Kate Hoey VS Another Remoaning Politics Live Show Panel

what's going on guys welcome to the video so on the politics live show the panel was discussing the risks of an Odile brexit and the level of planning that has gone into it in the lead-up to brexit now of course this is the BBC panel so they claim it's a three for to remain in their rise which is slightly better than the normal ratio the biased Broadcasting Corporation employs on his panels but from my view it looked like it was four remain errs and one brexit ear by that I mean the only real brexit ear is the Labour MP Kate Hoey who has just announced she would actually stand down at the next election the upper brexit ear is the type who claims to want brexit but froze that project fear nonsense about No Deal so he may only be a half brick city like a soft brick city of course the No Deal brexit derangement syndrome is strong among the panel as we have all come to expect from the BBC now let's check it out well let's talk about No Deal and No Deal planning and listen to the former permanent secretary at the Department for exiting at the European Union Philip Rycroft this is from panorama No Deal is a step into the unknown and it is a venture that is fraught with risk there's no doubt about that is Britain ready for No Deal the planning I think he's in good shape absolutely but of course what that doesn't mean is that there won't be an impact forum brexit I'm particularly in a deal braces because that is a very major change Margo do you agree the assessment of the risks of No Deal he says are fraught with risk oh yes certainly without a doubt risk in terms of trade particularly the economy the strength of the pounds and even security because of course if we if we bounce out without a deal we get no transition arrangement and therefore all all cooperation really comes to a halt unless you know we you know say for whatever we can negotiate very good well now that doesn't mean to say that you can't do some effective No Deal planning and a lot has been done already and there is more to be done and both the candidates for Prime Minister have committed to you know taking more steps to secure greater No Deal planning but there is a limit to how much one can plan for such an unknown risk okay well you know everyone says that they want a deal but we're not looks like we're not going to get a deal unless this the European Union changes its attitudes in its views and there's no point doing planning for no dealing no deal if we're not prepared in the end to actually have a no deal and of course it's not a no deal as such because there are lots of little side deals already going on that are already being signed up France has signed a whole number of things with us a lot of the trade deals with we're going to carry on with those anyway there will be a period where obviously things will be slightly different but at the end of it that period we will be able to then have that independence to go and actually make our own arrangements and to get that trade deal with the European Union the European Union is not going to give us anything until they know that we are actually serious that we will leave and it will hit them far harder than it will hit us this Tory weasel sits there talking about No Deal affecting the pound but what the hell does she think all this nonsense is doing delaying brexit in the hope of getting some piss-poor deal with the European Union every time MPs in the media throw this project fair nonsense out there it lowers our negotiating position which then affects confidence in the UK and affects the pound you idiots it's remainders of a her in the UK with their project fear not a no deal brexit this dozy spunk Trump even admits that plans are in place so it's not even a no deal brixi is it as if there's already plans in place for leaving the EU it can't be no deal she does not care about no deal she just wants to remain but is forced to act like she wants to leave because her constituents probably voted to leave the Brick City rightly elaborates on the deals the Tory MP alluded to and stated that the basic fact No Deal preps are useless if the leaders don't have the bollocks to go through with it I guess time will tell if Boris Johnson or Jeremy I'm so sorry Jeremy Hunt I've never said that before in my life it's usually men who say that so I really really want to apologize I'm sorry how's the bottle to go through a bit when one of them gets in number 10 before stating what I have said all the long a No Deal brexit will hurt the EU more than it hurts us the EU needs us a lot more than we ever needed them why do you think the Euro file media and the EU itself is the bed over brexit pulling out all the stops they can to keep us in the EU and keep us feeding them with billions of pounds each year well I mean that I would take issue with a lot of what you say okay but particularly that if we leave without a deal that we will be then in a position to negotiate a trade deal because I think the EU have made absolutely clear to us that they're not going to start negotiating a trade deal until we've left if we are in a position without a transition agreement then then goodness knows when we'll start ago she a shoes and they won't start those negotiations until we've until we've basically passive at all agreement and the the three main tenets in it you know the money citizens rights and securing the Northern Ireland border well we go without a deal they won't start any discussion we'll be giving him something because obviously we probably legally owe them something but we certainly won't be giving them 39 billion and a lot of that money can be used to in the short term to actually work against work for those people who are being perhaps affected in a short term but long term or you mean long term long term it's not all the people are getting hit by the turns there won't be that many people hit I mean there is a lot of you must admit there's a lot of exaggeration going on I do try not to be party to any exaggeration but certainly the manufacturers and the farmers particularly will be hit or Adly well let's have a look at this was Boris Johnson insisting in the Sunday Telegraph he is not bluffing about delivering a No Deal brexit on October the 31st he is urging European leaders to look deep into our eyes and understand that the UK will leave the EU with or without an agreement on Halloween if he becomes Prime Minister we do serve in a Boris Johnson government if No Deal comes into play no I wouldn't know you know I mean no because I can't in the first place I cannot commit to what he has been asking future ministers to commit to which is that we leave on October 31st with or without a deal do or die I can't make that commitment so I won't be able to serve so in that clip we hear the Tory MP