LEAK Reveals Trump’s Dark Secret

>>TYT’s Ken Klippenstein has an exclusive
and an amazing article where he has attained leaked FBI document that revealed the bureaus
priorities under Trump. And they kind of underscore some things we
kind of heard in the past but definitely prove what a lot of us were afraid of, and let’s
get right to it. Under President Trump, the FBI’s official
counterterrorism priorities have included Black Identity Extremists, anti-authority
extremist, and animal rights/environmental extremists according to leaked Bureau documents
obtained exclusively by The Young Turks. So grave did the Bureau consider the threat
of blood black extremists can rights that from 2019 to 2020 using new designations it
listed the threat at the very top of its counterterrorism priorities above even terror groups like Al
Al Qaeda.>>And you guys in case you think that it
was like a random discriminatory list meaning, hey could have been that they were gonna put
it in alphabetical order but they just happen to put the black identity extremists at the
top etc. No, it was an order and white supremacist
extremists which have been doing mostly killings in this country for the law says Trump’s taking
office we’re ranked only a medium threat.>>Yeah.>>So all these mass shootings are the synagogues,
the mosques, the malls, everything that’s a medium threat at the very top was black
people. And the FBI these are their documents we obtained
their documents is this is not our opinion okay. Did they cite a single black extremist attack? Not one, not one.>>Can I just say something really quickly
about that? Cuz there is a case, Rakem Balogun which is
often characterized as the first attempted federal prosecution of a black identity extremist,
since the FBI report about the suppose that ideology which is totally made up and ridiculous. But Balogun, whose legal name is Christopher
Daniels was arrested in December 2017 when officers riot riot gear pulled him and his
15 year old son out of their house and forced them to stand outside in the cold, handcuff
them in their underwear. Balogun spent the next five months in jail
on a single illegal firearms position charge. Now remember that, this is gonna be important
with what I’m going to contrast this with. While prosecutors tried and failed to paint
him as a domestic terrorist. Where did they get this information on Balogun
of FBI agent testified that he had been under surveillance for two years since video of
him at an open carry rally against police brutality circulated online, including on
the right wing conspiracy site infowars.>>Right.>>So they’re watching Alex Jones websites
and going that’s a threat.>>But most specifically, it points to a totally
natural response to police brutality, the epidemic of police brutality, which is to
go somewhere and voice into your first amendment right to free assembly and protest it they
like the idea of black identity extremism to like the Black Lives Matter movement>>By the way, it’s also your second amendment
right. So what do the right wing say all the time? Hey, listen if the government becomes tyrannical
we that’s why we need our guns. The guy shows up at an open carry rally protesting
the government, exactly what the right wing celebrates. That’s why we have the second remember they’re
arrest them, arrest them he’s an extremist. And they listen to maniacs like Alex Jones. Meanwhile White supremacists are doing massacres
all across the country, medium threat.>>What happens? What happens was-
>>Really quick, there was an awesome Buzzfeed article today chronicling back when the Black
Panthers used to open carry and all the right wingers who were like, we need gun control.>>That’s when the NRA was Gun control. They stopped open carry in the state of California
when the Black Panther Party march to the Capitol with their guns out. And in fact, the guy who signed that bill
into effect was governor Ronald Reagan.>>Ronald Reagan, yeah. So I wanted to contrast that that situation
that I mentioned the black identity extremist really quick to literal militia leader Larry
Hopkins, which I know you guys have covered and I have covered in the past as well who’s
free to terrorize immigrants. His militia was rounding up migrants at the
border 100 at a time they portrayed themselves as police officers. Larry had a in his record, he was charged
with impersonating a police officer in the past. And he, he was also brought on gun charges,
but his investigation and time under police, or time behind bars was way shorter than this
dude, okay? So obvious and we hear about this all the
time. There was another guy in the Coast Guard who
had hit list and an arsenal of weapons. He was caught for a second and then they released
him once again. This is not just serious threat. And the DOJ an ex-officials inside of the
FBI have openly admitted that they’ve been ringing the alarm bells from inside the house
for a little bit. And yet no one seems to care about white supremacy
and white supremacist terror despite the fact that according to the ADL 99% of all violent
extremist murders that occurred in 2018, are all done in the hands of far right anti government
extremists and instill terror.>>Yeah, just to be accurate, 98%.>>98 sorry. Yeah, it’s just specifically to your point
Ken go through and outlines a, well 2020 theat guidance alludes to violent black extremist
attacks. Each of the specific attacks reference or
carried out by white supremacists. The 2018 attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh
which killed 11, the 2019 attack on two moss and Christchurch New Zealand, which killed
51, and the April 2019 attack on a synagogue in Poway, California.>>So the point being there then, has stretched
to find something that they could call a Black Identity Extremist, even that was horribly
hypocritical etc. But the FBI didn’t even cite that. They’re this is our top threat but we have
no specific examples of it. Now when they get to the other threats the
medium threats like well there’s like pages of examples of those because those actually
happen. Christopher Ray in public when forced to testify
to Congress said yes the majority of the attacks are by white supremacists. But in their own internal deliberations they’re,
the white supremacy only got him too much. For black identity extremists, which is a
term that they use before that was exposed a little while back and then they took heat
for it. So they now came up with a different terminology
for it, but it’s the same exact language they lifted the language from black identity extremist
and put that same language into this new document and they still consider them the top threat. And even our programmes like Iron Fist,
>>Right.>>To go after black people in America.>>Guys Guys guys.>>The flu the age was too on the nose.>>Yeah.>>The intelligence agencies have never done
this historically this is obviously new stuff. If you don’t know what I’m talking about look
up coin tell Pro. But yes, history we have white supremacist
institutions that do white supremacy and consider leftist movements subversive and anti US. And they will do everything in their power
including work with the KKK to make sure that they stop Leftist mobilization and civil rights
activists from doing what they need to do.>>They were with the KKK in the past, but
this is now, this is now.>>Yeah.>>This is as clear a example of government
racism institutionalized as I have ever seen.>>Yeah, Iron Fist is designated as the term
I just can’t believe they call it Iron Fist, it’s designed to evolve and adapt to the ever
changing threat posed by black identity extremists.>>Such cowards dude, they are so scared like
they’re just wetting their diapers every day inside of the FBI that’s what’s going on.>>Yeah, and so no matter how much white supremacist
do the violence, their, emotions don’t care about facts. So they go, I don’t know, but I’m scared of
black people. So I’m just gonna put them at the top and
I’m gonna spend all of our efforts going after black people and not nearly enough going after
the white extremists and that’s why they got away with it and did all these shootings. Do real law enforcement

