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– Watch out world because Kanye West, AKA Christian Genius
Billionaire is making a run for the Oval Office in 2024. (wind howling) Yep, you heard that right,
the rapper stopped by the fifth annual Fast
Company Innovation Festival in New York on Thursday to
unveil his new Yeezy sneakers which he referred to
as the Apple of apparel and also managed to unload
on a whole laundry list of other things during the panel including changing his name,
moving his Yeezy headquarters, and yes, even a presidential run. First let’s talk about
Christian Genius Billionaire. The Jesus Is King rapper
said he might legally change his name to the
aforementioned moniker when discussing how
Forbes didn’t label him as billionaire in their June publication, ranking him fourth amongst
the world’s wealthiest hip-hop artists with an estimated
net worth of $240 million. Kanye, referencing Black empowerment said, “When I did Forbes, I showed
them an $890 million receipt “and they still didn’t say ‘billionaire.’ “They don’t want us to
know that we can buy land. “When people say it’s crass to
call yourself a billionaire, “I say I might legally change my name “to Christian Genius Billionaire
Kanye West for a year “until y’all understand
exactly what it is.” Kanye also discussed moving
his Yeezy headquarters to Cody, Wyoming because as he puts it, the building restrictions are way lax giving him more freedom to think and to build off his Yeezy empire. And what about that 2024 presidential run? Well, Kanye started by announcing his bid before he was interrupted
by an outbreak of laughter in the audience. The rapper fired back saying,
“What y’all laughing at? “We would create so many jobs! “I’m not going to run, I’m going to walk. “When you see headlines
saying Kanye’s crazy, “one in three African
Americans are in jail “and all the celebrities are in jail also “because they can’t say nothing, “they got no opinion, they’re so scared.” All right, for more on
Kanye’s thoughts during the Fast Company Innovation
Festival panel head to thr.com. And until next time, for
The Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Neha Joy.
(lively instrumental music) (wind howls)

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