Katie Hill slams GOP, ‘double standard’ in final speech

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  1. this dumb lady uploads pictures to a Wife-swapping site…. then gets angry at Republicans because somebody found them. do stupid things, win stupid prizes

  2. Tammy doesn't get it right. Hill only suggests that Republicans would use her photos to smear Democrats in general.

  3. And just like a Democrat she takes no Responsibility for her actions and Blames someone else…The Republicans did not make her sleep with members of her staff or have threesomes with her staff and husband. What a Immoral and Soulless Individual.

  4. Katie is 30 years old. Seems like she would have known taking nude pictures of herself is always a bad idea. That kind of act always comes back to bite you in the butt. Most 30 year olds know that.

  5. Double standard??? She had affairs with her staffers. Just glad she's gone but I'm sure Commiefornia will just replace her with another dirty Democrat.

  6. The Californication way ain't the Everywhere way. But, don't worry, Katie. Your constituents will welcome you home, arms extended. In fact, they have a refrigerator carton and a stretch of sidewalk reserved for you. BYOTP!

  7. Little weird that in the pics that she is the only one naked as her staffers are fully clothed while Katie is brushing her employee's hair in her office. WTH?

  8. take responsibility for your own actions katie. do not try and blame your misgivings on everybody else because its all you..

  9. Matt Gaetz, a rightwinger, stood up for her when no Democrat did.

    What does she do? Blame the right wing. When it was Nancy who forced her out. No respect.

  10. Worst speech ever, blame others of a Double standard for her wrong doing? LOL. What does she mean by that? There are others who cheat too and they don't get punish? How many of them in there like her? California, come'on we don't have to lower our standard to raised this kind of people! They don't make sense at all so please buy some sense. What a shame these words came out of our district representative paid by the tax money.

  11. It's not my fault to be sexually attracted to my 22 yr old aid. I just found her so beautiful and could not resist brushing her hair. It's the right's fault. Oh give me a break!!!

  12. hint no porn to post , lord here is a brain dead woman .you let the film be made , wth i don't care, it should not be on the news . she like what she like , but the world don't need to know , mom and dad alone . my baby is in DC . to OMG ….. post no porn . and if she stayed i don't care

  13. So…the GOP stripped her naked, and filmed her while she had sexual relations with staffers? Their mental illness knows no bounds.

  14. Don't blame us concervatives. Blame your nasty self,and the filthy scum democrat party your in.The party of hate, and will strike their own like a snake if your not in line with them.

  15. So point the fingwr at thw GOP…no self blame ? Blame all other's for your miss deeds….Kati Hill go 🏡home to California..and get your freak on ! TRUMP 2020

  16. Ohhhh….so it is the Republican's fault you had a "throuple" with your young female staff, and having an affair with another guy too! It's her fault she is a floozy!

  17. Double standards? LOL She brings up Trump, but I've never seen any pictures of Trump, naked, with some dude between his legs while he combs his hair. What a pig. Bring on the pictures, or blame someone else for your disgusting fantasies.

  18. Katie, you're leaving because you are a thot and a caught thot at that. "Some thots are born, some achieve thotness and some have thotness thrust upon 'em. You are a thot over achiever who was too dumb, even by Washington standards.

  19. She was sexually harassing her staffers and she is getting away with it. It was not lack of judgment but intentional use of her power over younger staffers who probably could not say no.

  20. democrats are the party of irresponsibility, immaturity, irrationality, immorality, promiscuity, and perversity.

  21. Democrats are always victims of dirty politics and misogyny–but only when they get caught doing something that they shouldn't and when they're held accountable for their actions. Katie Hill fired her MeToo guns at Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation, but when they were turned on her, she became a victim. What's good for Franken is good for Hill.

  22. SEZ , THE WOMAN IN HER NAKED PHOTOS WITH HER FEMALE STAFFER ( no worries for her , she has her own carpet cleaning bussines ) ON THE WEB , think it's the dark web tho' .

  23. I’m an utter disgrace for dishonoring the office and opportunity my constituents voted me into so, um….shame on you, Republicans! Lol WOW!

  24. Too bad she smoked weed and became suddendly naked. Pot, other drugs and alcohol impair your judgement as it lowers your inhibitions. Tihere is no double standards when it comes to "screwing around" until you are caught. Katie, in case no one has told you, you may have embarrased yourself, your party and the people of California that you were supposed to represent. I'm not a pot fan anymore, but I hope that no one in your old district has been incarcerated for pot and bongs.

  25. It's ALWAYS somebody else's fault. I now identify as a "victim of others"(victimbian)and, as such, should not have to pay my speeding fines.

  26. Wat? You are a pervert who behaved badly while being a lawmaker. It’s no ones fault but yours, chica. Go away and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  27. There is sad political drama and irony in this whole tragedy with Katie Hill! She talks about a cruel, mean spirited, right wing news media persecuting her. She slams the POTUS in her last speech in the House Chamber. By contrast, the 45th POTUS talks about a cruel, mean spirited, left wing news media persecuting him. He slams the Deep State for not even giving him a chance to be POTUS.

  28. Tammy Bruce your wrong, Katie Hill is not 'like the people in congress', she is exactly like the Democratic party and their hypocrisy and double standards. Those are the people in congress.

  29. So many Americans are vile creatures with no morals. You guys turn everything into a DEM vs REP issue. You are OK with sexual abusers in your own party, but are quick to condemn them in the other party. THAT kind of idiotic mindset is what makes Americans, in general, horrible people. It also extends to religion. Get a clue. The world is laughing…..

  30. Perhaps she should blame herself for breaking policy and screwing staffers after publicly taking stands against men who do the exact same thing

  31. I'm will to BET Trump has seen her un-edited photos. After ALL she has a decent looking body, not to mentio a pretty face, Malania 😥

  32. As if She isn't Hurt enough "! He released the BBC Tag Team DP Videos to !!!?,,,, Shame On Him $$$?,,,, Sound's and Smells Fishy "! Something's Stink in a Way that just ain't Fair to the People's Subjected to it !!!,,,, Smile Your On Candid Camera !!!,,,, Triggers !!!?,,, 😆👑

  33. Typical f***ing Dem/Left. To gutless to take responsibility for actions and blames others. Trump didn't make her resign, her actions and her party did. Sad little woman.

  34. …so she shagged some staffer and was smart enough to record her deeds and it's somehow not her responsibility?; wow…good riddance…NEXT!!

  35. Hypocrite Katie Hill was ILLEGALLY smoking pot while overseeing authorities making thousands of ARRESTS and imprisoning people for years for doing just that. NO MEDIA is taking about that. ✔

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