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Liberal Redneck – Belief Don’t Matter None

Liberal Redneck – Belief Don’t Matter None

Trae Crowder, Liberal Redneck. Yall ain’t
gonna believe this but I done got my red back up. People just can’t let this whole potty
thing go. I saw this video of this lady in Target, with a Bible, you know, just…strollin
through Sportin Goods hollerin about the devil rapin babies. We’ve all been there. And the
whole time she’s trailin behind her a goodly portion of her TWELVE KEEDS. Honestly I can’t even blame that lady for
being crazier than Michelle Bachmann on bath salts, twelve?! Fake lord have mercy that’s
a lot of trailer babies. But these people have bout lost their damn
minds. Cause they think that their rights and their beliefs are bein threatened. They
say “well I’m just standin up for what I believe, does that make me a bigot?!” Pfft, well, if
what you believe is a bunch of wacky bigoty shit then…yeah, it totally does! Look we all know that you believe these things,
we know that you believe it with all of your prediabetic hearts, but believin somethin
super hard don’t make it any less wrong. My three year old believes that he should get
cookies for breakfast every mornin. That don’t matter TO ME, because he don’t know facts,
and so what he believes is irrelevant. You can’t expect people to respect your beliefs
when your beliefs are so completely disrespectful. Which brings me to your rights. Yall scream
“Oh liberals, they care so much about everybody’s rights, well what about me?! Ain’t I got rights?!”
Oh honey. Bless your hea- nobody’s tryin to take your rights! We’re just trying to keep
you from doin that to other people. Because I know you’re a white person in America so
I could see why you’d think this, but tellin other people how to live is actually NOT a
right you have. In fact if you wanna live in a country in
which the religious beliefs of the majority dictate the lives and liberties of everybody
else, I recommend you try Saudi Arabia. Pakistan. Somewhere like that. And I know what you’re
thinkin: “Ew they’re brown, gross!” But check it out: they love screamin, they hate books,
they throw rocks at queers, you’d fit right in. But this country belongs to us now. You are
not gettin it back. And you can believe that.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. crazier than michelle b on bath salts LOL ! but your 3 yo wants cookies for breakfast…cookies have eggs n milk πŸ™‚

  2. Are you Pro Palestine? Because there are conservatives who would argue that being Pro Palestine is 'disrespectful' and 'wacky bigoty shit'. Just look what happened to Penelope Cruz and Selena Gomez.

  3. I'm a Catholic but holy shit these anti-gay marches and all these wackos just ruining christianity. No where in the Bible does it say hate anybody. It's literally about love and acceptance.

  4. If you want to live in a country where the religious beliefs of the majority dictate the lives and liberty of everybody else, I recommend you try Saudi Arabia, Pakistan…somewhere like that.
    A-fuckin-men! I love this guy!!!

  5. Trae, love you, you rednecky man you. Thank you so much for keeping it real, you light up my day.From an admiring liberal who's not a redneck.

  6. Well, they did 'get it back' for the time being; but the truth is, the majority of Americans are kind & open minded & inclusive. Once Trump & the GOP have done all the damage they can do, it's buh-bye, turds. It's our country, & you're gonna have to either join us or be butt-hurt forever, b/c you may have won this skirmish, but we WILL lead America to the democracy that guarantees equal rights for ALL — the way it's supposed to be. Thank you, Trae!

  7. There is something truly precious about a white man like this…..He literally brightens my day. Mixed man that grew up in the hectic poltical spectrum of VA, racism and politics. If you aint ever been to the DMV, you just dont understand how crazy it is to see so much ignorance in the NATIONs capital…

  8. Contact your Congressman with one simple demand: if Russia wants it, we don't want it. Keep NATO strong, stay close to our North American allies (no wall and don't cancel NAFTA). The Russians are trying to pull us apart? Get closer!

  9. You know better than this Trae- there are no right or wrong beliefs. Man was never meant to be either.

    If belief don't matter none, then it shouldn't matter that I don't agree with you.

  10. Oh honey, bless your heart…fucking precious! I'm so happy a wonderful progressive person like you is teaching the next male generation. what honor, compassion, equality and human decency is! If every "redneck" was like you our country would be unstoppable and unified in healing our country and implementing green innovations to move us forward, not backwards like the nightmare we live in…

  11. please specify type 2 diabetes! People with Type 1 get pissed at the lack of specification. Type 1's didn't get it via lifestyle

  12. He is HYSTERICAL and so ON POINT! We're so going to need this man for however long our "President" is in office – hopefully not the full four years. And I love how southerners use "bless her/his heart" before they put the person down in some way. lol Another point is that I'm a very solid liberal Democrat who is a spiritual person (but not religious – there is a difference).. and it doesn't matter to me if people believe or don't believe. What matters to me is how they treat people (can they put themselves into the shoes of someone who isn't like them), how they live their lives – with compassion. Because we all know that there are some NASTY religious people out there and some awesome, amazing atheists who care about their fellow human beings and want the best for everybody. Those are MY kind of people – believers or non-believers who care about people who might not look or believe just like they do.

