Liberal Arts: Freedom to Explore

I graduated from Truman State University with a Bachelor of Music degree in clarinet performance, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. I am general manager of Propaganda 3 applications, president of Kid Rocket Studios, & a co-founder of RKO Workshop. Those first few semesters, you’re really there to explore. There was so much room to just try out different things that I felt very safe being able to change my major to music – something I really loved – knowing I would get all the other benefits around that. It was a strange moment to come back to Kansas City and go, “Wow, there’s really cool things happening in the advertising and marketing scene here.” I found out the skills that I developed were just as in-demand: The ability to communicate, the ability for critical thinking. And I think probably the most important thing is that sense of curiosity. I was able to translate those skills pretty easily, and I think it gave me a unique point of view. I think those skills come from environment. It’s having a place where you feel safe to do those things. To be able to explore, to try out new things. In an industry that changes so much – IT, technology, marketing, advertising – nothing is static. You have to be constantly reexamining and reinventing yourself. Fifteen years later, here I am. I’m not doing music, but I’m certainly applying a lot of the things I picked up from my time in Kirksville.

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