Liberal's refugee plan "isn't a humanitarian effort"

the Liberals are moving forward with their plan to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada by January 1st 2016 but they plan to house a large portion of these refugees on military bases across Canada you know armories where there are weapons vaults does anyone else see a problem with this or are we still following the grossly naive comments of our new defense minister Harjit Sajjan and suggesting we might have been able to deal with Isis diplomatically why do I mention Isis because statistics show that 13% of Syrian refugees identify with the group if that's correct that makes for three thousand two hundred and fifty radicals entering our country call me an alarmist I like to say I'm a realist besides the average temperature in Syria is 18 degrees there goes the winter jackets theory dr. love also says that we need for hugs daily for survival eight for maintenance and 12 for growth that's a lot of hugs and a little bit too much commitment for this girl let's be real 72% of these refugees are fighting aged males and if that's going to be the case in Canada wouldn't that be more like an invasion than fleeing to safety is Justin going to implement gender parity in this situation 25,000 refugees in less than two months of course the UN is overseeing the refugees coming in but nobody writes that they're an Isis supporter on an application and it's crazy considering this will be the largest intake of refugees we've ever seen here in Canada the worst part is that this is some perceived about-face that the Liberal government insists on because they truly believe that Canada has a bad reputation this isn't about the bleeding hearts it's about global image but if you'll remember Canada placed first in a recent survey completed on reputation we only need to look to Germany Sweden and the other countries accepting hordes of refugees in Germany it's been reported that one third of the refugees aren't Syrian at all and some are Isis infiltrators what a surprise and Sweden has essentially become the rape capital of the world because this is what happens when migrants that treat women like second-rate citizens infiltrate a country and rape is not the only issue watch these refugees riot in Greece I'm willing to bet you haven't seen that in the mainstream media refugees in Europe are stealing want money complaining about the food and the treatment they're receiving destroying property and just overall trashing some of these countries with vandalism and leaving garbage everywhere and we're giving them asylum all in the name of tolerance and the so called bleeding hearts is this what Canada can expect with such a mass influx of migrants and very little time for organization sunny ways my friends for the rebel dot media I'm Holly Nicholas

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  1. Violence and terror are what these ppl live breathe and sleep, it won't be long before Canada's citizens start claiming refugee status themselves. Maybe then we can get some of the benefits they're stealing from the born and bred citizens, then again maybe not.

  2. "This isn't about bleeding hearts, it's about global image."

    Nope. It's about being a decent person.

  3. Is that what Canada can expect with this mass migration??


    Why would anyone with any common sense think it would be different here?

  4. if the Liberals can get refugees here in time for them to have 1095 days of residency in Canada they will all vote liberal in four years as new Canadians

  5. um why not make a new territory in the artic for the ppl who arrive for safety ? it will make Canada safer and give them a voice for the ppl coming I hope a super small on a frozen island made out of ice but still a voice

  6. You can NEVER have too many Middle Eastern Mohammedans in your country.
    It's still way too white and Christian. Right?

  7. As a Sihk he should be ashamed of helping Muslims, people who are proud their people killed and exploited his when they were in power.

  8. Iraqi refugee settled in Prince George describes her experience (Nov. 17)
    After being threatened by ISIS, Haneen Abed and her family fled from Iraq, ending up in Jordan before coming to Canada four months ago. She's now settled Prince George. Haneen tells us what she makes of the city, and her journey to get there.

  9. With all the work feminists have been doing, I'm surprised I don't see them piping up in regards the to male to female ratio of refugees.

  10. Correction:  Sweden is the rape capital of Europe.  South Africa has the distinction of being the rape capital of the world.

  11. the left progressive want to transform Canada into a dump with archaic dark ages peoples from the middle east

  12. ISIS warned about sending a mass migration into Europe 10 months ago. This was planned. Look at date on this article!

  13. Canadian government I don,t think they care about they own citizens! All terrorist in Paris attack they are Arabs origin!

  14. Canada has bad reputation to leftist when we piss off small group is environmentalist who have no idea of what they're talking about or some hippies and let's not forget terrorist. Fact is we shouldn't be hippies. Hippies usually do the wrong things. Look at school for example

  15. Thanks Holly, good video. it would be better if you read from paper, with occasional glances into the camera, than staring above the camera all the time, imo.

  16. Only complete idiots would not understand the enemy is exploiting the mass migration. Perhaps even causing it for the very purpose so that the islamo-fascist operatives are hidden amongst the migrants. It does not take a genius to figure this out. People have been warning about it for months.
    Trudeau2.0 is going to get people killed. If something happens the Libs including the people that voted in this man-child will have blood on their hands.

    If they renounce Islam, and repent and become Christian, than fine vet them and then we can look and see what we can do to help. Otherwise all other help need to be in crushing the enemy so that these people do not need to leave in the first place.

  17. Justin is inviting the rats into the granary, confident there will be no exploitation. What could possibly go wrong.

  18. If 13 % of all refugees identify with ISIS (according to some statistic), why then are they running away from ISIS controlled territory to begin with? Seems sort of counter intuitive to me. And of those three thousand, many or some want to expand ISIS manifesto why then does ISIS have only 30 thousand active fighters in ISIS controlled territory out of 1.7 billion Muslims world wide? Your conclusion seem to be out of touch with reality.

  19. I wish they just leaved Slovenia. Fucking lieing sack's of shit. You know how it hurt's when they are treated bad by the police, and when that women said on TV that Slovenia is a poor country. Fucking lier. We give them everything and get complaint's in return. Normally when a war start's you leave to the nearest safe country. But no, this fuckers had too travel through all Europe and cause this devistation. It's so bad that we had to put fences by the border with Croatia. And what pisses me the most that a lot of them aren't even in danger, they put childrens up too the camera on TV so that we think how "poor" they are. Give me a brake. If they were "poor" they wouldn't be runing around with the latest suit cases, clothes, shoes… And they say their name is something in Makedonia and something diffrent in Slovenia. And a lot of the same personal information (name, subname, address) is repeating in every country they go through. Fucking liers.

  20. is it too late for a election do-over? what is the eff'n hurry? why have such an unreasonable deadline of January 1st?

  21. This would make a great petition. "Dear Mr. Trudeau, Support Women, mandate justice and gender equality for female Syrian Refugees" just like you did for your cabinet positions.

  22. Jean Raspail was a prophet and Canada outlawed his book. For sure you will follow in the foot steps of France.

  23. I see nothing but problems with this. Are the Liberals & their supporters going to accept responsibility for any disasters that result from this, or are the already deciding who they'll blame it on when it occurs? So they'll be held at Canadian military bases & when they find the known terrorists among them, they'll be held – in Canada. They'll face Canada's hug-a-thug court system & placed in Canada's jails on the taxpayer's dime. The others will be given public housing & plugged into Canada's social safety net – which the Liberals have promised will be made more generous. Let's face it, if some Paris style disaster erupts from this, the first concern from the Liberals & their mainstream media lapdogs will be that nobody says anything that may be hurtful to Muslims.

  24. Invite them get your own mass shootings today. it took lesss than 90 days for them to be in there before 10 killed 200.

  25. The more migrants a left-wing politician brings in, the more leftist points he or she scores. It's just a contest as to who is the most "progressive". They don't care what the migrants do to the country, because they're so concerned about global equality, but aren't smart enough to know how to bring everybody up, they're fine with bringing themselves down.

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