talking about the EU not doing a deal with us because we won't pass the withdrawal well let me tell you something you stupid bin the EU will need to do a deal with us once we have left regardless of the withdrawal agreement because they need the trade we bring the money grabbing in the year you won't just accept no trade will they they will cave in make a trade deal on even terms as we will already be out they will have no hold over us making a deal before we leave is dumb anyway it's a weakened position compared to being an independent state and going for a deal the Tory MP is determined to pay the EU the 39 billion pounds for some reason though claiming we need to do that before we get a deal well I say stick that straight up your arse love you can pay 239 billion out of your own pocket if you want we should not be given the EU anything past payments jus for this year we are not funding the EU for the next ten years as per the may agreement they can fund their own super state kate rightly points out that we're bad deal we ain't paying $39 into him it's obscene that can be used to help people in the UK which is right now I don't often find myself agreeing with many politicians let alone labour ones but this one seems to have a read on straight she even calls out the blatant fabrications the Ramona's are using with project fear in a desperate bid to ignore the Democratic votes a leaf now as for Boris bluffing about leaving with no deal on 31st of October you'll all know that I remain skeptical he will actually do it but I sure hope he does let's continue anyway right but you did serve in a treasom a government you are serving in a trees made government that did also say that no deal would be in eventualities well No Deal is the legal default I also served in her camp in her government voting three times are further withdrawal agreements so we were trying to get a deal at that point and look like getting one him got one but couldn't get it through Parliament right what about urging European leaders to look deep into our eyes is that a viable strategy no it's gonna change their minds if they look deep into the eyes of mr. Johnson or anybody else I I'm baffled I'm a long-term secessionist I've been in favor of leaving the European Union since birth since the Ice Age but I don't I don't find this almost hysterical demand deal sympathetic or believable very interesting piece by Claire fodeez in the time sedan which he lists a number of now born-again levers who said in the past they'd be perfectly happy to stay for instance in the single market which is my position I think a Norway deal would be that would be by far the best way out of the European Union for us it's now been flying on the ash heap by people who are determined it seems to me to have a confrontation nobody ever mentions the thing which my friend Christopher Brooker who last died last week constantly says the the terrible effect of non-tariff barriers if you have a No Deal exit is not just Terrace it's the enormous bureaucratic massive stuff which you are then completely outside once you leave the single market and it's it's it's wholly unpredictable how it will affect people so I'm baffled by this this this this this attachment as I say as someone who's a really keen secessionist I really can't see why so many people who in many years when I was session its were completely silent about the whole European is you've said nothing about it suddenly so passion because I voted against Maastricht and rights the last stop No Deal I know there is an attempt today to attach an amendment to the Northern Irish bill or Northern Ireland bill but but that's not a guarantee it may prevent someone like Boris Johnson prorogue in Parma shutting it down so that MPs like you couldn't stop it so what are the options well I mean I think you're going to have to have you know some someone who's much cleverer on parliamentary procedure than I am you don't let one to come on your show to explain he won't very successful I mean we did right I mean he he did manage at least to get the prime minister to delay article 50 so that any deal could be negotiated so got through Parliament so you know I wouldn't say write him off I'm not privy to the sort of intricate discussions about what might happen and when I just know that there is really a majority against leaving without a deal for all the reasons that beaten something sulfurous ly terrifyingly Cromwellian about discussions of bypassing parliament in the country which has parliamentary government and surely this cannot conceivably be a route which any anybody can take without driving us even deeper into a constitutional crisis which is done already voted to leave with or without a deal when they invoked article 50 parliament has already said we we want to leave we we are going to leave what what what is the problem is that a lot of MPs don't want to leave and have never wanted to leave and are going to do everything they can Peter to stop it by using these kind of procedural things by clever people like Dominic grieve and Oliver lefland and actually in the end going against the will of the British people which was to leave and it wasn't on the ballot paper leave with a deal or leave with no deal it was leave so we didn't move on to the Tory MP traitors who want to stop no deal from being considered essentially they wants a handicap the UK in its bid to leave the EU and make a deal that would benefit both US and the EU they want the Teresa may surrender document to be how we leave the EU meaning we become the vassal state of Europe and pay them for the privilege of it the host talks about stopping Boris Johnson pierogi in parliament which we already know from my earlier video they cannot do as the request would go directly to the Queen it has fuchal to do with the Tory party traders or labour or anyone else that is why the Tory MPs can't stay anything they plan to do to stop Boris as they very likely can't do anything about it she's just too much of a lie and pic to admit it though Kate rightly points out that the vote to leave is done when the government invoked dire call 50 they chose to leave with or without a deal and that the MPs don't want to leave so they are stopping us from leaving like the true traitors that they all are we already knew this perhaps Kate knows about the Tilburg case then after all we see you again though that these Ramona's are hung up on the fact that No Deal wasn't on the ballot but they always ignore that leaving with a deal wasn't on the ballot paper ever leave means leave Deal or No Deal it has to be done end of story right mark mortgage of pro bono Joe happening what would you personally do because there have been colleagues of yours who are prepared to go further I mean would you consider voting against the government I'm