Liberals Think Electoral College is a Real College

do you know what the electoral college is no I don't honestly but honestly with anything we've taken anything away from the colleges it's honestly messed up to begin with because I was taken away from art our own education basically we're here in st. Augustine we're gonna find out how many young voters actually think the Electoral College is a real school so Elizabeth Warren has come out saying that she wants to abolish the Electoral College what do you guys think the students who go there what are they supposed to do where are they supposed to go so since they can't go to the electoral college where do you recommend that they go all right thank you guys so much I appreciate it this is gonna be good so Elizabeth Warren recently came out and said she wants to get rid of the electoral college what do you think the professor's who work at the electoral college are supposed to do I don't know too much about it but I do not believe that they should remove him I mean it may be because what I was you know taught by my parents so I don't I don't think they should period what do you think should the professors at the electoral college get placed somewhere else to work I believe so so the students that go there won't be able to attend that college anymore instead of the Electoral College what college should they go to instead she'd – I don't really know I'm not into life politics right but I don't really know what would the professor's do where do you think the professor's should go teach instead of the electoral college I believe like you're not into politics or Eli Sawyer's but I believe they should go what's best for them also people had big positions like what was again though Elizabeth Warren warrant you should be looking out for the people you know putting people in the best positions to you know do their jobs you shouldn't get rid of schools that students attend right do what they're supposed to do be teachers Elizabeth Warren wants to get rid of the electoral college what should the students who go to that college do where should they go so she wants to get rid of the electoral college the students go there what school do you think they should go to I picked the wrong person I'm not getting on it about this what's your favorite school well doesn't let you know the electoral colleges are voting system here in the United States and no students go to it so Elizabeth Warren came out and said she wants to get rid of the Electoral College where would you guys suggest the professor's who work there go instead oh I'm not too educated on any of that so I don't really an opinion as far as that you don't have opinion on if we got rid of the electoral college where the students that attend there and the professors that teach there should go not really because I'm not sure what the effect of that would be so I don't have an opinion either way what's your favorite school where would you suggest that the professors from the electoral college go oh I'm not sure you have a favorite college do you have a suggestion for the students who currently go there or they could go instead I honestly don't I don't attend college or anything like that so do you know where the Electoral College is what's your favorite college that we could recommend for them to go to where should the students go when they get rid of the electoral college the electoral college the electoral college it's a school okay to another school where do you think they should go instead you have a favorite College Oh UF is a good school yeah I go to st. John so a community college probably yeah what do you know where the Electoral College is located what if I told you that that's actually a system that our government has to put votes in place and it's not a real college I know that let's the Electoral College she wants to get rid of the electoral college do you think it's fair for a politician to get rid of a college where people go to school now what do you think that has to say for the professor's that work there I honestly have no idea what do you you know where the Electoral College is located yeah I'm not sure where is it located yeah where is it you don't know where they left or you've never heard of it so elizabeth warren recently came out and said she wants to get rid of the electoral college do you think it's fair for those students to have to quit school and go somewhere else no probably not you guys have a suggestion that you could give them since they won't be able to go to the electoral college anymore where they could go instead do you have a suggestion for where those students could feel instead I honestly wish I knew about the electoral college and I paid attention in my social studies class because I didn't at all I didn't care about it so if you want to explain the electoral college to me real quick that'd be perfect do you know that it's not a real school mm-hmm I didn't know I just didn't even know as a thing you think that the way people live in California represents the way people live in Oklahoma or Kansas no not at all that's why the electoral college exists gotcha so what's scary about this is this kind of a social experiment to see if young people just take anything anybody says and runs with it they don't question anything it's like they don't have critical thinking skills anymore I couldn't trick her are you a conservative that's why you knew what it was do you ladies have a suggestion for where the students who currently go there or they could go instead when she gets rid of it I know you guys know where the Electoral College is located no have you ever heard of it nope so do you have a favorite College flagler have you guys ever taken like a American history class or a political science class they're a very long time ago they never taught you about the electoral college no do you think it's appropriate for her to shut down a school where are the other students gonna go I'm sorry what is this opponent the electoral college Elizabeth Warren she's running for president she wants to get rid of it do you think that's appropriate for her son just to be honest I believe that son just moved on her part me I'm where do you go to school Vanguard what if she went and got rid of your school would that be fair no no not at all do you think that's fair to the student to attend that school you think that we should get rid of the electoral college and displace those students No do you think that's fair for her to displace students out of their college no not at all especially when they've already started no I mean that's a college are you talking like college dorms right the electoral college oh yeah no I don't mean I don't really know much about this but you guys know where the Electoral College is located mmm do you know what the electoral colleges you know I don't honestly but honestly with anything with taking anything away from the college's it's honestly messed up to begin with because I was taken away from our our own education basics do you guys know how the president is elected most but most part is you just run for election like I don't know you know how he's voted for who votes for him you know how many votes he has to win by 270 electoral votes from the electoral college so the school the electoral college is on a school do you guys know anything about that having said no you're evil I thought it was like you were saying is a different name did you know did you know about the electoral college at all did you know it wasn't a school for someone that doesn't know that psychology is kind of like yeah you're not really paying attention I mean they give me suggestions of where the students should go instead are these yours it's a sad day when high school students know that the electoral college is a real college but college students don't know remember we are listener-supported we don't get billions of dollars from the government or Silicon Valley or George Soros we are supported by you so please go to infowar store calm and check out the highest quality nutraceuticals in supplements at info or store com

