Laker Fans Planning Protest to Express Displeasure with Lakers Front Office | Lakers News 2019

what's going on z nation and welcome to another edition of Z SPN I'm your host is ade here and today guys we're going to be talking about the Los Angeles Lakers and Laker fans as well but before anything like always please be sure to like this video subscribe to the channel share my videos all over Facebook Twitter all the good social media stuff now guys I just got a notifications about maybe five ten minutes ago about the reports her just being out there that Laker fans are gonna go tomorrow on a Friday I believe is gonna be May 10th for and in this report Laker fans are just going to go out there in front of the staples center and going to protest they're gonna protest about their frustrations of the front office and just their disapproval of how the Lakers are been dealing with this offseason so far and it's just as a right now guys I'm kind of conflicted about my emotions about this protest but honestly I am rooting for Laker fans I want them to go out there and just voice their opinion and I just hope hope that the Lakers organization and Jeannie buzz I don't know maybe Rob polenka just somebody from the upper management sees this and consider that of these circumstances right now and hopefully they can get their act together and just focus focus focus on this offseason and just get things back on track and I kind of feel for the Laker fans I mean guys if I wasn't in Denver I swear I would have been down there and protesting with you guys tomorrow but unfortunately I can't cuz I love Alan Denver so it is it is just very it kind of gives me the type of passion arsonist reassurance that Laker fans our understanding the situation and I kind of kind of understand the the passion the passion that Laker fans are feeling when it comes to the situation that the Lakers are in and it kind of it kind of fires me up I mean come on I mean this is really getting ridiculous now in my last video I did mention that you know this is how the business is when it comes to the tyloo situation and the Lakers and its kind of the business aspect and obviously this is how it is but obviously if you really have to think about this for a second the Lakers could have signed tyloo to a to a contract that he wanted and just moved on and just obviously it would have just been a done deal and now the Lakers could have focused on free agents and now know made the draft that's gonna start I I mean the draft the pre-draft process of the combine next week once the Lakers get there lottery selection on Monday I believe and it's it's just that sort of situation that if the signing would have happened then the Lakers would have been on track on just getting a on getting the draft selection and just focus on the particular draft picks that will come their way once the draft approaches in June so I was kind of hoping that but then now with this whole not hiring tyloo and now they're back to the drawing board of just you know drafting now of just looking for another head coach really puts things now into consideration of what the Lakers are doing and why are they doing this and and what is up there with the management's who is in charge is it Rob polenka is it Jenny bus is it their embassies I mean it's just really getting ridiculous to the point that I kind of feel how Laker fans are feeling and I commend them for going out there protests and if those of you who are watching this video please go out there in protests voice your opinion put out there that you are that you just oh no don't like bra polenka he's doing a bad job kick out the Rambis isn't bringing me Phil Jackson Bri just go out there guys and voice your opinions because I hope Janie bus will be watching and I guarantee she saw this reports and she might be feeling right now this the type of heat that she's officially feeling right now and I can honestly say guys I'm rooting for you guys I'm ready for Laker fans and I am a Laker fan and I'm rooting for you guys from Denver so I just hope that it's gonna be a safe one I hope nothing goes wrong but I just I kind of love this it's just a passion that Laker fans feel because I just saw like a reports well actually I saw a first take this morning and basically he just put basically put out there the Steven Naismith just basically put out there that that the Clippers are coming and guys to be completely honest even though I hate the Clippers the Clippers are basically putting out there that they are the new face of LA and I hate to say that because it's not true Lakers Lakers are the face of LA and they are the most stoick franchise in franchise history and there is no way that a team will come their way and take over their turf and I just have to say that by hearing that it kind of angers me when it comes to that sort of reporting and I just hope that for for some reason if somehow the Lakers management sees this I can honestly hope that they'll listen and finally I don't know maybe revisit the whole tyloo situation and maybe give him a five-year contract that honestly even though I kind of think that three years kind of fits for tyloo I mean sure on his resume he has a championship under his wing as being being a head coach and learning from the best from like Doc Rivers and having people on his side from like Tom Thibodeau and being teammates with with Kobe Bryant and Shaq and also a former teammate of my Michael Jordan so he kind understands the feel of how to be a coach in this league and it kind of puts thinks as the consideration of of what what's going on in the management for the Los Angeles Lakers I mean it's just very it's again really ridiculous and I just hope that though the Lakers management are listening and I hope something will happen changing wise when it comes to either management or maybe finally they'll bring in a president of basketball operations maybe to fill in that sort of void that of the basketball side and maybe help out if somehow Rob link is still sticks around I mean there's a lot of scenarios and a lot of thoughts and opinions when it comes to the situation maybe after this protest that might go down I believe it will but it might go down on Friday but guys please give me your thoughts and opinions about it I honestly am rooting for this type of protest because I want Laker fans to voice their opinion and hopefully something some change will come out of it because it's just it's just really getting ridiculous and I just hope that some good comes out of it and hopefully once that happens maybe the Lakers will get their act together and focus on this offseason for the better maybe there were visit the the whole tyloo situation and hopefully give him a contract that he deserves or if there's somebody in the wings that they are considering that they might hire maybe Jason Kidd maybe Lionel Hollins I mean there's a lot of coaches that are in line for the coaching job if somehow they don't revisit the whole tyloo situation and give them a culture but if that doesn't happen guys I just heard maybe today that the Los Angeles Lakers are going to interview former former head coach for the Indiana Pacers and also the head coach former head coach for the Orlando Magic as well in Frank Vogel because the reports that just came out this this morning that the Los Angeles Lakers are going to interview Frank Vogel today so we just hope maybe something will come out of that but other than that guys please give me your thoughts and opinions about the whole protest situation are you with it are you against it I guarantee you I don't think the Laker fans are against it I just think they're just going out there and just voicing their opinion but I just hope from this process that maybe the Lakers management Jeanie buss if she's gonna be watching the protests that she will consider the opinions of the Laker nation okay the Laker fans and hopefully get their act together and focus on the offseason for the better because it's just really getting ridiculous and I'm trying my best not to bash the Lakers organization it's just very hard to do that but at the same time if something's going wrong with the organization then you should then then you should protest for for the better and hopefully with this protest everything will change and hopefully for the better and maybe they bring in a president basketball operations maybe they'll bring in Phil Jackson our Jerry West I read the list goes on I mean if something comes out of this for the good I hope the protests will will be a game changer for the better for the Los Angeles Lakers and for Janie buses as an owner and hopefully maybe she will change things up what when this happens so guys please comment down below like subscribe to the channel and I'll see you all in the next video and guys just real quick please give me your thoughts about the whole coaching process do you guys think the Lakers should revisit the whole tyloo situation or do you guys think there's uh there's a candidate that could really help coach the Los Angeles Lakers is it Frank Vogel is it I don't know Lionel Hollins Jason Kidd Juwan Howard Oh No maybe Mike will Woodsen I mean please guys give me your thoughts and I'll see you all in the next one thank you so much for watching go Lakers take it easy

