Liberal Arts: Jazz for Your Mind

Right now I’m doing my internship as part of my masters of arts and education degree I am placed at park hill school district working with 7 through 12 band students I’m also doing general music where we’ve got to connect music to the arts and other subjects and disciplines, so if they really like music but aren’t so fond of social studies you can really use music to enlighten history or english and see how they connect and really spark interests in students other areas. For example my friend is also student teaching at park hill right now doing her internship Lauren, we did a Jazz and Spanish collabarotive lesson, I think it was extremely shocking to all the students and really memorable because they were supposed to give commands in spanish to the Jazz band students who then had to communicate back with a message from their music, the kids were like “How will they understand what we’re saying?” and I’m like “Well, do you understand everything that I say in Spanish?” It was just really neat seeing these two worlds collide the kids come out with a new idea of how to communicate and then the Spanish kids got to be proud of what they knew as well and be more expressive in their Spanish and not just trying to get all the grammar correct. Learning when it’s isolated and not tied into context doesn’t really mean anything and so you really need to connect it to the bigger picture for students to grasp the meaning and keep it with them for as long as they can. There’s more to a language than just the words there’s more to music than just the notes, we communicate through expressing and that was a cool thing that we got to teach the kids and so it was really neat and I think Truman really prepared us for that as opposed to other schools where you just learn your content and go into teaching we’ve got a strong content base in a lot of areas.

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