Karnataka Crisis In SC : "This Is A Political Petition" Says CM's Lawyer In Supreme Court

as we've been telling you the hearing in the Karnataka political crisis is presently underway in the Supreme Court this is the latest updated from the Chief Minister's Law and Supreme Court who has said that the speaker is a constitutional authority there is an overtly political petition raising allegations against the Chief Minister and the speaker this is the latest with now the lawyer of the Chief Minister speaking in the Supreme Court calling this a political petition and saying that the speaker is a constitutional authority this after the speaker himself the mr. kr Ramesh Kumar sought more time from the Supreme Court to go through the resignations of those rebel MLAs saying that he will go as per the procedures of the Constitution and will not act in haste thanks for watching the video for more such news and updates please like share and subscribe to India TV also check out our other great videos from our channel we know you would love to

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  1. Beautiful events unfolding.
    Speaker is the real Constitutional Authority not SC.
    Courts can only interpret what Constitutional Authority the Parliament or State Assembly enacted Laws not overrule it.
    The Citizens of the Country is the real Constitutional Authority.
    The Citizens elected their representatives. 130 millions of Indian people are behind the Speaker, who gave the Authority not the appointed Judges.
    130 millions of Indian people who gave the Constitutional — Living Constitutional Authority.
    Now it is very high time to decide what is the Constitutional Authority all about……..

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