Liberal Arts are for science and business students too

liberal arts it really should be Liberal Arts and Sciences but we often just condense it down to liberal arts but liberal arts encompasses all of the Natural Sciences it encompasses math and engineering and computer science so you can major in any of those fields and really focus in and concentrate in those areas and study with professors who are world-class in their subject and doing cutting-edge research but at the same time if you're having a liberal arts education you're also exposed to other fields and other disciplines and so that gives you a lot more flexibility in the way that you think about the world and also it allows you to it enables you to have meaningful interactions with people from many different fields and disciplines so if you think of a person who only received a technological education how difficult it might be for that person to communicate with people who are outside of their own narrow field even if you are a scientist doing you know researcher if you're a computer engineer or in a very technical field you still need to communicate to the outside world what you're doing and if you can't communicate then you're not going to be able to win those big grants you're not going to convince governments and industries of the value of what you are trying to achieve so if you have a liberal arts education the chances are that you've really learned how to communicate effectively how to talk to a wide variety of audiences how to write effectively and efficiently and so that makes you much more competitive in a world where people need to communicate with each other having a liberal arts education gives a person the flexibility and the adaptability to take on many different jobs and many different careers so the world today is not the same as the world a generation ago and I think parents really need to understand this a generation ago it was possible for people to take on a job in an industry or with a company and maybe work 30 years and retire my own father worked more than 30 years in the same organization and then retired these days it's much harder to have that kind of stability so young people chances are they're going to have many different jobs and even several careers during their lifetime and if you have a liberal arts education you will be able to take on different challenges you will be able to take on a different career if that's necessary for your development and a lot of studies have shown that well people with a strong technical education in something in an area like computer science or even finance or accounting they sometimes do very well in the job market early on when they graduate better than the average liberal arts graduate however over a period of between 10 and 20 years the liberal arts graduates not only catch up but they often advance further in their careers in their professions then people who have a more narrow technical education so while the advantages might be apparent early on over a long period of time liberal arts graduates tend to do better

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