sorry I'm not prepared to you know to answer hypothetical questions at the moment about what I might or might not do would you I'm very clear that I believe No Deal is a huge risk for this country and the consequences would not just be short-term chaos and disruption but also long-term decline in investment party or the country for you well I'm nothing every politician has to wrestle with that at times I think most of us you know have to consider our constituents my constituency voted 70% to leave something I've always borne in mind the country and our party with all these things sometimes they're in conflict and it's very difficult I just want to take issue with this Democratic mandate that Kate mentioned yes I mean the details of how we leave or how we left we're not on the ballot paper but I mean if you go back to the referendum people were sold a position that we could leave and still have a good relationship still have our trade interests secured and all of that well I would argue Kate that we can't unless we get a decent deal and a transitional range of entually it's just it the way it's being pushed by the European Union well because the European Union I remember is going to be new commissioners new everything starting a new Parliament with a very strong anti European skeptical European Union members in it things can change and things will change but they'll not change why you have a prime minister who has never really thought to leave well and on that let's just show you the time so Theresa May has put everything never signed up to the back steel she'd really thought as you know because we've otherwise there's an open border into the single market and they will never wear that green we've said we won't the Irish government said they what the European have said they want so who's going to build it here so the host asked about a no confidence vote which I've said multiple times that the Tory MPs are not that stupid as to destroy their own pie just to prevent brexit she goes around the houses to evade answering the question though and changes the subject back onto the referendum wording and getting a deal again standard procedure by these MPs in it now as we know we can do that after we've left we don't need to have a deal beforehand it's just ridiculous and sick of saying it this Tory MP though she actually thinks that Theresa may ever actually once tried to get us out of the year it's clear to anyone with half a brain cell that Teresa the EU appeaser has done her best to hold up brexit and keep us in the EU she was a remainer and always will be there we go again right well and on that before we go again it's just showed the times Boris Johnson faces Tory plot to prevent No Deal brexit are you part of that group of 30 remain MP seeking to block Britain I'm crashing out of the EU part of the Gork would squander part of any plot I'm not part of any plot I do share you I mean my views on No Deal are very well known and I've worked with you know ministers like David Gork and ambhiraj Greg Clark to make sure we didn't leave without a deal in March I have the other hand we have we have to say that no one who was any in any decent plot would ever own up to being but you know it doesn't mean of course if you were to back a no-confidence motion some of your colleagues who said they wouldn't uh sure in a Jeremy Corbyn government but it wouldn't necessarily have career Jeremy Corbyn government there could be a case made for a government of national unity coming forward would you then be well you keep pressing me on hypothetical potential ethical is it because coming very shortly what is interesting in what you asked me was the assumption that there's going to be a Corbin government that either this government survives or there's gonna be a Corbin government I don't think it is quite as simple as that we have to look at what's been happening in the Labor Party over the last year particularly you know in recent days with this forthcoming panorama program on Wednesday and the Jeremy comas leadership is by no means secure and if a Conservative government no matter who becomes Prime Minister is up against you know a Labour Party who isn't by Corbin and I mean goodness knows what might happen and on that because Labour MPs are being forced pretty well to reapply for their jobs are you reapplying to be an MP I will be announcing this afternoon what I'm doing I'm not going to announce it on this program oh well why not say it was afternoon cuz I because I am going to announce it to my constituents right it's a change from from what your car you never know right well let's talk about something else neatly during this debate has really proved that the parliamentary maths is not there the maths within your own parties I isn't even there in two of how we deliver brexit and it's so important that time and time again we talked about bringing this back to the people because it's clear that this debate needs to be continued to happen the fact that the role of Northern Ireland wasn't truly discussed in the last referendum and there needs to be a clear opportunity that we talk about the realities of what that looks like if we get another leave way of doing I get another leave out to the people what happens in people's folks leave what we're saying if we get another leave but we will be back where we are well I have delay for business more uncertainty all right well in that clip you see the host tries to promote the idea of a government of national you need like something the LibDems would say one party wants to leave the other wants to remain the left-wing parties of the UK are flat-out communists who don't agree with sharing power so that idea is ridiculous from the start the Tories don't just need to be worried about a Corbin government they also might be scared of Nigel Faraj in the brexit party a lot more than Labour right now finally we hear from the Ramone in spunk trumpet whose only input during this whole segment is to say that she wants a second referendum kate rightly shuts her down saying when we get another leave vote we will still be in the same position and the Ramone in pigs have no answer for that because they know if they lose a second vote they will still demand another vote until the vote goes in their favor we all know this it seems that the only true brexit here was the Labour MP and she called out these Ramone in toss pots every time they attempted to spout their project for even the guy who claims to be a brexit ear as a soft brexit ear at best he sounded more like a secret Ramona today than a brexit ear in my opinion so I'm going to end the video there guys let me know what you think down in the comments section below remember to leave a like share the video and subscribe with a notification bell and I'll see you all in the next video

