LGBT HUMOR || That's lesbian activity! ๐ŸŒˆ

LGBT HUMOR || That's lesbian activity! ๐ŸŒˆ

what are you afraid of that I'm gonna do something gay everyone wants you you know you're like the hot girl that every guy wants the hot girl you are the hottest girl I'm a hot girl yes you are yes I'm gay 100% gay thank you so much for clearing that up for me Rachel Amy we talked about this honey thank God she didn't barge in five minutes ago when we were 16 I Nate oh never mind sorry sorry nope okay meet Dave Oh me gay – I need to have sex like right now someone needs to have sex would be like today like someone needs to sex me right now all right I'll do it did you date you because you think I look like a guy no no I actually broke up with you because you don't look like a guy oh okay thanks welcome why are we honey oh dude what is what is this about what are you guys doing nothing okay for your best bud no will you become mine two years I've had a serious gambling problem just started when I broke up with my girlfriend we get it we understand you have a boyfriend we've all had them yeah even Emily shut up Hanna I just can't even where I punch a bunch of holes in Waverly's girlfriend girlfriend kind of that's nuts yesterday I kissed Oliver and I didn't feel anything why did I feel anything he makes really cool cranes shocking you didn't jump him right there

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  2. Put 10 lesbians in a room and at-least four of them sleep with men from time to time. sneak dicking. there are two types of LGBTQ women. bisexuals who like men and women and women who like girls more than boys and we call those lesbians. most lesbians have a past with men, gold star lesbians are as rare as diamonds.

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