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Lakers Fans Embarrass Themselves With Protest After Organization Fails Them With Bad Decisions!

Lakers Fans Embarrass Themselves With Protest After Organization Fails Them With Bad Decisions!

Oh balls in LA bring them all together we'll bring it back baby we're trying to find the last your tweet I just MS JB Bickerstaff oh my god [Applause] come on magic my brother at Kobe I have LeBron once he brought me nothing I want ring cause that's what we watch every championship we don't watch the slippers in the class no one even knows we don't want to first-round exit we want the Lakers to be back all the instability witnessing that has been pain witnessing what's going on right now that the Lakers organization draws a lot of similarities and to be able to be a part of this chaos one is an NBA fan but more importantly as a Phoenix Suns fan I'd be lying if I didn't say there was a little bit of enjoyment being taken from this but I can empathize with this whole thing the decisions the front office that management leadership is both is a complete catastrophe related to the fan base of this wonderful organization

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  1. HAHAHAHA! You see guys, there's these things called JOBS. You might want to find out what they are and get one instead of loitering in front of Staple's Center!

  2. These are Lebron fans and haters. Clippers fans that think they will be
    anything close to the Lakers are delusional and Suns fans that will never win anything.

    The Ball family is a joke ! None of those clowns are any good !!! That was a waste of a
    number 1 pick.

  3. Oh god. I don’t even want to call myself a Laker fan right now. I could’ve gone the rest of my life without knowing “Ball family” fanboys existed. Now I want to gouge my eyes out

  4. Lakers currently have LeBron, Ingram, Kuzma, Ball.
    If they sign one of the top 5 FA's this summer + draft a very good player with their lotto pick + fill the rest of their roster with guys like Terrence Ross, JJ Redick, etc… They will likely be a pretty good playoff team.

  5. Does there fans know what they are talking about or what they want for the future of the Lakers. If they do, they should buy their own team and see how successful they can be…idiots!

  6. Why would picking up Tyrone Lue be a good decision its literally like picking Lebron as your coach.

  7. I am done with the Lakers, I now have the biggest hate not to LeBron James (he is still my fav by a long shot), but to the entire fucking Lakers organization.

    “We are a city of champions” my ass

    Lakers Fans ride Kobe’s, Shaq’s, Wilt’s, Magic’s, Worthy’s, Kareem’s, West’s, and Baylor’s D to Fake their accustomed “I am used to winning”.

    They deserve to suffer like always.

  8. That kid is right about lebron not bringing the lakers anything. And don’t give me that crap about it being only 1 season. KD brought a championship to the warriors in his first season! No excuses

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