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  1. Fuck pig, spunk trumpet, shit weasel, stupid bint… LOVE IT! More political commentators should emphasise their commentary with these epithets πŸ™‚

  2. Remainer MP woman: "I'm not going to answer hypothetical questions or get into hypothetical situations".
    Also Remainer MP woman in literally the same breath: "i dont want a no deal as it will damage our economy, make us less safe, demolish our nhs etc.etc"
    Seems legit.

  3. Peter Hitchens a Remainer????
    The man has been a critic of the EEC/EU for decades, a lone voice in the wilderness. Hitchens was opposing Brussels when most Brexiters were shitting rusks. He supports a Norway option because our political class is useless, and no deal will be a disaster. Brexit is a process. We've waited 40 years for it, so why not longer? Our entire political, economic, and legal framework has been intertwined with Europe for 40 years. The idea that this can be undone in 5 minutes is utter bollocks.
    Let's see what the No Deal answer to health and safety checks, open skies, patent protection, intellectual copyright, and a 1000 other things that will end with No deal, is.
    Project fear is project reality. The EU is a trade super power. Britain is not. The idea that the EU, a trillion pound economy, will live or die on 39 billion, is utter, utter, bollocks.

  4. "If you are in a negotiation for a free trade agreement, you can maintain your existing standards for ten years under WTO rules. So we have ten years from the point at which we leave the European Union to negotiate a free trade agreement with the EU which would mean we can carry on with our zero tariffs."

