Lady Gaga Vs Target & Anti-Gay Politicians

the sense of the entrance is brought to you
by blowing the world’s barges wifi network sino more though dot com slash b wifey lady gaga has cut her ties with target okay this is what makes me appreciate lady gaga a little bit because
she is very outspoken about gay rights and you know some people think that it’s all publications
not really doing it because she’s genuine another she’s genuine some target was set
to sell her brand new album you know laid out that decided you know what
on point mike album off the shelves at target because of the fact that they continue support anti-gay politicians through their
target pack rates now uh… shit she told that she’s like
look you don’t have donated money to these despicable people who were against gay rights
and i want you guys to apologize for it and i want you guys to start uh… donating money to charities that raise awareness
uh… in the gay community right and target said basically not we’re not going
to do that and lady gaga pulled her album off-the-shelf at target and i love it she’s
standing up for something she’s showing a chest principal and you know whether or not
you like her gimmicks are her music you got at least respect the fact that she is willing
to do that violent solution streak used to be here’s requested explode his state says the it yet i know she’s crazy comes out expansive uh… that cases principal today it was set
up and say i will turn out that play is i’d be
despotism court chance that the c anywhere angiograms anyway at plane uh… itself create studied but is actually notification really soap site she’s a loosely make this little boy which
etiquette credit yeah i i i definitely get the credit for that and lunches then their
principle when it comes to her stance on gay rights in the past you know every single time she doesn’t like
wow a celebrity you know a multi-millionaire standing up for something she truly believes
that and in a very unapologetic way her son born this way even though it’s a massive rebuff
from madonna of the lyrics are basically like a gambler and i love it i think it’s great so basically for selling people like a you
were born this way dollar apologize for any you love yourself for reliable kind of thing
i i love the message so uh… i respect that hatfield risk factors which is uh… and playground knowitall one side not on-site is my favorite stop calling stop
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  1. @watermelonygoodness Wow… you're so naive you think because she spoke about one issue she doesn't care about all other issues? What other kind of bullshit do you believe?
    Thanks for the bullshit straw-man argument. It was entertaining.

  2. @kuunami What does what I said have anything to do with your comment? Thanks for the useless input but I never said anything you've accused me of saying.
    So shove it.

  3. @ubermisogynist That's capitalism for you. Have you ever seen an artist with an anti-hetero view??? I think that's likely to be a straw-man argument. Gays want to have the same rights as you, not to take yours away.

  4. @sdbfskdfs

    Are you crazy? This is the only thing I don't hate her for!

    Actually, the song mentioned here is the only one of hers I've heard that could be described as an actual song with actual music rather than gimmicky crap and stupid voices (minus the gimmicky part with the stupid voice).

    But really, this is when she's *not* terrible.

  5. @ubermisogynist

    Do you have any examples of this anti-hetero support ever happening from an artist or store chain?

    Because otherwise you're just getting your little hateful self all wound up over things that would piss you off if they happened even though they've never happened.

    If I found out a shop had been supporting South African apartheid I'd boycott them. It's not anti white, it's anti inequality. All you see is us vs. them, and you're in the minority as most people are nicer people.

  6. @jthono

    You got it backwards. Her songs sound like arse, but she seems ok.

    I don't consider looking like a dog's dinner immoral, just stupid. But then I don't consider sexuality decadent, I merely consider our society's adolescent fascination with 'raunchiness' to be immature and very un-sexy.

    When I see Gaga I don't think 'sexuality', I think 'twat'. But what she's doing here is great.

  7. @BenjaminFranklin2u
    I was responding to what watermelonygoodness said about people who don't care about things that go on as long as it doesn't affect them. So you shove it.

  8. @Deathnotepuppetgod Please don't monitor and stabalize the are absolutely a failure at that. How do I fail because gaga is going to be at a concert, I'm not even against gaga, I am a fan. All I said was she can't expect to make someone pay into that which they don''t support. I would actually LOVE to attend that concert. Again I guess I have to state..I like gaga, I support gay rights, I just don't believe in making someone who doesn't believe in a cause to support it, thats all.

  9. @lowenklee You didn't address the semantics, you said that Gaga – a bisexual individual – has invested little thought into GLBT issues and that she "does not understand" them. This is beyond foolish, and far beyond fiction; and borders on plain balderdash – otherwise known as bullshit. She's bisexual! This is NOT my opinion.