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  1. What will u blame when private guns are gone and mass murders do not stop but increase? When only the police and the govt have guns u are done. No freedom and foriegn invasion will be unstopable

  2. Americas needs to focus on getting our morals back, Trump is a disease and morality is the cure!
    I bet Trump will somehow blame Obama for this! Sad!

  3. All you loonies that rely on TYT as a legit information source should wake the f up. TYT are a bunch of liars and bullies! they scream and cry when they dont get what they want sjw snowflakes

  4. I've just accepted that America is bonkers INSANE. Every day that passes will be uglier, stupider, crueler, scarier than the day before. I want to know how much damage has been done. How compromised is the Justice Department with Trump appointments? William Barr is so openly compromised, lacks integrity, is a joke. We know there's been serious damage to the EPA.
    That Kavanaugh could be voted in as a Supreme Court Justice after all the charges and complaints against him were made public, on top of the way he behaved during confirmation. Trade tariffs, the Paris Accord, lots of trust across all of our allies. Farmers– I don't know how they recover. They can't even get migrant workers with valid guest worker Visas or permits. Honestly, how epically f*cked are we?

  5. The FBI is not scared of black identity politics. The FBI is in itself a white supremacist institution to its core, as are almost all law enforcement agencies in the US. This list is not surprising and just adds more empirical proof to what we all know. Thanks for the great work TYT!

  6. In the near future, trump supporters are going to try and backpedal about their support for him. That's why screenshoting now will come in handy later.

