Kanye: The Republican Party Freed the Slaves

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. The Demon-Rats do not want this to get out because it would blow their saying, 'Conservatives are all Racist' to hell.

  2. Echoing the words of other commenters. Using his freedom to speak as intended. An even bigger fan now to see him stand up for things he believes in.

  3. The Republican party freed the slaves in 1865. The Republican party in 2019 can win a general election without the Negroes vote.furthermore the Negro has no political agenda so no matter who he chooses to pull the lever for he will be manipulated by either party.

  4. Before anyone take this as fact please know that the Republican party and democratic party switched platforms… this is a misleading collection of half truths. Do your own research if ya think I'm lying.

  5. We so proud of you Kanye.It is my wish, that black people all over the world,wake up to this lefty evil.There is no other word for progressive liberals.Much love from England.

  6. Fyi friends, the majority of Republicans in Washington TODAY are RINOS = Republican in name only. They are Bff with the Socialist Democrats. They must keep positions through Donald Trump's reelection in 2020 and hope they change their ways or get out!
    Either way, dont be complacent…vote as if your life depends on it, because it does.

  7. I like and Respect Kanye and all but His credibility kinda goes Out the window when He associates Himself with the likes of kim kardashsian

  8. Kinda hypocritical for the Right to claim the freeing of slaves as a positive for the party, while at the same time using the fact that slavery happened so long ago as a way to discredit ideas like reparations. You can't pick and choose what aspects of slavery you want to take credit for.

  9. the two biggest mistakes in American history; universal suffrage, and allowing the slaves to remain in America.

  10. “Levin”ites have been aware of this forever. But happy to see Kanye bringing it to his audience! And Prager for spreading the word!

  11. That Jesus Walks beat in the background was no joke! 💥 Kanye is a free thinker, libs hate him for that. Isn't that some shiiiittt. Geez!

  12. If only conservatives realize that Goldwater announcing that he was against Civil Rights during his campaign ruined the black vote for them. Letting Dems run unopposed doesn’t help either.

  13. Polygamy is not barbaric. It's normal in my culture. And the women in polygamy that know of are volunteers and are happy.

  14. And the Republican party back then had been to radical to the GOP of today and it's voters . Remember what u call Socialism, and social justice happend as well,so GOP now aren't equal as the GOP' of today. Democrats aren't the same either. Got rid of the Dickie Democrats who became the most right wing republicans as well.

  15. I am glad that people are waking up to the reality of things and taking a stand. I think what Kanye did coming out and telling the truth is great. People who know no different or better can't see some things for what they are because they have been fed lies for so long. I hope more people realize what has been going on and stand up for what is right. We all should be treated as one people it is what so many people in our nation's history have fought for some even died for it.

  16. My only beef with this video is its claim that "polygamy devalued women and made them a kind of property." As one with Mormon ancestors who practiced polygamy, I can tell you this was not the case. Church rules on the practice were very strict; no man could marry additional wives without willing consent from the first wife and the prospective wife. In many cases, the prospective wife was a widow who did not have sufficient means to provide for herself and her children, and low-level church leaders might suggest to member families that they add her to their family. Then, only after much prayer and fasting by all parties would the relationship be made official. At it's peak, less than 5% of members practiced polygamy.
    Polygamy as a practice has existed since ancient times, having been practiced by the great prophets Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and throughout the tribes of Israel. It is the Lord's way of raising righteous generations while taking care of those most in need. It is also a practice only He can command his children to obey. He revealed it in modern times through the Prophet Joseph Smith, and then withdrew the commandment through the Prophet Wilford Woodruff some sixty years later. Only to an uneducated or dirty mind could such a practice be considered evil or devaluing.

  17. so what ,we should vote republican, shouldn't we choose or align ourselves with the party that closest to our principles whether republican or democrat

  18. I voted for Trump. But, come on what party's were then (along with who/what supported them) and what they are now (along with who/what supports them) are not the same.

  19. I think it’s odd that Prager has over 2mm subscribers, but this video only has about 191K views. Big tech is censoring this! They can’t risk truth being shared!

  20. You also got to understand the republican and democratic changed their ideology in the 1900.you know that right??

  21. Follow Jesus, listen and obey
    No more livin for the culture, we nobody's slave

    I stand up on my own
    Even if I take this walk alone
    I bow down to the kingdom of the throne
    My life is his it's no longer my own

    Lyrics from Kanye's upcoming album. People's heads are going to explode when they hear this.

  22. You people out here praising Obama. Appart being half black, tell me one thing he has done for black people. I'll wait.

  23. PragerU …just using and milking Kanye west….for his opinions and vieuws. They think black americans are dumb and cant think for themself and need ''celebirty'' spokes peopel like Kanye West ( who is a real american) and Candece Owens who not even a native black american….but a Carribean american and nowhere nere to speak on the Black american experience. Kanye is right free thought is superpower….but its evil when his expression is being used by Prager U for a lager Agenda. The legendary american called Melcom X was a true free though speaker….he was the one and only American to reach ''ultra instinct'' level.

  24. This is BS effin news, you know damn well the Republican party that freed the slaves doesn't even come close to the platform they run on present day. LINCOLN would most closely resemble a Democrat today. Study your history people, the Republican party is not the party they were during Lincoln's presidency. This lady is Kanye's version of Madea… shame shame on you

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