  13. Speaking as a Catholic, I'm 10000000000% for this. I would like to ask my fellow Christians to remember that you A) live in America, where people are given the right to believe whatever they want without repercussion, and B) we are freaking taught NOT TO JUDGE OTHERS. Like, that was preached and reiterated so many more times in the Bible… and if it's an issue about, 'oh, being transgender is like saying God was wrong!' No. Just No. Please shut your judgmental faces, you a-holes.

  14. "You can't expect someone to respect your beliefs when your beliefs are so completely disrespectful." Nailed it.

  15. I believe I was a man born in a woman's body but according to trae it doesn't matter what I believe. I was born a man and will always be a man, science says so.

  16. My redneck bio brothers truly believe the Muslims are coming after em! They hate Mexicans and blacks too. They love to shove their hate down my throat. They know how I feel yet, they love to argue! I told em today ( after I got a pellet gun held to my face and a lit cig flicked directly at my face) that I'm a hater lover. (In so many words). I shut them down with this: 'When you try to kill what you don't understand, you become the thing you hate most'. – Now they're in the garage smoking weed they bought from a black guy and commiserating. What the f**k?!!!

  17. "This country belongs to us now and you're not getting it back…" said the redneck a year ago.
    Dude they got it back.

  18. I just discovered you via Seth Andrews' talk about his gay best friend. I am gay, born in Little Rock, grew up in Tulsa just like Seth. I've lived in LA (NOT Louisiana!) for the last 20 years. I love your approach, and I totally get it! Thanks for what you do!!!

  19. I'm a New Yorker, I'd support this guys run for president though. He has that strange "affliction" called common sense, with a side of human decency, and love for this country. Keep it up Trae, got your back!

  20. This country will never be to you fake atheists pieces of shit who only care for themselves and not the people around them. Saying that god is not real is like saying that all the stuff around us was made by itself and had no creator, but since y'all atheists "want proof"

  21. Michele Bachmann on bath salts. Trae, you know we are stealing your stuff as fast as we can. It's only a matter of time (if it hasn't happened already) before you do a gig in North Dakota and hear someone say "boy howdy, I was cooking up a dipshit pie for my fcukstick inbred uncle who couldn't get Bachmann to pass him the brussel sprouts…."

  22. LOL.. "it don't matter none".. lol… if it "don't" matter "none" it must matter..then he goes on to say that telling people how to live is not your right (which is true) but he expects fathers to let transgenders into the bathroom with their little girls, or making people call a mentally ill man who pretends to be a woman a her or a she… so you don't have a right to say no to this kind of madness…this my friends is the liberal way of thinking…

  23. This country belongs to who again? Yeah, that's what I thought. Now either assimilate into this Christian conservative nation or go find yourselves another nation to convert into a third world cesspool.

  24. I spent eight years of my life in the South as a teenager, in the 80's, no less, and hated every minute of it. On the rare occasions I've been down there to visit my mother, who refused to move back, I've been reminded of why I hated it back then.

  25. Again….close minded. Trying to tell everyone how certain stereotypes of people think. Hypocritical don’t you think? Now your just trying to tell how to live even though 99.99% of that incoherent shit you just said is untrue

  26. I really enjoy your take on things as a white young gent from the south…keep doing what you're doing! We need more people like you in our corner but thanks for being with us. πŸ‘

  27. Trae crowder is da bomb. A true american and truth teller. He s a great comedian. And philosopher. Keep up the good work.

  28. let me echo this sentiment from a wise man…

    "this country belongs to us now, and u aint gettin it back. believe that."

  29. Omgosh, i really shouldnt give this a like bc I do believe in God, tho Im REALLY MAD AT HIM RIGHT NOW bc he has been ignoring me for years…pretty much just yell to the Heavens these days.
    β€œFake Lord have mercy?” 😲Oh my Trae, u are bold.
    I love you anyway. Dont let all that $ you’re earning corrupt you my dear. If it starts, just come out to us to confess any wicked thoughts. πŸ˜‰

  30. Alas, "belief" is all that matters to a huge number of people.
    Facts are irrelevant.
    Critical thinking is a dead thing.

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