  7. "Trump's Dark Secret"?!!! The title is very misleading. The FBI has always been this way not just during the current administration.

  8. It’s unpatriotic to be racist and to tell people to go back where they came from. At that point u lose your citizenship in my eyes.

  9. I’m damn likely on every list and still waiting for boots at the door. They must not consider me a threat. Haven’t shown to be “yet.”

  10. Wow. Really? Black identity extremists? Who are they, exactly? I’m black…I don’t know any. The local hotep isn’t planning anything extreme besides adding more Shea butter to their body butter.

  11. ABSOLUTELY INSANE!! I understand having some worry about Black Live Matters protests getting out of hand or extremists (which extremists of anyyyy group should be the #1) BUT BLACK EXTREMISTS #1 ON THE FBI TERROR TARGET LIST?!! WTF!! Where are these extremists? I bet there are some out there BUT WHY AND HOW ARE THEY NOT FOCUSED ON WHITE NATIONALISTS WHO CONTINUE TO SHOOT PEOPLE IN THE NAME OF AMERICA, TRUMP, RELIGION, AND THEIR SKIN COLOR.

  12. Robert Ortiz- You approached me with a comment unsolicited by me and then you blocked my reply to you ungraciously. So, I reply to your comment where you say that Democracy is the greatest domestic terror threat to this Nation, but then you run and hide like someone
    " faking " w/o bone spurs ( despite the Doctor's forged diagnosis ) from Military duty in Viet Nam ( that's no, ' faked news ' there , is it, Bob ? ) .
    Democracy has had migrants from all over the globe seek her out here in America, while vile dictators have come and gone, and in most cases they created the repression, oppression and villification that caused migrants to seek refuge under her banner. Now you come along with some SEMI – POPULAR FAD CAUSE of supporting one man's ego, quite some time after America was established with principals, ideals, truth, morals and dedicated patriotism and would like to claim that….. " SHE IS THAT THREAT" ! ! ! !
    Since Democracy afforded you the opportunity to say idiotic untruths, and yet it got you here to do so …. I would like to ask you one simple question, Mr. Ortiz …." TO WHOM and TO WHAT IS DEMOCRACY A THREAT " ? ………TYRANNY, AND THE RULE OF DICTATORSHIP ? ! ? ! ?

  13. Watch the short movie, " supernigga" genetically enhanced, by forced selective breeding by slave owners, we have amazing super human powers . Why it takes a hundred bullets to subdue an unarmed black man. We're dangerous armed or not. Notice Kevin love looks like Superman but LeBron James can move and do Superman level stuff.

  14. These black Trump supporters I wonder how they think of their president now that he's put them on the top priority terrorist list.

  15. I think when I look at all the left has done; when I watch YouTube videos like, "The Clinton Chronicles," "Pilot who heard every word of Clinton Lynch Secret meeting Breaks his Silence. 7.14.2017 now dead," and learn the details on such sources as "Clinton's Death List," President Trump is a Saint in comparison. The Jeffrey Epstein death will make all this quite interesting, and the people will be watching. The American people and The Electoral College elected President Trump.

  16. Why am I surprised they are using Alex “THEY’LL TURN THE FROGS GAY!” Jones site to find “troublemakers”…?

  17. I cannot help but think that Trump's racism comes from a time where the white racists meme was to start a race war and blame blacks tro clamp down on them, put more in prison, and keep more from voting.

    I think Trump's peculiar rhetoric is all about that … trying to trigger a race war to divide the working class, men, women, blacks, whiles, Latinos, Asians, etc. This is the number one reason to press on with impeachment and to get this cretin out of office.

  18. What is a black identity extremist? This is disgusting! I’m already in fear for my life as it is. So this is just another damn day.

  19. Transgender albino midgets are just as likely to be a terror threat as a “black identity extremist.”

  20. Conservatism has a direct correlation with fear and insecurity. When you reduce this down to a psychological explanation it is simple to understand the behavior of Trump supporters. Internally they are immature, afraid and under-developed. They compensate for this by trying to overtly act 'alpha', through narcissism and glorification of the self. Their ignorance and sociopathic qualities are a defense mechanism within a world they have not learned to cope with. Their brains are quite literally in a more primitive state, lesser evolved. It's developed into a kind of mass Dunning-Kruger effect in which they feed off each other's incompetence and are emboldened by their echo-chamber mentality. In essence they are the angry homophobe internally confused about their own sexuality but incapable of mentally processing their emotions. An entire army of angry man-childs.

