Larry King Reveals How He Handles Lying Politicians

let’s talk a little bit about
politicians then speaking above ratings and the ability to get someone to tell the
truth baby often I now see these interview shows and politicians have a way up no matter what you as the
interviewer asked they answer completely different question and and they shamelessly do it how to use or
directly honest get shoved to the side would occur barry
goldwater and george mcgovern were two classic
examples by going to be the both many times and both Pestano barry goldwater on
george mcgovern had no cut-off between the brain and the mob wrestle
question-and-answer right wiped out in national elections
because the public and the we we in the media say we want
their a donde sea and we’ll ambassador if you directly on so what the
politician tries to do is home to my season pretty the best tip anybody if you’re watching an interview
show the politicians and the a guest is as the question and the
politicians those I’m glad you escalate is the truth he sold me not to administer and he has
said I’m glad US that so he can think how to answer it that
will appeal to the largest common to nominate so I’m guessing you probably
heard that about four billion time within 25 years on CNN right now don’t
you do the best you can what I try to do is get a pic or two
things I tried as good questions come around a lot always but I on the
other hand no great respect for politicians for
this reason they do something that we don’t do one they stand up and be counted and they have what we now have never had
in our lives they have a Tuesday in November where
the school goes up and we don’t do that we have ratings but
that sporadic correct score goes up so I’ve always
respected politicians and athletes athletes have something we don’t have
one their livelihood ends when most of our
really good livelihood begins the cheering stops when their 40 archie rings in life starts at forty pretty much number two they have a final
score you know aidid you lost you know we don’t have a final score
yeah I mean blooms for three today somebody laws for some we played best
Wallace and the one team scored a 100 2011 team scored 97 you can call you want the people on 97 lost the loss to is that it right there
is that the problem with the media that we don’t score things the other I respect at least because they face
that yeah iris but politicians because they get a Tuesday November that we don’t have so I begin with all
respect for a man to read for then I can if he gets drawn to store off
the beaten track then you know you tried it I you try to learn
as much as you can also try to do in interviewing was learn as much as I can
when I yelled at people I never learned anything the up

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  1. 1:28 "I have a great respect for politicians"
    Dave, did you nod out of politeness or out of honest agreement? 😀

  2. What Politicians really mean:

    Hand's out palms up = I'm bullshitting you but I don't want you to know it"

    Symmetrical gestures: "I think you're dumb enough to fall for my see through gestures"

    Hands on heart = " I can't let you know I'm just a paid off corporate PR guy"

    Gesturing downwards: Bullshitting you again

    Fist clenched with the thumb out, moving up and down emphatically = Really hiding                                                                                                       something

    Mouth open, words coming out = Lying

  3. the media does lose…they dont play with points but with ratings….whoever has the most ratings wins…….peace.

  4. Also, there's too much "Obscurantism" (-a new word & action for me!.. but the meaning is clear.) It's "the practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full details of something from becoming known." It reminds me of a Baha'i Faith quotation: “Knowledge is one point, which the foolish have multiplied.”

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