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[Music] hey guys today I finished reviewing the backlog of nightly footage that I’ve been collecting over the space of the last couple of weeks during and after the object placement tests that have been doing now after the first few nines per your guys’s suggestion the first time around I did start to include the Kinect camera because it really does add that validation if you can get a skeletal figure on Form now it doesn’t happen often but I have had one night in which it was a bit of activity under skeletal form appeared almost simultaneously at least in correspondence with each other so I’m going to show you guys that now and then we’ll jump in and discuss it afterwards so as I’ve said in previous connect videos I think that frustrates me most about this device is the fact that the skeletal figures only seem to appear for a couple of seconds at a time or even a short a couple of frames and it’s so frustrating because I mean you look at the footage like the must have been a spirit stood there the whole time opening that drawer rummaging around whatever but yet there was only a skeletal figure for a couple of seconds before and a couple of seconds after what was it that stopped it just being there the whole time you know I mean and it’s interesting because I I’ve had instances in the past where they have shown for way longer than that they’ve actually interacted with me they’ve reached out tried to touch my hand and stuff but what was it there was special about those those experiments those environments that allowed them to show themselves and this is this is kind of what I want to know and so even though the evidence itself isn’t necessarily groundbreaking like I’ve caught things similar in the past what it has done is it inspired me to really try and push the Kinect forward and try to experiment with it Altamonte try to figure out what it was that was special about those environments that allowed them to show themselves and see if we can get that same type of interaction again and we’ll include over devices obviously to try and validate what I’m capturing you know to even capture some other evidence along the way but more than anything I want I want that interaction on the Kinect so that’s what I’m going to focus in on and so I guess I’m going to leave it with what do you guys think of the Kinect do you guys have any ideas for experiments what do you think is that like that stops them from showing themselves for long periods of time why is it always just short snippets thank you guys so much for watching and as always I’ll post any no lack tivity cuz of Medicaid [Music]

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  1. What I want to know is what is so interesting about those kitchen drawers? The spirits are always poking around in them.

  2. I believe you're communicating with demons, not spirits, who are legion, spiritually filthy, fallen angels. They hate God and people so they mock you and tell you lies, like making up random names for themselves, especially American ones, which came long and far after their origin, cursing at you, or confusing you on purpose. And some random commenter suggested you give them an offering, like they're a false god or idol? It seems most commenters here aren't Christian and haven't read or studied the Bible cover to cover, and maybe they and you don't want to hear it, but I believe it's the truth and that Jesus would tell you to stop this. Whether for entertainment, curiosity, or money – not worth it.

  3. Just in case you weren't aware of it, a YT channel called Top Scary Videos is using a lot of your content without giving you credit (but claiming it's fair use).

  4. Only just found your channel i find it interesting that the kinect can pick up ghosts/spirits though i have actually seen a ghost/spirit (do not know what it was) in the doorway of my room on a very sunny day it was the same colour as the sunlight shining in but in the shape of a person could not see a face or anything just the shape, Not sure if it knew i could see it though but i beleive it was there watching me.

  5. they travel thru the type of energy that looks like distrtion on certain cameras and videos' .. i have noticed that' i think when the larger eaves if that type of energy shifts or moves they have no choice but 2 go with it'…. need 2 figure out exactly what the type of energy is & try to reproduce it . u r gettin great results' keep up the kool videos' ty for sharing your videos!!! this energy has not been labeled or found out exactly yet' but i dont kno why' i can see it moving & gathering before they even appear' i really can. if u kno what 2 look 4 & focus u can too' reminds me of the see thru energy from that movie preditor…. sounds weird im sure but im right!!!! i can usually even c where they r and or see that type of energy even in the day' they arent always there 2 see but i kno they are trapped traveling thru that type of energy!!! email me' i will show u what i can do. kelli

  6. if u add the vibration that our voices make ( but without our sound' just those vibrations they can talk in full sentences' need 2 build a " voice box"….. thats why we always hear them while we r talking' they use our sound vibration that inly the human voice can produce'….. im gonna try 2 make my own device 2 proove this!!!

