‘Liberal Gene’ Discovered?

scientists from u_c_ san diego at harvard
university have founded g that will make people predisposed to it’ll liberalism okay so new players we take that you can we play it that you know debate yes blood bags are cooking up experts options
c white polka warned you about the sites let’s look at the side from top day become a ways
uh… lynching they were spread out like malapit listo annual also liberal rock ope bomb connected the scientist who doesn’t agree
with that grab your guns grabbed a bold and your prices former where we’ve got going
on today work uh… that slide or filled with so what what these scientists found is act
that most liberals having gene called the r_d_ four no right however just because you have that she doesn’t necessarily
mean that you are going to be a liberal and there’s another comes into play and that’s how social you
were while you were in high school now if you have this gene and you were social in
high school or as an adolescent you are more likely to be liberal dropped larry look i
don’t know uh… if i have your before but it fingerprinted fair that i was socialized arm
lifted the roof it dictated by what we don’t aren’t super lip
that bet alright but this is interesting when it comes
to the question of nature versus nurture in right uh… you have this gene that is make that
will make you more likely to be liberal and and also your social setting matters because
of your social in high school early social as an adolescent you’re more likely to be
the brothers lyle right in the eat you interact with more people
you’re more open to their differences are more open to
change though those are also part of it and of course is just one studies not definitive
not like books that we found at the ready for kids over right so it’s a theory and it’s it’s an interesting
interesting one

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  1. @atheistworstenemy
    Well, then I guess it has been distorted lately. America is the only country in the world that started different. That was the intend of the founding fathers.

    How do you explain most people in the world want to emigrate to America? especially from socialist, dictatorial and liberal countries. No other country in the world absorbs as many immigrants as the U.S.A.

    The so called Obama, Hollywood liberalism is not working in this country. Today you will see.

  2. The Justice Department lawsuit charges that the Arizona law cracking down on illegal immigrants conflicts with federal law, would disrupt immigration enforcement and would lead to police harassment of those who cannot prove their lawful status. it says the state's measure is unconstitutional

    "The Constitution and the federal immigration laws do not permit the development of a patchwork of state and local immigration policies throughout the country," the lawsuit says.

  3. @elpatriotaLX That's great, considering Obama isn't a liberal. Also, why is it that we get so little immigration from Europe? Hm. Could it because most of it has a higher standard of living?

    And, yeah, wow, an election that's likely to revert us to more Clinton-esque policies. That's such a rebuke of liberalism!

  4. @atheistworstenemy
    Obama is a liberal… I know you would love a Fidel Castro but this is America. I bet you got the idea of Obama not being a liberal from Cenk.

    We get little immigration from European countries?
    Most Americans are from EUROPEAN DESCENT, European immigration still is HUGE. So you are 100% wrong there.

  5. @boricuamm707 "And again What does this have to do with liberals wanting to increase welfare?"
    It's being sold by your liberal hero as health care for down trodden.

    "That would be capitalism, not socialism or welfare."
    No that would be theft and your liberal hero is all for it. What does that tell you?

  6. @boricuamm707 The bill specifically stipulates that race is not a determining factor. And the law is nearly identical to California's.

    You've witnessed the aftermath of the 1986 amnesty. You know, the problem we're discussing right now. If you believe that giving them another amnesty will fix the problem. Then you're retarded.
    They are all poor, low skilled, low educated. We have plenty of that on welfare now. We don't need millions more.
    I addressed the rest of your comment my previous post.

  7. @boricuamm707 Not rewarding and encouraging more illegal immigration won't make the problem worse, amnesty will
    "race not a factor"
    Maybe not having identification or not being able to speak fluent english might be an indication
    How is obama suing Arizona under the SUSPICION that race might be used as a factor any different? Obama's in for a long haul as 17 states are drafting similar laws. Including mine 🙂
    "liberals being FOR welfare"
    Liberals voted for obama's polices in droves. That's how

  8. @MexCan65 … Oh really Sherlock? Wow, I'm so glad you needed to point that out. Because you know I really thought cancer was a gene. I guess the next time I make an unbelievable funny remark, I will make sure my humerous analogy is spot on. Oh and nice 5th grade response, I guess argueing the point took took much brain power for such a mental midget huh? Don't worry the cancer has is not spreading since tuesday. In 2 years I expect it to be cured.

  9. @dan16802 When did being socially involved and accepted in HS become classified as a mental disorder?!? That's how the liberal gene develops and I guess it's seen as "retarded" in your sad little conservative world.

  10. Well, they have been searching for proof that Human Beings evolved from lesser, dumber creatures. I guess they found it.

  11. @TheJoozie Progressives are not all globalists. Hell there are European socialists that don't even want to be in the EU. Most liberals hate NAFTA. Corporatists are globalists, not liberals.

  12. @TheJoozie As long as it is proportional: 1) It isn't all theirs 2) It's a practical necessity to build new opportunity & a stable market place. Don't like it? Move to a 3rd world country.

  13. Bullshit, at most, it's *associated* with it. Even that is bullshit. So what, do a bunch of people in Europe have this? I'm liberal as hell & I wasn't social in high school (partly because I was liberal). This is such obvious shit, plus how do they even define liberal? Concept rejected. Request denied.

  14. From one angle……..shot down !! I was very anti-social in high school. Still am. But I love…..absolutely love, being liberal !! People are more important than money !! That's the difference !!

  15. @evilmamaluigi six of your fans lack the gene. Without it, an idiot, like beck, cannot be educated. Even with it, your nurturing can still put you in with the L-geneless.

