Liberal Tears, Gear, and T*ts For Men

Oh oh hey I'm Matt best president of article 15 clothing and venner of the bikini snap thanks Matt no problem girls first a little about me I like Asians back massages copious amounts of Jameson and uneducated anti-gun advocate are you tired of girls complaining about the way you dress it's not gonna happen with article 15 clothing of course you do you're paid actress remember you can buy boobs but not a personality and wearing our shirts is pretty much like buying tips for men there's a large demographic that enjoy your shirts but let's be real mostly manly men don't like to break things America we love when airsofters we're here as a veteran owned business there's no greater honor than one veterans wear clothes you've probably spent years making terrorism suck America's it's a giant load of freedom and for that we thank you every time over article 15 clothing feel like I got a drinking buddy nice we got your stick don't go cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo ice gun oil sup man even big burly badasses wear clothes so he won't wear article 15 holding back water sucking live yeah what what what he said not only are article 15 shirts amazing shirt but they can be used in a wide variety of applications for instance an emergency look read from the arc-15 grill Hey look at JT the creative director having some fun all right I love where this is going now you find enough gallons of Piper's semen to chinchillas in the two-by-four let's go hey hey according to Texas Health and Safety Code possession of even a small amount of I perceive it as a first-degree felony shoot it down now boys that's Cody the CFO the fun police article 15 clothing but a beard and body armor just aren't enough so here's the two things we don't quit rattlesnakes and condoms [Applause] [Applause] sorry I'm not going hey you'll be behind there let's do a test me I know but like first a little about me I don't know my lines and I like to hear

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  1. Conservative men with small dicks need big guns to appear to be big tough guys…🤣😂 I am a combat veteran with 2 tours, and I am a Progressive. I've shot more rounds in combat than 95% of the people who wear those pussy shirts. Oh, and I have a real Article 15 imposed on me in 2001 for knocking out a loud marine at the NCO club DMAFB. lmfao…

  2. Does it count if your uncle was killed in Afghanistan cause I airsoft in my uncles combat shirt in honor of him also I’m joining the military next year after high school and I got the liberal tears for my dad love your vids man

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