Law or Not a Law

Today is the New York primary so I thought it would be
the perfect time to play a new game we’re calling Law or not a Law. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Okay. We just thought of it this afternoon so
we don’t have a better title or. {LAUGHTER} Or a song. The way it works is we’re going
to see a law from New York and we’re all going to have to guess if
it’s a real law or something we made up. You all have a card under your chair
because we didn’t have time to make paddles so if you have a stick in your
purse you can actually attach it and have your own paddle [LAUGHTER] Twitch and
I are going to play along, we have not seen these. So, we will all look at it, and
decide if it’s a law or not a law. We’ll see. A person may not walk around on Sundays
with an ice cream cone in their pocket. It sounds like that’s too crazy.>>Yeah.
>>I think it might be a law. [LAUGH]
>>Wait, what? [LAUGH]
>>All right, let’s see the next one. Women may go topless in public, providing
it’s not being used as a business.>>[LAUGH]
>>In New York?>>[LAUGH]
>>I’m gonna say, I don’t know. I say, no. [SOUND]
>>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH] And she can have an ice
cream corner party too. [LAUGH] Let’s see the next one. Men are allowed to whistle at passing
attractive women only if it’s recognizable tune. [LAUGH] No [LAUGH] [SOUND]>>But why can’t? That should be okay if it’s a, anyway.>>[LAUGH]
>>See the next one. It is illegal to teach your
parrot to rap without a permit. Come on. Just because it seems so stupid. [SOUND]
>>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>I do think you should have a permit to teach a parrot to rap, though. Let’s see the next one. It is illegal for
men to go topless in the center of town. Just the center of town? [LAUGH] The perimeters. And who cares if men are topless? [SOUND]
>>[LAUGH]>>So women can go topless, but men cannot go topless. Let’s see the next one. If a grocery store patron
squeezes a melon for more than five seconds,
they must purchase it. That actually I know is a law. [LAUGH]
I was thinking of Sherman.>>[LAUGH]
>>Let’s see the next one. Foreplay is forbidden in cars parked at drive-in theaters
while the film is being projected.>>[LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH] [NOISE] [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>Okay, Andy, it’s the last one.>>[LAUGH]
>>You may only water if the hose
is held in your hand.>>[LAUGH]>>[NOISE]>>As opposed to how else? Like, you’re toes? You’re like watering somehow. That’s how you play Law or Not a Law,
which will probably be the last time.>>[LAUGH]
>>Tune in. Next time we play IRS tax code or
not an IRS tax code.>>[LAUGH]
>>We’ll be back.

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  1. The ice cream one was a law because people would steal horses from the county fair that came on Sunday. They did this by luring the horses away with the ice cream when the horses weren’t tied up. They said that they weren’t stealing the horse that the horse had just happened to follow them even though the only reason the horse followed them was because they had ice cream in their back pocket.

  2. i´m just wondering if there are women in the USA who walk around New York City without a top)
    If a men or a women wouldn´t wear a top (and a bra either, just being naked except for pants) wouldn´t they have to pay a (token) fine if someone calls the police?
    I´m living in germany and never saw a woman without a top and a bra on the street (when it´s a hot summer, some women wear only a sports-bra, but that covers the nipples etc.).

  3. Hmmm in Ottawa it is illegal to eat ice cream on Sunday on Bank Street… (longest street in Ottawa, think the second is Young Street in Toronto)



  5. Fun fact: criminals used to put ice cream cones in their back pockets to lure a horse to follow them home. If they were stopped, they would say that they had no idea the horse was following them and police couldn’t prove otherwise. So, many states made similar laws to stop the would-be criminals.

    I have no idea why it is Sunday specific 😅

  6. Comment section:
    It should be Law or Naw 50%
    God people are just saying it should be law or naw 48%
    Others 2%

  7. In Lebanon, if someone throws themselves off a building (suicide) and they land on a car, it's the car owner's fault.

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  9. Here's something from Trenton, NJ: you cannot eat pickles on Sunday, and you cannot throw a bad pickle into the street.

  10. Well, I'm thinking some guy stuck the hose between his legs so it looked like he was peeing on the lawn, but when he was confronted he said he was doing nothing wrong, just watering his lawn.

  11. Good thing my brother doesn’t live in New York, we were at Disney last year and my mom bought us all ice cream, and she turned around and my brother wasn’t holding it and my mom yelled “where’s your ice cream?” And he responded “it’s in my pocket!”… keep in mind it’s 90 degrees outside

  12. UMMM SPRINKLERS! they must not want you waisting water or maybe dont want it over spraying into the street

  13. Apparently Ellen's never heard of a sprinkler or been to Illinois don't as if you grew up within 3 town of Chicago you all know people get creative.

  14. Yeah I'm totally going to walk around with an ice cream cone on Sunday on a vacation in New York (sarcasm)

  15. I heard in Washington lollipops were illegal, but I lived there for most of my life and lollipops were the staple of our elementary diet, even if it was gum pops. Teachers brought in gum pops a lot too even though there was a no gum policy on school grounds.

  16. I want to go to college in new york for acting, so if i do im going to carry an icecream cone in my pocket the go water my lawn with a hose in my mouth

  17. I have 2 pics of a sign that I would like to submit for "whats wrong with that sign sign?" How do I submit them?

  18. Get this a recurrent segment please!! Also the law about watering your lawn is strangely formulated but i'm pretty sure it's a way to widely said that no automated system or useless opened water are authorized :p

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