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  1. Laker Fans Planning Protest to Express Displeasure with Lakers Front Office | Lakers News 2019

    Los Angeles Lakers fans are planning to hold a protest outside Staples Center to voice their frustration with the team's front office.

    According to Redditor C-P-R (warning: post contains profanity), the protest will be held in front of the arena at noon Friday.

    There are a number of chants planned for the event:

    "Sell the team!"
    "Fire Rambis!" (a reference to adviser Kurt Rambis)
    "Fire Linda!" (executive director of special projects Linda Rambis)
    "Kevin McHale"
    "No Jason Kidd!"
    "Shadow owner!"

    This protest comes after the Lakers extended their franchise-record playoff drought to six years with a 37-45 performance in 2018-19.

    So Z Nation, what do you think about the Laker Fans Protest??? Agree? Or Disagree? And do you think it will make a difference at all???

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  2. Jerry West , Jerry West , Jerry West !!!!!!!! When is it ?
    Clippers Have a Billionaire owner , great Coach , and the Goat Jerry West

  3. Sell the team Buss Family, We need a Billionaire owner and a strong front office. Sad 😢 , Love what Dr Buss did with the Lakers

  4. They just need to stop bringing up their history. It is a new era and history is something the current players could care less about. It breaks my heart how horrific the whole front office has been. They always open up the job to former lakers and prioritize them instead of experienced people that actually have a good background. 💔

  5. Laker fans are funny. 😀😀😀😀
    1.) Fans didn't want KCP back for a 2nd season, Lakers brought KCP back anyway
    2.) Fans didn't want Lebron James, especially Kobe Bryant fans, Lakers signed Lebron anyway
    3.) Fans didn't want to hire Ty Lue because of Cleveland Cavs experience, Lakers gave the job to Ty Lue anyway, but Ty rejected the amount of yeard

  6. Would like to see Lakers sold to the owners of the Dodgers and everything else downtown. Jeannie seems completely lost running the club. Those with influence have no background in front office management. What a joke!!

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