    Jacob Rees-Mogg, 10 May 2018

  5. My brother has a very successful business, and does most of his trading with European companies. He voted to leave, and has not changed his mind.

  6. The country is full of these arseholes dont pay the license these shitheads are running the country into the ground.i cant believe anyone can have anything to do with these twats

  7. The BBC should study the how much damage they have done to themselves over the past three year's with the bias report's

  8. Dude don't spew crap about that guy Peter hitchen's , just look at his debates against Tories , libdems and labour , he has been against them like forever , he has become tired and fed up because people didn't listen to him about immigration crisis , culture war , the decline of true conservatism etc for the past 3 decades , nobody listened to him but called him all the names . Just please check his videos , compilations .

  9. Boris will have a statue next to Churchill!
    Something else for the hard-left communists to degrade, while 5-0 stand around smirking!
    1. Boris
    2. Brexit
    3. Conservatives allowed to have one last chance to improve Great Britain
    4. Public work on serious pressure groups to change postal voting and proportional representative voting in time for next general elections
    5. Brexit party use this time to reevaluate political stance.
    6. Public continue outing the once powerful, dying, culture of hard-left wing hooliganism

  10. Balls
    I'll listen the moment I hear a true leaver say it's a dangerous move.
    These people can not see into the future, they don't know and therefore should not be able to give comment!

  11. So when we leave 'without a deal' there'll be no security sharing, even though we're all in NATO?
    Even though the eu's intelligence gathering capability without us and our brilliant '5 i's' is dogshit?
    They'll be smashing down our door to resume 'int sharing' the fucking eu bastards!

  12. Another fun and informative vid. Kate Hoey is a star. An honest politician of the old order. A dying breed it seems. Channels like We Got A Problem.
    portray the facts of a matter. Keep it up. It's refreshing. Keeps me listening. Spook

  13. Love this channel and the intro. Much support from the US!

    Jeremy Cunt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  14. Will someone please tell me EXACTLY what will happen with no deal and stop trying to scare me. As far as I know we will have better dealings with the world. jaguar have just announced massive investment in Britain so where's the problem?

  15. Why do I keep getting snap images of that tall b.b.c woman . I think she does an antiques programme? Not sure. Got rid of TV set years ago.

  16. If a Rogue Parliament does not follow the will of the democratic vote to leave the EU, then absolutely Prorogue the bloody lot of them…

  17. Wow that deeply unattractive conservative MP …. is awful, weak willed and biased. I can't stand the BBC or politicians who don't represent their constituents.πŸ™„

  18. "…it's usually men who say that….."????? And this halfwit is still employed by the BBC!Β 

    I couldn't give a fuck if she called Hunt a cunt, for once in her life she's probably right on that one, but the school yard – it wasnee me, it was another boy what done it….. routine isn't just embarrassing it should be grounds for instant dismissal. Not because, she made a mistake – we all make those, but her 1st reaction was to blame someone – in this case 'men' for her cock-up. And not just one man, but all men.Β 

    Irrespective of the validity of her claim, it's utterly irrelevant. It is however deeply revealing, as it shows that this shit-weasel will do anything, however outlandish to deflect attention from her own actions, and her responsibility for those actions. Hunt may or may not been a cunt madam, but you most certainly are.

  19. The EU. Treated the UK with Contempt long before the Referendum, David Cameron was sent home with his tail between his legs on numerous Occasions. How do you Think we will be treated if the Remoaners get Their way, We go back with cap in hand and beg for forgiveness, we'll never be able to hold our Heads up on the World Stage again.

  20. You'd think the UK never had an economy without the EU. These people really believe the UK to be useless. I'm Australian, you're just poms to me and you pay our Queen (thank you, but when she goes I'm going to support the republicans), but I remember you not being in the EU and I recall trade going on.

  21. Kate announced she will not stand for re-election. I hope Kate enjoys her retirement, she’s certainly worked VERY hard for the Brexit cause for many years. Thanks Kate.

  22. I Love Kate Hoey really do. Ah I don’t watch bbc anymore unless it’s a re run like this. They are the lowest scumbags.

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