  10. @BenjaminFranklin2u Wow… you're so disingenuous you completely changed your argument after I made my point and thought I wouldn't notice? First you said, "What a fucking joke… Lady Gaga should be more concerned about issues that have nothing to do with her ? " Now you're saying "you think because she spoke about one issue she doesn't care about all other issues? " So first it was that she shouldn't care, now it's that she definitely does? You're stupid, you lost, thanks for playing!

  11. @BenjaminFranklin2u By the way, that isn't a straw man argument. You're dumb, which is why you don't know what that means. You see, a straw man argument is when someone misrepresents your original argument and then proceeds to argue against it, instead of arguing against your original point. For example, if you said you like the colour red, and then I responded "What? How can you hate all colours but blue?" That's a straw man argument. Nothing I said falls into that category.

  12. dude…telephone is about your boyfriend being an annoying ass and calling you while your out partying…i guess its about posessivness etc.

  13. @watermelonygoodness Both arguments are not mutually exclusive, not only shouldn't she care. But just because she spoke about this one issue doesn't mean she doesn't have an opinion on other issues.
    When you grow up maybe you will see the distinction, until then, go argue with your parents about your stupidity. I've had enough of your dishonest arguing.

  14. @BenjaminFranklin2u My arguing is not dishonest. Do you even know what that means? Do you know what anything means? You seem to be throwing words and phrases around without understanding them. She should speak on other issues too. She chooses to speak on this one because it will placate her fans. If she started talking about something more important, and controversial, she risks losing fans. So she doesn't. Most musicians are this way and it's fucking pathetic. They have a voice…

  15. @PuppyXz The only people who are dumb-asses are bad drivers and people who generalize. I believe you fall into at least one of those categories.

  16. i like how they dont really do their research and telephone has a deeper meaning cause its not really about phones. you guys are stupid just like all media is. and i dont care if u call born this way is a rip off cause really only the chorus sounds like express yourself and madonna was compared to many artist before.

  17. Wow….. Why can't she just wear normal clothing? Why does she come out of an egg? At least she stands for what she believes. She is still very odd but I support her opinion.

  18. Target would not have pulled her album. It's a source of money for them, and that's all they care about. They sell a tonne of products created by gays, and for gays. When Gaga first came out I thought she was just an attention whore. Then I actually paid attention to her politics and her artistic intentions. She's amazing. I don't love all her music, but she's kick ass. I'd much rather have her on the charts than assholes like Eminem or Chris Brown.

  19. @zplum11 target has no right to their view….it isnt a person! it is a financial tool, not a human with civil rights. if the owners of target want to sport their view, then that is fine…..but they should not steal from their shareholders!

  20. @zplum11 but deciding not to sell something is different than having a view. the people who work at target can make marketing decisions, but that does not mean that target "has a view." target has no opinions because target is not a living entity. it is the name that we give to a bunch of buildings. the people at target can decide not to sell Gaga's album, but the company we call target has no view. lady gaga has a different kind of speech than target bc lady gaga is a person.

  21. O so you know gaga is genuine ? O ok good just like all the other bullshit you act like is fact on this sad excuse of news

  22. Supporting someone who is pro traditional marriage doesn't make you anti gay rights.WTF is wrong with you people.

  23. She's genuine? LOL. She's is a complete idiot. It's all about her selling her image. She ain't putting shit on any line. She is now gonna sell more albums than ever and you folks are just as idiotic as she is.

  24. @daviduresti Who cares if that's true, either way what she did will work out for her and the people who like her music, making this move just as intelligent as it appears. There is no underlying negative effect here.

  25. @TheYoungTurks she dose not care about moneyshe cares about here fans so step your cookies up bitches

  26. Lady Gaga is a whore, but she has great music. 🙂 On the other hand, Target is my favorite store – If I had to chose between the anti-Christ -Lady Gaga and Target, I would pick Target. 🙂

  27. @hallielute Well, maybe she's not literally the anti-christ, but she smells like a slut. How's that?

  28. @Natures34JJJFreak Something tells me your a christian…. i'm also against gay rights, but I don't try to hurt ppl because of it 😉

  29. This is why i love lady gaga, there is no reason to be anti gay, we're all human at the end of the day.

  30. Homophobes and racists are bascially the same. People are born gay. And people have got to start realizing that being gay is natural. I am not gay but if I were gay I would not want people to be mistreating me because of my sexual preferences. Lady Gaga was right for standing but for what she believes in. Oh and the telephone song? It does have deeper meaning, along with the video.

