Koch Brothers Pretending To Push Progressive Ideas, So They Can Bankroll Democratic Party Primaries

the next article we're going to talk about here is from Time magazine and this one is about the Koch brothers and the title of this article is coming soon to a Democratic primary to a Democratic primary candidates backed by Charles Koch so as many of you know the Koch brothers are well-known right-wing donors these are people that have been that are fit you know famous popular among you know Republican candidates for the Republican Party they've given money to all different kinds of conservative organizations and stuff and they obviously funded a lot of the stuff that was going on during the Tea Party when it came to like Americans for Prosperity and stuff like that la voz both those organizations that loved you know that obviously loved the love that eat that whole Tea Party move in and getting more right-wing right-wing candidates into Congress in the Senate so apparently looks like they're gonna dip their toe into the Democratic primary as well here so let's check this out it says the it says the political arm of Charles cokes ambitious Network is preparing to start playing any Democratic primaries for the Senate House and local roles according to a memo being sent Friday the decision is the result of a gradual shift away from aggressive and conservative politics inside the deep pocketed donor Network and one more toward comedy committee comedy comedy and compromise several major donors had bristled at the partisan image built around the Koch brothers around the Koch Network and have been lobbying leaders to get behind candidates that promote progress on issues like immigration reform regardless of their party the groups will try to find candidates from either party that commit to pieces of the Koch agenda the passage of the Koch backed first stepped act first step act a massive rewrite of the criminal justice code sparked many donors imaginations on what other polls could be accomplished if they shed the partisanship and found allies from across the spectrum as they did on the crime bill the cloak packed federer concerned veterans for America and their liberal vote vets have partnered to lobby for the relocation relocation of the authority of the author of the authorization of military force passed passed after the 2000 tie after the after the 7 September 11 2001 terrorist attacks at and the coke backed Leap Libre libr e initiative is working with the tech powered FWD us to change immigration laws the news of primary plans was being shared with staff activists and donors by Emily Seidel the CEO of Americans for Prosperity and a senior advisor to its sister organization AFP action quote these recent experiences have shown when AFP unites with anyone to do right regardless of political party we can lead effective and diverse coalition's of people and groups to help achieve meaningful meaningful policy public policy victories Sidell writes in a memo obtained by time the the note oldest also describes a series of four spin-off political action committees that won't direct that will give directly to candidates who share the group's priorities on economic opportunity free speech free trade and immigration immigration I'm sorry Americans for Prosperity an AFP action do not disclose their donors to the public yeah no wonder of course it says the spin-off political action committees however would have to name their funders and beneficiaries under current campaign finance laws Koch backed organizations had previously bought ads to thank Democrats who had shared goals such as when then senator Heidi Heitkamp backed a repeal of a portion of the dodd-frank bank regulation but the shift into direct intervention intervention in democratic politics is a new one this won't be easy we expect skepticism from those who say it can't be done Sydell writes there is no set budget for this Democratic play but in the past Koch initiatives push into the hundreds of millions of dollars it says there is no set budget for this Democratic fight but in the past coke initiatives pushed into the hundreds of millions of dollars the network decided not to participate in the 2020 presidential race officially the line into the president a 2020 presidential race officially the line is donors think they can have a greater impact at lower level races but it's worth remembering just how uneasy is the relationship between Charles Koch and Donald Trump that's yeah that's why they're trying to get into the Democratic Party what remains to be seen is how Democrats may take the development that the Koch Network has been a boogie man on the Left and it's backing in a primary may not be as helpful as Koch strategists hope still as the broader network inches away from politics it will be interesting to see how just how post partisan the donors will go in pursuit of specific specific candidates who match their specific ambitions so first of all I don't think it's gonna be as hard as they think it is gonna be with the rise of somebody like Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard and groups like justice Democrats and the rise of just general leftist groups and in you know the idea idea is getting into the mainstream there's gonna be a lot of moderates and centrist and neo liberals in the Democratic Party who are gonna love the support of the Koch brothers and you have to think about the fact that and this a lot of these people are like considered what in the past have been in honor of they're still considered that way but in the past known as as blue dock Blue Dog Democrats so the Blue Dog Democrats are the they're basically the Democrats that are running in specific certain states that are like more that have like a lot more conservative districts and they run it that way they run there they do their politics a bunch more moderate so-called moderate but conservative ways and these are the type of people historically not historically but I mean in recent certainly in recent history have seen whenever had they have seen any kind of like money being involved in a race whether it's a local race whether it's a you know San Andreas congressional race whatever you know whenever that kind of stuff has has come about whenever they see money they love it they're just like money you know money because they're so greedy they're so greedy and they're so wanting to hold on to that power and wanting to be part of that you know part of that that basically that group of elitist in Congress in the Senate you know they're so obsessed with it they're like okay I'll take any money I can get from any donor whether it's the Koch brothers whether it's you know Sheldon Adelson whether it's you know I don't know throw any donors out there who's that one who Faust fries you know I'm not very familiar with all of them on two main ones I know about death Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson Foster Friess I don't really know a lot about but those are at least the main collect conservative donors for sure there's a bunch of liberal ones like George Soros and all these other ones a bunch of people there that backed Hillary Clinton and stuff but when it comes to the specific conservative ones they're okay with that because a lot of these little liberals and centrist they want to appeal to these conservative districts they want to appeal to conservatives with kind of like opportunistic you know right-wing ideas while calling themselves Democrats and they're all totally okay with that there are on board with that they want to do that as long as they can you know win their elections and get to a certain point of like being known as like you know a fixture within that within that specific constituency and within that specific like district as long as they can get that there they're gonna be okay because then they don't have to worry about any kind of any kind of like challenge coming and like dethroning them essentially you know and if they have that