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  1. I first watch your vids about irregular verb and im hooked,still looking about pp!your voice is very soothing and i dont know how you do it but my concentration doesnt fall with you!

  2. Can you use the future perfect continuous with "going to" instead of "will?" For example, instead of "I will be eating lunch at 12" could you say "I'm going to be eating lunch at 12?"

  3. I love u crazy teacher u remind me my fresh year English teacher she is so enjoyable like u. thumb up from mars planet , by the way Iam alien lover for english !

  4. Hi there,Ronnie
    I would have to confess that when I first saw you on you tube ,I couldn't relate to you in any sense.to be honest,I didn't get your subtle sense of humor.as time went by,I finally came to term with your teaching manner and started to like it.I don't have any idea whether it's your real manner or just made up for educational purposes.whatever this is ,I need to say that you're doing a great job coz you know how to stick in people's mind.
    Good luck with your stuffs😎😎😎

  5. hahaha you are great, funny and entertaining. You love to teach English, I can tell, I want to watch more and more videos, you make English easy and fun. Thank you!

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