  31. @Carpettower lies lies lies no one is born gay it's fallacious thought. it's not biblical or scientifical being gay is a choice.lady gaga is ther modern day jazebel/demon is sending people to hell. and you just said it she stands up for what she belives in not universal truth. it's her belief not facts.

  32. @AnnoyingTypoSyndrome no gays cant get married, resturants can turn down gay families, and in some states gays are turned down at hospitals, while strait people get all these rights.

  33. @ReignRed let me see if i have this correct god created gay then turns around
    and condem you for it does that even make sense??? and we are here by grace
    by jesus christ the righteous one. we here by mercy and love. accepting people
    the way people the way their are is not love. wanting the greastest ofr someone
    is love and that means telling the truth about their sin is love. lady gag only cares
    about gay opinions. not god righteous love this isn't about religion it's about
    god laws

  34. @ReignRed GOD laws is not religious there are laws. god is not religious
    god is the creator man made religion let's get that straight. how do i explain
    gay it's easy lustful desires, has nothing to do with god those are choices
    the homosexuality made. in term it's a demon spirit. lady gaga is promoting
    homosexaulity. not everyone is a child of god. you have people that are child of
    god and people the child of the devil. homosexuals went their own way that's
    why god gave them up.

  35. Gays are useless for all communities, beacuse all they care about is gay rights. Nothing else. That is their only goal in life. Very selfish people and very useless.

  36. Stop bashing gays because they are different… To them we are different, but you don't see them bashing us, do you? Also, gays, don't get pissed when someone starts to make fun of you… If you choose to be a certain way you must accept all consequences, for better or worse.

    Moral? Stop bitching…

  37. @314davidson Though I think you story is hilarious… Its probably true… You took your time and effort to ensure the fight doesn't come to America, and they don't give a shit. Guess what? The taxes they pay? Its your salary… They can bitch all they want.

  38. @HenryTomasino1 We didn't choose to be gay, sexuality is determined by prenatal and environmental influences and attraction is caused by chemicals and hormones. Millions of gays suffer psychological trauma and pain because of the way people treat them, so much pain that many gay people kill themselves. We also have less rights and we have to deal with ignorant people saying we "chose", as if that would make us less valuable human beings. So yes, we should get pissed and fight for whats right.

  39. @Randomidable Since you missed what I was getting at… What I was saying is that since no one is the same there is no reason to bitch about someone else… If your gay that's fine by me. As long as we mind our own business there should be no problems, right? But in the end that's not going to happen. Like you said… People are born racist, or gay. You forgot the dimension of people are born haters. Accept it… Its life… Stop bitching.

  40. @HenryTomasino1 People aren't born racist or haters…. they grow up in an environment of hatred and ignorance and learn to become that way themselves. If people took a stand to change all this social nastiness, then minorities like gays wouldnt have to deal with all of this bullshit.

  41. @Randomidable Do you know the likeliness of that happening? Its really depressing to know the world is fucked up and unless another Gandhi comes along… Things arn't going to change. Some people are born the way the are… They grow up in a "normal" environment but in the end they choose the same gender to couple. Just look at the 80s… You might not remember it but if someone else knew you were gay you would be beaten asap by a mob. Things changed a bit through the movements… Not enough.

  42. @Randomidable Things will never be "perfect." Its a simple fact of life that we have to except. Now I am not saying that harassing someone because they are different is acceptable, because its not, but there is no way to stop it entirely. In stead of being upset about someone making fun of you, be happy because it means that you ARE different. Different is good. Your differences make you have something they don't. You see everything differently and that's what matters.

  43. @HenryTomasino1 I agree that things will never be perfect because all humans have flaws. Im just saying that things can be changed to be pretty close. Just look at the way they treated black people 100 years ago and the way black people are treated now. Or an even better example is how woman were once nothing but property and werent equal to men. Things can be changed overtime, but it requires an effort to be made. 50 years from now im pretty sure that gay marriage will be legal in most states

  44. @Randomidable I'm going to just leave you with the idea of ignorance, or at least forgetfulness. The constitution states that the government has no right to interfere with a churches actions. That being true it doesn't matter if the state says same sex marriages are legal or not… They are legitimate because the church said so. Read the First Amendment.

  45. @HenryTomasino1 I have already read the First Amendment. The government wouldn't force churches to have gay marriages. There are marriages sanctioned by the government, for people who want to be married but do not want it to be a marriage connected to religious beliefs. There is also several branches of various religions which actually support same sex marriage and would happily marry gay couples within their churches. It seems that the one who is ignorant of the facts is not me, but you.