  16. @jotunobsidianeyes
    Americans have no idea what the word means, liberalism is a right-wing ideology.
    But americands dont seem to understand this and call leftwingers liberals.
    Stupid americans

  17. @unfad1ng It seems like someone haven't read Wikipedia for a long while.. I'd recommend you to read Right-wing politics/Left-wing politics articles. Anyway, all this wing politics is mostly just backdoor to your tax money and domination. In my point of view of liberalism, they're all not liberal. Although my liberalism views are a lot more anarchistic than those of mainstream "liberalism" word users.

  18. @IBMua
    In my country we call the right wing liberals and the left wing socialists.
    And thaths calling them by their right name, americans are so afraid of socialism that they call their own socialists for liberals instead.

  19. @IBMua
    i agree that right and left wing is confusing because it lacks the social dimension.
    bur right-wing is economic freedom and left-wing is economic security.
    But this doesnt take into account the social dimension with social freedom vs social security.

    Conservatives are people who want social security and economic freedom.
    Liberals want social freedom and economic freedom. (americans call the libertarians)
    Socialists want economic security and social security(americans call them liberals)

  20. I think outsiders are more liberal. Liberty is about non-conformity. You have to conform to other people's views to be highly social. So IMO it's a bullcrap.

  21. @TheJoozie It's not about working harder. If you are making minimum wage you shouldn't have to pay the same percentage as someone making six figures.

  22. @TheJoozie If that is true why is it that people still want jobs with great salaries and aspire to become rich?

  23. That's alright… if the DOD has found the "religious gene", and developed a virus to counter it, why not the "liberal gene"?
    Google it. If no one else, I have already blogged about it…

  24. @algor123 You do realize that most upper middle class jobs like doctors, engineers, professors, and other similar jobs are mostly made of of liberals right? You know, the highly educated people who work hard. What was that you said about needing to get real jobs?

  25. WTF?! what is wrong with you people? People aren't predisposed to agree with every liberal or conservative policy in fact most people pick and choose what policies they agree or disagree with from both sides then see which candidate represents the most they agree with. They must've discovered the stupidity gene cause you are craaaazzzyyyyyy liberals.

  26. can someone explain to me why the word "liberal" is used by some as an insult? everything about the word screams qualities that a free thinking educated person should have, is it an american thing?

  27. bunch of fucktards. it's like studie that say for example light makes you fatter- its not light as such that makes you fatter but light that wakes you up and makes you wake up wanting to eat something – DUH. that so-called liberal gene is just some random gene that makes you wanna try out new things. you know, inferior intelligence helps create liberals to bahahahahaha

  28. @liberalunrealitybias
    Actually the gene is associated with "novelty seeking" and thinking outside the box. Thus the close-mindedness of conservatives is a genetic defect, perhaps?

  29. @iversonmatthew : Okay, first, "hatred" comes from the extremely small portion of conservatives that the liberal media likes to show everyone. Second, nobody is "pro-war." That's like calling a pro-choicer "pro-abortion." Nobody LIKES war, it's belief in doing what is necessary to maintain power, balance, land, whatever the particular reason behind any given war. Third, saying things like "fuck you and fuck that" make you sound like an un-educated degenerate.

  30. @iversonmatthew And you Liberals are a bunch of crybaby fag loving tree huggers. And all you do is try pushing your freak views on others who don't want to hear about it. Fuck You and go worship YOUR god Obama.

  31. @iversonmatthew Obviously you do, you responded to me. Glad you could take time from your gay rights march to say hi. Well hi.

  32. It's somewhat misleading to present this as a 'liberal gene'. Some researchers claim to have found a connection between the DRD4 gene and 'novelty seeking'. If that's true, you might expect that other things being equal those with it were less likely to be conservatives. Two things worth noting; a) that doesn't mean all liberals are of one genotype and all conservatives the other and b) what is 'conservative' varies with context. In Turkey it is to be secular. In USSR it was to be communist.

  33. @iversonmatthew Bro as a conservative libertarian I don't want war unless it is absolutely our final resort. I have found that authoritarians on both sides of the political spectrum are hypocritical.

  34. i think this gene probably makes people more social. lots of studies have shown social people are more liberal

  35. More hate is coming from the left than the right? well duh! The right wing has nothing to be mad about. They steal money from poor and give it to the rich. The left will definately be pissed about that. If someone came and took all your money and said that someone with more money than you needs it you would be pissed too.

  36. It's funny that the young turks just make fun of things right wings say and never have any of them on the show to defend themselves lol

  37. I'm sure you are. But after watching his post-gun-bill-failed-face today, he cements himself as far left as I can possibly imagine.

  38. I've looked at some of the responses on here but I just think this is a decent video clip. My brother wants to become awesome with females. He uncovered a fuck load from a web-site called Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The help on seducing women from nightclubs in the emails from that website helped get got him his very first fucks in 3 years. I'm displeased though coz I heard them all.

  39. God. I have turned out to be rather green with envy of my nephew. He’s actually been available permanently. By a luck, he has got a model to love him in no time. Just how can that be even manageable? He laughed and said he obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone lovely said that to me… I can’t remember at any time seeing him so positive. Kind of makes me frustrated.

  40. There is no liberal gene. I was sociable in high school and I am not a liberal. I'm not a conservative, either, nor am I 'bipartisan'..

    So this idea of if you're sociable in high school, then you're likely to be liberal later in life due to some gene..bullshit. Liberalism is a political and philosophical way of life and it's not one or the others – it's simply one of many many roads an intellectual individual can take.

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