Late Night Democratic Presidential Debate Round Six

-The Democrats have held
six debates already, but I think there are still
a lot of important questions left unanswered, so we decided
to hold another one. That’s right.
All seven qualifying candidates are right here, right now,
and they’re ready to go. So without further ado,
here is the “Late Night” Democratic Presidential Debate. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] Welcome to sixth “Late Night”
2020 presidential debate. I’m your moderator, Seth Meyers.
Let’s get started. Senator Sanders, this is the
first debate after the holidays. Tell us what gifts
you received this year. -Home healthcare, dental care,
eyeglasses, and hearing aids. [ Laughter ] -Vice President Biden,
what was your main role when you served
under Barack Obama? -Dumbing down the presidency. [ Laughter ] -Senator Klobuchar, it’s
a new year, a new beginning. Is there anything you’d like to
confess and get off your chest? -Yeah, I…
I voted for Donald Trump. [ Audience ohhs ] [ Laughter ] -Mayor Buttigieg, what’s
the best time to get drunk? -When you’re doing the bills at the end of the month
at your kitchen table. -Yeah. Yeah, I’ve been there. Mr. Yang, why you do hate those
paper straws they give you now? -It doesn’t last as long, and you can’t make a weapon
out of it. [ Laughter ] -Mr. Steyer, what did
Melania say to Trump when they first met? -I don’t like you,
you don’t like me. It doesn’t matter.
You’re gonna support me. [ Laughter ] -Mr. Yang, back to you. What are you looking forward
to the most about the future? -Robot arms. -Did you say robot arms? -Robot arms. -Mayor Buttigieg, what’s
the recipe for Coors Light? -The mixture
of contempt and pity. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Vice President Biden —
Vice President Biden, be honest. Have you ever answered one of these debate questions
correctly? -Not one single time, period. [ Laughter ] -Senator Sanders, complete
the following ad jingle — ♪ Nobody doesn’t like ♪ -Barbara Lee.
-Ohh. [ Laughter ] Mayor Buttigieg,
what did you say after you saw
the new “Cats” movie? -That did not make
our country safe. [ Laughter ] -Mr. Steyer,
what happens every year when pumpkin-spice lattes
come back? -White people lose control. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Senator Warren… [French accent] what do you
think of my French accent? -It is an international
embarrassment. [ Laughter ] -[Normal voice] Senator Sanders,
I know you to be a movie buff. How would you describe Macaulay Culkin’s character
in “Home Alone”? -The only person in the house. [ Laughter ] -Hey, Senator Warren,
you’ve been quoted as saying that HBO’s “Ballers”
is your favorite show. How do you feel when you watch
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? -Sometimes, um,
I get really worked up. And sometimes
I get a little hot. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Mr. Steyer, what did you say
when your pet ocelot escaped? -We need to go after this guy.
He’s a different breed of cat. [ Laughter ] -Senator Klobuchar,
where are you supposed to put the attorney general
when you’re done using it? -That attorney general holder. [ Laughter ] -Hey, Senator Sanders, when
you’re at a wedding reception, what do you bring
to the dance floor? -Energy and excitement! -Senator Warren, who sings the
song “California Dreamin'”? -Their mammas and their daddies. -Senator Klobuchar, I heard you
put a lock on your campaign office restroom so you’re
the only one who can use it. Where do you make your staff
go to the bathroom? -In a coffee can
in the basement. [ Laughter ] -Hey, Mayor Buttigieg,
my elbow hurts when I do this. -I think you’re going to be,
for the most part, okay. [ Laughter ] -All right. Mr. Yang, what’s your favorite
euphemism for taking a leak? -Go shake the money tree
in the wine cave. -Okay. Never heard —
Never heard that one. [ Applause ] Vice President Biden,
how much does it cost to get your teeth
to look that white? -It costs $30 trillion! -And finally, Mayor Buttigieg,
what did Donald Trump do after sneaking
into the dressing room to watch the contestants changing
at the Miss Universe Pageant? -The President yanked it. -Well, it looks like
we’re out of time! So on behalf of the candidates,
have a good night.

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  1. Absolutely stunning moments in this debate. I particularly agree with Mr. Buttigiegs’ view on the best time to get drunk. Doing the bills at the end of the month is only made bearable by alcohol. Also these debates are only bearable in this form 😂

  2. Presidential debates should be replaced with a Civilization-like real time strategy game based on current state of government with all the domestic and international hot topics plugged in.

  3. There's not gonna be WW3, Trump just want to distract the world from his impeachment and the media is doing what he wants

  4. “The president yanked it” is a phrase that is going to seriously endanger the progress I have made in therapy thus far…

  5. For the sake of HUMANITY
    2☮2☮ MEDICARE for ALL Now!

  6. Bernie is our only hope right now. ✌️💙☮️ !!!!!!!!!!
    He is the ONLY candidate that would absolutely STOMP trump. 💯🐳🐬

  7. you should show the video of melania being asked for her new years resolutions ..zoom in on her face when trump opens his mouth

  8. Lots of positive comments on this CNN interview yesterday

    Bernie Sanders: Trump administration hasn't a clue about what it's doing

  9. When politicians talk about "diversity," what they always mean is "fewer White people."
    When they say "Diversity is our greatest strength," what they mean is "White people are our greatest weakness."
    Diversity means chasing down every last White person.
    Diversity is a codeword for White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  10. I haven't checked the comments yet, but I'm betting at least one Yang-banger snivels about Yang's lack of speaking time.

  11. Please for all that is right or wrong in the world remore the backgroud! Who are the background people? We need to know the camera people too and the folks who put up the back drop no?…be weary my friends…close your eyes and listen instead.

  12. So we have everything with Iran going on right now and this is what you give us Seth. Total fail. It’s not even funny to begin with.

  13. By killing Soleimani's delegation while traveling to a peace meeting in Iraq, to arrange peace between Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran, the Trump administration has committed an act of State Terrorism. If the leaders of the world are not safe to discuss peace, all conflicts of the future can only escalate to world war! This an act of terrorism that endangers all of Humanity!
    Write your legislative representatives both National and State to demand they sponsor legislation to deliver Trump, Pompeo, and others involved to the International Criminal Court for the crime of State Terrorism, and provide all requested evidence.

  14. dunno how Biden could afford those teeth considering he's probably the least successful sellout in american political history. man has been doing deals with vampire corporations for decades and all he probably got out of it was a steady job and a windbreaker.

  15. I fell asleep watching YouTube and when I woke up this video was playing. And for the first five minutes I was convinced that Seth somehow got all the candidates to participate on his show and made them answer in the most ridiculous/funny way they could think of. I was really impressed.

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