Liberal Fascism- Brandon Straka discusses the #WalkAway LGBT Town Hall Chicago by progressives

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  1. The collusion between the corporate MSM and the social media monopolies doing the bidding of the Dems is outrageous. The elites of this country have a stranglehold on what’s allowed to be said . It really is starting to feel like we’re in a police state. Not quite like Europe yet but it’s obvious we’re the left is taking this country. A fascist state. Where it’s a crime to disagree with the elites. The left has no problem using corporate and state power to impose their views. Heck, we have some Dems wanting it to be a crime to insult a member of Congress. Of course only if they are a Dem. open season on Republicans is perfectly fine though.

  2. We need to start carrying guns in Portland, They all would run away like scared little brats….! We need Our Bikers too….! For protection….!

  3. Democrats, liberals and leftists are doing exactly what hitler did. They use the word nazi to smear conservatives also, which is highly hypocritical

  4. They use the magic words “hate speech” as a crutch their tactic is labeling which is is a victim mentality a victim response or reaction they cancel Brandons prepaid venue with zero notice and violate his right to free speech while using tactic of name calling them racist finger pointing claiming Brandon’s talk is “hate speech” fascist fools they need to be sued hit them in their wallet

  5. …yeah, these Antifa pussies are the militant arm of the DNC just like the KKK use to be, if you don't know this already then your just plain stupid…

  6. I'm thinking it's time for a "day without a Repubcane" possibly the day before or after Straight pride 2020 so people can plan ahead.
    Can you imagine if Sooo many refused to go to work or spend money that practically everything came to a hult. I'd literally close my resateront and pay my employees for the day just to watch CNN trying to ignore it!
    Like a national day of rest once a year where literally if you are not a Dr, fireman, or EMT of some kind and are Repubcane stay home have a BBQ and relax!

  7. You never got to say anything – keep on keeping on – someone eventually will hear you and MANY MANY HAVE ALREADY – there are state walkaway groups now – YAY –

  8. I never thought I'd see the day when a gay, Asian man gets brutally beaten by terrorist white kids, and the leftist media hasn't mentioned the words "hate crime" one time. One day ANTIFA, and these other low-life leftist are going to have to pay the piper.

  9. Brandon you must work overtime to bring more walk away people to join the group because the illegals are WALKAWAY from their Country faster than ever before!
    I hear that thousands and thousands of people from Africa are on the way to America and they will not be screened for health issues and EBOLA (a incurable fatal disease) did spread down there and some come from places where Ebola was detect!!!!

  10. This is the liberal-left folks.
    Liberalism is communism, fascism, and socialism.
    Islamism is fascism for those who believe in a God.
    This is nothing new. The liberal-left has operated this
    way throughout history. We have to decide. Do we
    want liberal-left control over society, or do we want
    Blacks for Trump!

  11. Asian, gay, journalists attacked for covering violent AntiFA group = no press coverage by Orwellian outlets..
    Teenager in MAGA hat smirks at obnoxious, fake Vietnam veteran, native American.
    24/7 news on blast

  12. I was at the Chicago event and it was very peaceful, differing opinions were in NO WAY silenced, they were discussed with respect and not shunned. I met a lot of great people there!

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