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  1. Stupid Ass Women Do Not Know Sports At Higher Levels!! The Only Reason She's In That Position Is Obvious But She Doesn't Have The Knowledge And I'm Sure She Was Not An Athlete Herself!!! Just A Spoiled Rotten Valley Girl Who's Stupid As Hell About Sports!!!! PERIOD!!! AND "COCK SUCKER ROB POLINKA""" IS A PURE BACK STABBING SISSY!!!!!!

  2. The cavs sign a player development coach wtf didnt draft penny think about it you have someone who knows x-n-o played with great players to know how to deal with lebron an he could of help lonzo an kuzma be better help to lebron an would of turn josh hart in uncle lue frank is a damn good coach dont get me wrong but as steven a would say what other player have develop under him none of them la will make the playoff next year but lose in the 2nd round jason is a good development coach but letsbe real about who is the best at the job im disappointed in the move an i dont see myself watchin the lakerz until all star break

  3. First they need to get that flopping clown crying bitch out….. Lebitch can't win with out a superteam, specially now that he's in the west coast not in that weak ass east coat where he played all his carrier and a cake walk to the playoff.

  4. Stephen B Smith, B for bullshit says the team should do what Lebron wants? Why? hes pulled that crap every team he went to including Miami and destroyed those teams. No matter how many tantrums LeBron has he would be better than MJ…end of story

  5. LeBron please come to The Knicks like you should have in the first place, The Nets are to New York as The Clippers are to Los Angeles. Help us out please!

  6. Fans need to chill. Lakers got one of the best player in the NBA. They have selling power. Get a good group of players and build up. Lol, is that really that hard to comprehend? LA residents are just stupid and they'll protest for anything. That's drama for you and Los Angeles is very familiar with drama. Take note Hollywood.

  7. Fuck the Lakers entire fanbase, what a spoiled bunch of bratty entitled children. There's no other NBA fanbase that would do this, dear god the ENTITLEMENT to actually protest like you deserve something? Keep crying Lakers fans. I'm a huge LeBron fan and I'd gladly watch y'all burn even if it means LeBron does too. Your tears are my nourishment.

  8. Y'all hired Joe from impractical jokers? What is wrong with you??? The Lakers are a joke right now. That is what you get when you bring the greatest cancer of all time in!

  9. This is what happens when your kids inherit the business you built. On occasion it works out, but much of the time it doesn't. In the case of the Lakers, it has not worked out.

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