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  2. Every one of your questions should have began with "are you registered to vote?" & then maybe frame your question in a way that isn't "leading" & you might be taken more seriously but this & everything else I've seen from you so far is for attention only & baiting purposes..You should be ashamed but I know you never are.

  3. This is sad, but also, I don't think she should have framed the question as if it was a real college. Just say, "Elizabeth Warren wants to abolish the Electoral College. What do you think of that?" Because then you can still see how many people have no idea what it is.

  4. The interviewer is seeding the subject by suggesting there are students and teachers in the electoral college.


  6. I don't understand children today it is simply the way that you have to elect the president of the United States of America you have a reputation have one that represents each congressman and a senator therefore you have to get over 270 electoral votes what Elizabeth Warren is saying and other Democrats are saying is there trying to make it to and that would Doom our democracy as we know it And as our forefathers wrote for it each state needs to be representative each state needs to be visited by people that want to be president this is worked for so long and now that Donald Trump the president of the United States is upset the apple cart they want to change the way things have been done for over two hundred plus years and have work very well if President George W Bush and not won the election + 2000 think about how things would have changed it would have been Bill Clinton for 8 years even though he was impeached and it was very close and they had to go back and had that count manually the hanging Chads in Florida Al Gore could have been president for 8 years then then you could have had President Obama for 8 years and then president Hillary Clinton for 8 years or you could have had Obama's Vice President Biden for 8 years think about that is it fair to us as Americans what did Bill Clinton really do what did Obama really do and and we and we and we know and we know and we know and we know what Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden did while serving under Obama and to hear Obama talk he had the perfect sorry bet he's lying again look at the damage that has been done and look at the repairing that President Trump has had to do in 2 years while being falsely accused yes there was some dirt in his closet but you name me one perfect political candidate I guarantee you if we opened up every congressman and Congress and senators and the Senate we will respond so many rats and so much dirt where do you think they get all the money that they spend on their re-elections the one thing I will say about President Trump he seems to be honest and caring about the American public and he does not take pay hear Obama had that has salary for 8 years what did he do with it the Clinton said when they left the White House they were broke you got to be kidding me all your needs are met you have a plane to fly around in you have cars you have security and you're broke but Up From the Ashes she we got all kinds of money to run for president against Obama Hillary did then ended up working for him selling the uranium to Russia
    Think about the shitpile we would have been in if all other Crooks cookies would have crumbled the way that the Democratic party would have wanted them to
    That is the reason I am so glad that we have President Trump but I hate that the Democratic party has treated him the way they have and we got some dumb-ass rhinos that are showing their asses as well as the Democratic Party

  7. Now I know why my in-laws moved out of St Augustine.
    It's a literal liberal cesspool!
    Do these people even history anymore, bro?

  8. They are purposely grooming the new generation to be dumb and weak so they are easily taken over and will be controlled.

  9. This is why we have electoral system you kids that don't know this don't deserve the right to vote your to damn dumb

  10. No such thing is ever mentioned in the COTUS. "Electoral college" is an invention of journalists to refer to the process of the states communicating their preferences for POTUS and VPOTUS.

  11. Democrats want free tuition. Hmmm maybe they meant at the electoral college. Yeah that's it. Just vote democrat for free stuff.


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