  7. ur work is awesome' i love it & u have some great idesa & amazing results!!! fyi 2 all….. cats sense spirits way better then dogs do & cats can also protect u if they love you!!!! my cats always let me know where spirits are & when they r bad' which is rare they protect me! cats have a special power if protection. other animals can sense them but cannot actually provide true protection . only god & white lite & good guides & spirits & angels can other then CATS!!!! its true hun.

  8. My first question is what, exactly, does the kinect respond to? Since a spirit is non-corporeal, just what does it detect that is interpreted as motion? Second, have you compared such things as the amount of electrical wiring, appliances, etc. is in each of the locations you have used the Kinect in? Third, Have you checked the types of metal in each room? Fourth, Are there differing amounts of glass in the windows, or different compositions of glass? Fifth, Is there a lot of quartz or granite under ground there? Sixth, Did you get better results upstairs, or down? Seventh, What about number and placement of doors; opened or closed, interior or exterior? That includes closets and cabinets. Eighth, who and how many other people were there at the time of the recordings? Awake or asleep? In the same room or not? And last, what about time of day/night. I don't think you can frame an experiment without answering some of these, and no doubt others that your viewers suggest. Thanks.

  9. Love your vids Michael… Very informative…. It's amazing the stuff you have caught…I love that you use different types of devices. I like the Kinect device… Maybe they need more energy in the room to show up longer in the Kinect.. Would be interesting to see what would help… Thanks for sharing… Keep it up

  10. This is a theory: Assuming that the entities have to draw upon EMP's to have the ability to manifest themselves, lets consider the EM wave. It is just that, a wave. It is a wave that is in constant flux, the EM is never in a stable flow. Your EM devices will confirm that. If constant flow were so, I imagine technology would suffer more from it and more EM shielding would be necessary, but I digress…Assuming the EM pulse comes and goes in waves and at various strength levels, it makes sense that the entities have only short amounts of time to harness a strong enough EM pulse wave to use effectively for manifesting. If so then that would explain the short amount of time they manifest in the Kinect. A good experiment would be to have a EM measurement device going at the same time the Kinect device is up to see if a strong EM pulse coincides with a manifestation. Good Luck, Mike!

  11. …EM Theory Pt. 2…If you have questions regarding using a EM pump, YES they are putting a constant wave that is only stable at a constant frequency and at only for certain distances, as where atmospheric (natural) EM waves fluctuate at different frequencies and it can effectively combat an EM pump pulse at greater distances. Love to hear your comments!

  12. Use an Ouija. It's a traditional method, but it would be interesting to actually make the spirits form words and answer to your questions, I think you would really clarify many doubts that way. You could also use the Kinect with the Ouija to catch any spirits or entities around it. It would definetly be an interesting video to watch.

  13. I myself have found out that if I am in the room and being active, than the spirit(s) are drawing from that energy.

  14. My theory is that the spirit isnt as powerful as us. thats why the program finds it hard to keep track on the movements.

  15. The only way to capture the figure walking throughout the place is to increase the sensitivity of the Kinect by 1000 times. This is not impossible. The entity is vibrating at a very specific frequency and using energy in a variable consistent with the environment. Laser grid is in wrong frequency.

  16. maybe you can put youre hand on a fingerskateboard en ask f they move youre hand so it will be easier for them because its on the fingerboard


  18. In order for them to move things they need to build up A Physical Form to Interact with objects that could explain why the kanext onley Showed up for that split moment & not for the whole time

  19. Maybe you should experiment to see if magnets or microwaves have any effect. You're looking for forms of energy that theycan draw upon, right?

