Late-night laughs: The midterm election

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. The problems of the past 2 years aren’t new, he just amplifying them.its severe enough that you know can feel the affects of them instead of belittle the minority people who it has always effected

  2. If this is a White Lash, Racists and Nazis are everywhere and Satan is in control, than what is North Korea then? What is Hell then? What was Nazi Germany then? No one is getting rounded up and murdered, no one is being suppressed, no one is starving. As someone who didn't vote for Trump, I don't understand why people think this way other than he says stupid stuff.

  3. Not sure why the above video was all one sided. When I realized it I did not bother watching the rest. These pieces of dung that think they are funny and intelligent make me want to puke.

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