Depending on who is cutting down the trees.

    I would say our biggest problem is our recycle and garbage going into the ocean. How does that happen? Because we ship it all (hyperbole, we ship most) to China, and they don't give a damn about recycling. So, easy solution would be to stop shipping our trash and plastics to China. What even is the point of recycle when they government does that? Its so mind boggling.

    Other than that, humans are making better and better strides. Humans are doing a lot to conserve the planet and its animals. My way of thinking is, we don't have to do any of it because we are also animals. So any bit of care is essentially charity. This is why I refuse to watch mainstream news… too much negativity. Its hardly even true most of the time.

  21. "Evolution wired us that way". It did not. Evolution does not have a will; evolution doesn't "do" anything. This is a claim of scientism; a metaphysical/religious claim. I have no problem in principle with some theory of evolution as an explanation of biological development, but when teleological claims are made, we are not doing biology anymore, we are doing metaphysics and should acknowledge that that is what we're doing.

    Ironically, the more some people preach about how science has replaced philosophy/religion/metaphysics, the the less scientific and the more religious they become.

  22. Why is socialism so readily accepted with more government and less freedom and libertarianism can't even get off the ground.

  23. "Everything thats bad is politics…everything thats good is the market". I guess she has not heard of Google, Facebook and Twitter yet. I think there are a lot of things that have gotten better, but it seems like we reduce one problem just to find bad things popping up somewhere else. Lately it seems that we have produced a generation of western raised and spoiled idiots who dont appreciate what they have been given.

    Prosperity breeds idiots — Alexander Solzhenitzyn

  24. Children trapped in hot cars tragedies : No one seems to notice that the benefits of having the small child in the BACKSEAT (as opposed to front seat) in a child seat may outweigh the benefit. The result is some kids get forgotten and the parent is always blamed 100 percent. Some parents may suffer from absent-mindedness or something like that. I just don’t like the no exceptions no excuses rules – but I am not a parent so nanny state-ers relax.

  25. The one thing I don’t agree with is that both male and female in the household has to work to bring decent income and the our child or childrens are being raised by others. daycare and or nannies whoever else to me that means that not enough income is coming home and prices are going up.

  26. I had some medical problems in 2005. If I was born ten (maybe fifteen) years later, the procedures would have probably killed me.

    Even though more people die from medical procedures than from firearms, doctors often get it right!

  27. Rem: it is possible to be a liberal libertarian (as a deceased friend of mine was). That is why I embrace some conservative or national values like having limiting immigration policies and strong border protections. The old immigration law of circa 1920 was a boon to full employment for decades. Thanks for mess Ted Kennedy and foolish phrasing in 14th Amendment.

  28. The proof that things are great is what people have time to have concerns about.

    If the world around you is able to spend time worrying about gender ID, personal pronouns, participation trophies, "fairness", social justice, etc. that means that you have no real problems.

    Some people are just wired to try to fix things and the fewer real problems that there are the more wild and meaningless the "problems" that they will find that need solutions.

  29. I just wish as a member of the lower class I could afford an apartment, food, a cheap vehicle, and minor entertainment. I work a full time job at $12 an hour and still can't make it. I have a messed up back so I can not even get another job.

  30. For example, it’s politicians fault (really) that the kid that received the successful cochlear implant was billed $750,000. Life is getting better, as long as you are willing to be perpetually bankrupt.

  31. depends on who you are.

    Most poor and middle class Americans are living with far less security and income.
    We will likely have to work with no hope for retirement.

    The LGBT community is fighting for their basic rights.
    Women are having their basic rights taken away.

  32. Sounds to me like focusing on the good and recognizing things to be thankful for. Of course there are problems and negative things, but focusing on those things continuously will lead to unhappiness. Great video

  33. I'm 18 and this is now ingrained in my head. I was literally thinking about this today before this video came out. Too bad so many my age prefer progressivism and big government. Keep it up ReasonTV and John Stossel!

  34. Government generally creates more problems than it solves. Our founding fathers knew that, which is why they wanted limited government and gave power to the people instead. Unfortunately, we have failed at keeping it in check.

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