Karnataka Political Crisis: 22 Congress Ministers To Resign From Karnataka Cabinet

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  1. गोदी मीडिया के प्रयास को धन्यवाद खाश तौर पर रजत शरमा जी को ,
    लगे रहो।।😁😁😁😁नमो है तो मुमकिन है यहां भी

  2. All these MLA /MP monkeys jumping party to party, are they going to work for the welfare of people? No way! Shame on those who will not stick to their own mother party. Shame on other parties to tempt them to jump around !

  3. Sale ise dogule neta kisi ke nahi hote hai mai to kh raha ise netao koi parti apne mai na le ye kisi ke sage nahi hai jay bhart jay hind

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