Karnataka Political Crisis: Is The Congress-JDS Govt In Minority? | News Today With Rajdeep

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  1. Nataka Karnataka the Journo Narada has come on to the scene is Rajdeep Sardesai who makes the Karnataka Nataka blown out of proportion. Happy moments for Narada Rajdeep Sardesai. Today whole day the story of Nataka Karnstaka, Director & Producer Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai.

  2. BJP offers good money so MLA's want to plung . So people has to understand, Shameless BJP. All dram from Modi bcz Yeddi want CM again.People was mislead by RSS and BJP stating that all people account get 15 Lacks each account. so people are blind .


  4. 'Karnataka Circus' now showing at Bengaluru , Mumbai and now in Goa.For money and power politicians will do anything.And an ordinary law abiding citizen can only rue his misfortune to be ruled by such immoral and corrupt politicians who will commit any crime on earth to grab power will the sole purpose of looting this nation.Such 'nataks' keep playing out at regular frequency in one state or the other.

  5. Kalappa knows that Siddaramaiah has been regretting giving JDS the CM post and been wanting power. Congress has to take firm action on Siddaramaiah for these episodes. Blaming x y z is not going to help.

  6. Rajdeep you tasted R S 3/- but did not say anything thing about mis deeds oer floting lakes now see Prson having only 37/38 members Pl be neutral You should do your dharma journalism We take you in very highl esteem

  7. Rajdeep ask Brijesh Kallapa, If MLAs are saleble then what is cost of Brijesh Kallapa. like Tom Wannakum shifted to BJP. What gaurentee that Brijesh Kallappa will not shift…

  8. I dont know who is horse trading. Congress-JDS offering minister post smacks of horse trading too. Further Dr Umesh Jadav walking to BJP and de-seating congress heavy weight Malikarjuna Kargae while his son held onto his mla seat gave other congress MLAs that they now have a real shot of being an MP while their sons and daughters could hold back their MLA.

  9. The easy way out for both Congress and JDS now, is to copy and follow the BJP to save their government in Karnataka. If BJP can buy the MLAs to join them then Congress and JDS  should also buy the BJP MLAs to support the present coalition in Karnataka by paying them more attractive amounts. In the present dirtiest system of present Indian politics, every MLA and MP are in the race to become the richest soon as possible.

    If Congress can arrange good amount of funds at this juncture then they can easily buy the BJP MLAs not only in Karnataka but from other states as well to form the Congress governments.

  10. Rajdeep, can you please ask questions to JDS and Congress more about why their MLAs are saleable and how about the land scam…instead of trying hard to prove its BJP is behind the nataka. Will you sell your soul for a few mere crores, Rajdeep?

  11. Kallapa talks of vote share, its no of seats party has won not on vote shares………leader so called this idiot will nail remaining nails to coffin of the congress

  12. DK has no support base in congress for CM post…..This kallapa talks of anti defection, what about Right To Recall act in constitution

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