  20. For me it's like yes on one side thay give you (and us) enough proof of existence. But it's like a "law"not allowed to confirm that…. Humanity like all, maybe don't need to know that with 100%. it's important. It's also important to not interact too much. I feel enough from my personal experience that this part of" space" exist. But the proofs never ll be enought to open everybody eyes! Maybe that was a reason why some of those entity "try to scare you " or that was just a way how to say… No no there are limits With a good reasons, but we are here!

  21. I have enjoyed every one of your videos and I have noticed the spirit figure sure loves those draws and I wonder if you could put a trigger inside or on the draw to shock or amuse the spirit to see if it reacts…… I have also noticed that spirits like a physical knock to answer questions and a they react to whistling as well.

  22. I don't know about you but I think it's all about emotion… Take anger as an example… They(ghost) manifested depends on what emotion they're use on that moment…

  23. I've seen all yr vids N you R seriously into yr tng! Good tng for all of us you bringing these awesome true videos forward! Congrats on your awesome work it's appreciated! Thank You !!!

  24. I wonder if the reason the image of the spirit disappears while it's opening the drawer is because it takes so much of it's energy to actually make something move.

  25. Hope you come back soon Micheal. Really enjoy your videos and personally I really like the connect. It's fascinating

  26. I believe it takes a lot of energy to keep itself where it is. The dimension it is in probably fluctuates. Maybe have more energy around it can feed on.
    It may not touch you because it can take all your energy away.
    Don’t want to do that to you.
    Ask it through EVPs. It may have the same problem on their side seeing you.

  27. Is the Kinect even available anymore? Id love to get this equipment to do some investigating of my own!💜

  28. I'm thinking it's the amount of energy the spirit has to show itself on a device or able to communicate on a device. Maybe they drain quickly and can only be there for short amounts of time?

  29. u gotta study how kinect normally detects people then you'd know how its detecting and not detecting where theres seemingly no one there. it might be because in certain times, the ghost might be more concentrated in form in the place for kinect to reach the threshold of detecting it then when its a bit loose in form, kinect doesnt detect it.

  30. I think the ghosts are still there when they cease to show up on the kinect. It's most likely the software struggling to hold on to that skeletal form and thats why it shows up only seconds at a time. maybe try multiple kinect cameras at different angles around the room to capture a single figure. you could also make a note of the temperature in the area where the ghost is when it shows up on screen. then when it dissapeares off screen, test the temperature again to see if its the same…the ghost could still be present.

  31. 1 a exigir a tu casa aprende ingles que es muy efectivo para muchos ámbitos de la vida y asi haces algo con ella.
    2 Michael why dont go on streaming for once to show us that assumptions paranormal activity are real. Show us if its true you can edit all thosse vidieos but in streaming you can proof that its real

  32. Please forgive me if I'm being completely dilusional but is this ligit evidence of ghosts existing or is it just fake????????

  33. turn the heat up in your house, maybe it will pick up the cold better. also maybe they show when they move things because they need to be somewhat present in our dimension in order to move things and in that moment when they are it picks them up but soon after they go back to where they came from(their dimension)

  34. Michael, I have some paranormal ‘connections’ and would be interested to speak with you, what do you think?

  35. Hey Michael! Big fan here! I don’t know if anyone has brought this to your attention through the comments.. But what about taking a Kinect (an extra one of you have it) to an electronic engineer of sorts, see what makes the Kinect work, what type of parts it takes to make it work, and enhance it, perhaps? Design your own “Paranormal Kinect” so to speak. Just a thought. Hope the best buddy! Great stuff!

  36. It's probably the spirt
    And it needs energy to
    Show them self maybe?
    And that's probably why the
    Spirt in the kitchen next to that
    Glowing ball thingy I don't really know

  37. Suggestion…hav a very spirtual person near u nnot say anything. Does th ghost interact w/ either of u?

  38. almost 2 years since your last video, I hope you return soon I know a lot of people would love to know how you've been and if you've captured any more activity/experiments

  39. Honestly, one ghost is scarier than two ghosts. I'd rather live with two or more ghosts in my house. The more ghosts, the less nervous I am.

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