status and then pay you know so if they had that status as you know being you know taking a lot of money and then you know obviously being known among their constituents and then so-called fighting for what they believe in I guess – I guessed if I maybe done a lot of guys they don't but in some cases they do you know as long as you pander to a certain base of your you know constituents you're honestly gonna get that you're gonna get those donors to fund you now in this case what based on what this article is saying they're saying that well we could work with the Democrats because we're gonna push for immigration reform we're gonna push for in the criminal justice type stuff I don't know what else I've got what else was mentioned there but you know we're gonna push for like policies that you know the two sides considering you know in this case you know Republicans Democrats you know we can you know concert conservatives and liberals we can find a common ground but I don't really see it that way and you know listen if that is the case with let's say this prime miss of this primary or this election coming up or whatever like I guess that could be the case here but I think honestly this is this is a larger this is a larger play this the larger picture here this is a larger play for like the Koch brothers to get their foot into the door and to be able to you know cuz I think they are I think they already are funding some Democrats so like them obviously like very centrist Democrat centrist you know right wing type Democrats conservative Democrats like I said Blue Dogs so I think they are funding like they are you know donors for some of those candidates but when it comes to all these other like not as centrist and as corporate and well many corporate but not as centrist and not as conservative those people they're trying to woo them because they're trans so they're trying to get their foot in the door by throwing out these eivol yeah immigration reform and you know criminal justice reform but I think that's just their way to get the front door so that they can then eventually get them as donors and then convince those politicians to push for conservative policies I don't think that they're gonna be that they're gonna be like like pushing for like they're not going to be pushing for like other policies that are going to be considered they're gonna they're gonna be considered like oh yeah we can totally work together they're gonna go in there it's like this is like their this is that at their initial play it's just an initial play to to see like okay we can agree on these call you know a few things or you know three or four policies great but then the more money we give you then we can convince you to go even more to the right so just will propose these ideas that are you know middle the road so-called but then we're gonna try and get you more to the right you know more to the right more to the right and then you know what does that do that just creates more conservative Democrats and it creates more corporatist Democrats even though there's already so many to begin with but it the more you can create those corporate you know the corporatist type politicians who rely on those kind of donations and those kind of donors the more you can get them to agree with you on things because the money talks anytime you can get any politician to agree with something but there's no money involved it's much more difficult but then when you get the money in there then it's a whole different thing once the money gets in there then it's like it's a whole new polity and you can convince pretty much anybody of doing anything that you want them want them to do you know and that's a really scary thing so that's why politicians like Bernie Sanders are great that's why politicians like you know Alexandre El Castillo Cortez Tulsi Gabbard these kind of politicians are great because these are the kind of people that don't rely on that money you know from big donors a lot of loan money from conservative donors I mean money from donors that are like on your side of the political spectrum is you know okay that's I mean that's already bad I mean that's not really something that obviously that's not something I'm in favor of at all that's and that's not something that you know any you should you should be getting money out of politics completely but you know if if we were in like this world of like let's see if it was like 20 years ago people they call yeah I totally take money from George Soros and take money from you know Harvey you know Harvey Weinstein before he became a sexual assaulting perv essentially but you know from all the Hollywood donors and stuff again 20 years ago people were like yeah we'll totally accept those people but these days you know that shouldn't be accepted on any level it should be completely public funding or just money from small donors like being you but yeah but twenty years ago people were told the OK was like liberal donors but now they're the but then they're like you know now they're like or like at some point especially doing the tea party air they were like yeah the Koch brothers you know the Koch brothers suck but you know now it seems like the Koch brothers now want to get there and now they want to get involved with the Democratic politicians as well because they see that you know the right wing or the right wing politicians are already brought me enough right so all those people that were chosen you know during the Tea Party era even after that you know even under Trump and all that stuff all those politicians they got those guys in there you know they already moved those people they don't need to do any more wound 30 on their side they already got them they already got them in their in their you know back pocket as it is so you know they've already made them sell out so they don't need to that any more than they already done it because they've already done it so they've already got the entire the Koch brothers in foster freeze Sheldon Adelson they've already got the entire Republican Party you know sold you know selling out to them now they want to try and get the Democratic Party on board because they want to push more of the conservative policies even though they claim like their post partisan stuff I don't believe that for a second I don't think that's I'm not buying that at all I mean I'm not buying any much of anything they're saying regarding you know the policies that the policies that they claim to want to push forward because I think ultimately it's just gonna lead to two more right-wing policies so but yeah it's it's just this is a ploy to get yourself into the Democratic Party said that you can innovate you can invest that party now make them even more right-wing so that you know we can keep talking about how everybody needs to be more pragmatic and not push for social Sam and not push for you know far-left policies god forbid even though those part because they know how strong how powerful and how you know populist and popular those policies can be and they want to get away from that so they're gonna do that by doing by doing this that's and you know it's smart but you know people progressives like us we need to notice that this is a that this could be having having its role in in the 2020 primaries I'm sorry the 2020 you know like Senate races congressional races and all stuff so as long as we can notice among those you know if we can nip it in the bud from for the you know congressional bases and the Senate races then hopefully we can nip it in the bud for any future presidential races as well because once that once that disease you know once that that disease you know implants itself into one into one you know host it's going to be able to spread around even more you know and and at that point we won't be able to get rid of it anymore and so we've got a we gotta get rid of it before it even if word spreads any worse than it already is

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