  46. @MrGreenPoop1000 I'm a girl and love it up the ass. If done right, it is clean and feels good and is not gross. A hole is a hole.. is it really nay worse than a blowjob, and swallowing a mouthful of cum? Or having it shot up a woman's snatch? Sex is sex, and in all of it's forms, is natural.. until it leads to rape, pedophilia, zoophilia or something or is used irresponsibly and leads to the careless spread of STDs, it's harmless.

  47. @MrGreenPoop1000 Well I dont really think its that fucked up. Actually I dont think its fucked up at all. I think that as long as people are being themselves and if they are truly not affecting anyone in a negative way in the process it is fine. By the way, Im not promoting homosexuality. Or heterosexuality either. I just think that we as human beings should be able to be ourselves and not have to put up with all the hate. 🙂

  48. lol cds don't even sell very much these days. target makes it's money in many many many other places. losing lady gaga isn't hurting target at all. you can't go boss people around and tell them how to vote this is america. i'm sure lady gaga is glad to be able to voice her pro gay voice. so why shouldn't target have the right. i dislike homophobia and have no problem with gay people. lady gaga is just trying to get attention.

  49. She isn't losing money. If I had 100 candy bars and gave 50 to Walmart and 50 to target, then target decided they didn't want my candy bars, the demand for candy bars still exists and Walmart will absorb that demand and sell my other 50 candy bars. If you need a pound of chicken breast do you go to the laundromat and go "shit no chicken, guess I won't buy it." NO, you go where the chicken is!

  50. Man i don't need to hete this bullshit about gay rights and stuff,people ypu weren't fucking homosexuals! We on this earth to reproduce and love.Also boys have a penis a reason to put in a female to make her pregnant,and girls have a vagina to give birth and reproduce wake up homosexuals is NOT RITE AT ALL (: Not to be threatening nobody but puting a penis in a dudes ass thats nasty as fuck! Thank for reading this (;

  51. @bunnyboocookie12 It's not our fault we're gay. We never chose to be attracted to the same sex. reproduce all you want on your own and let us live our lives.

  52. Don't talk about something when you didn't take the time to understand it before. If they have took the time to watch her interviews, they would have known that telephone is about her fear of not being able to enjoy herself anymore when she's supposed to have fun and relax because she is too dedicated to her art and her work.

  53. @bunnyboocookie12 What's not right is your level of intelligence. Natural Selection should have weeded out your kind long ago.

  54. @Cottonmouth235 Omfg Like first i was on my iphone texting i didn't know i spelled incorrectly,AND I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH GAYS! I just think you can't reproduce if your gay and what would your child say OH I KNOW why do i have two fucking dads and not a mom!But bullying is wrong though ): We are all the same.So get of my pussy!Find yourself open your eyes man.And No there is no Homosexuality in humans so shush.

  55. @BubbleGumDexter23 Ahahaha lol!Wow i did spell wrong,SHUT THE HELL UP bubbles,You need to grow up because im Mature enough to know what my sex is unlike you (;

  56. Gaga … hate her music, love to make fun of her, but damn, she's a decent human being. I gotta respect her for that.

  57. The CC is f'n HILARIOUS. "Violent solution angiograms anyway." YouTube should market it as a band-name generator.

    Also, I remember when Wal-Mart made Nirvana change the name of a song before they'd sell their third album. AND NIRVANA CAVED! Or at least their owners did. Now a girl who wears meat dresses is giving ultimatums to Target. Say whatever, she's got bigger stones than Cobain had.

  58. So, basically, she tried to blackmail target. "If you don't give money to the people that I like, you can't sell my album." Wow…

  59. "Telephone" is about freedom. It's like she's telling an ex-boyfried to stop calling her; she done with him. And that's why she's in the club doing her thing, and being too busy dancing (in the song lyrics).

  60. Why apologize its a free country, If gaga doesn't like it too bad. I would pay to keep Gaga out of the media, her music sucks. Only gay people like her music.

  61. No she is saying "I don't believe in what you are doing, so I'm cutting our connections" Just like America told Brittain in the Declaration of Independence

  62. She's said it herself. She also means it. Watch her interview with Howard Stern. He asks her about this, and the only things she's bought for personal use (except food and other necessities) is a car. Which she gave to her dad. She also donates a lot of her money, which I don't see many celebrities doing now a day.

  63. lol okay as long as it's fair i won't show PDA and neither will heterosexual couples fair is fair ;]

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