  21. Bernie Sanders: " White People don't know what it's like to be Poor". Joe Biden : "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as White kids". Folks, their Logo isn't a DONKEY for nothing. Welcome to the Party of "Dumb Privelege". At least Trump is an equal opportunity offender.

  22. Black men women and children are killed by cops as they wait for a tow truck, driving with their family, playing in a neighborhood park, walking in the stairwell of their building with their wife, etc. But white male mass shooters are continually “arrested”. And while white nationalist terrorism kills more Americans in America than any other form of terrorism they’re considered a medium threat by the trump administration & the FBI.

  23. Like a sportscaster said a while back, if blacks, Hispanics and/or Muslims were behind mass shootings in America instead of white men we’d have gone control tomorrow.

  24. Total hogwash and bullshit! There is no such thing as this bullshit they dreamed up. Who are they? Name one? How large is the organization? Where is their headquarters? BULLSHIT!! It's all of the White Supremacists in the DOJ, police departments and such that created that B.S. White people are ALWAYS trying to deflect their sad saga of hate and violence on everyone else.

  25. Hey latinos and blacks! Go get a gun as soon as possible. That's the only way we will have gun control laws….

  26. I'm beyond sick and tired of this micro dick, hedious face and hair son of a bitch trump. Time for black people to sue the government. Same way we suing them for black wall street because the government has been complicit in every racially motivated murder of black people.

  27. Chenk and his cronies are still as pathetic as they always have been. I can't believe how many people are still subscribed to this channel. I thought CNN was the king of fake news but it looks like the young turds have them beat too. Just think you only have 6 more years of Trump's presidency but at this rate you'll never make it. Keeping America Great Trump 2020!

  28. well he wanted to make it the 1950's again. The "uppity" black identity terrorists who havent actually harmed or killed anyone are now top of the fbi list again while sadistic white supremacists are able to congregate and plan murders smdh.

  29. So, here's a thought.  When I bought a Taurus G2 at a gun shop, I was automatically enrolled in the NRA, which I later let expire cause I didn't care about them nor was I willing to give them a penny.  I later sold the gun back to the same shop cause I was terrible at trying to be accurate with it.  Are they doing the same things to AA gun buyers?

  30. Is this dipshit trying to attract everyone’s attention by dressing like the biggest douchebag he can? Look at me look at me. Pathetic.

  31. Black ppl have known this since cointelpro existed. This is news to others. It is a shame that Obama didn't take the chance he had to eradicate this mission.Thank you for reporting. Change starts with education.

  32. Domestic terrorism, worse than Al-Qaeda….great…..wtf is wrong with these people, Americans killing Americans, its to pathetic to describe, you know when I was a young man and a member of the NRA, they would have not only not stop legislative action, they would be leading the fight for back ground checks…..now just 6 million members are effectively controlling our congress……again, great…..keep on ………justasinger54

  33. No surprise here. Study your history. Black people have always been a perceived threat to this nation. And they wonder why we don't feel the same way about the flag as they do. Pull your heads out of your asses and allow your eyes to see if you dare!

  34. All you producers need to get out of those studios together with the victims and stage demonstrations at strategic locations and demands that an investigation take place of all those suspects like Trump, Clinton, Dershowitz, etc,.

  35. This is outrageous! Can someone please explain, how in the 21st Century, we could have a country led by shameless racist?

    Progress is actively being stunted by this man.

  36. TYT, while this is ridiculous to put Black identitarian extremists above al-Queda, do not conflate Black identity extremists with all Black people.

  37. Dave Gomez, a former FBI supervisor who oversaw terrorism cases, said he thinks FBI officials are wary of pursuing white nationalists aggressively because of the fierce political debates surrounding the issue.

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