KAIKU ELECTION campaign  SONG 2019

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Has this candidate ever politically done any thing in his entire life. Has he fought for any one right. At any moment of his life has he done any thing for the welfare of the people. Has he done any selfless sacrifices. Or simply being a celebrity has he use his influences for the benefit of people. Has he ever raise his voice for weaks.I doubt. He has some friends in Ministry and does their seeing their way of living, working influenced him. What are his agenda. In which section of society he is going to give a push. Will he be able to stand firm against state or central government when differences arise. Does he know atleast some of the law of the land. People might think I am criticizing but no I am just curious why on earth he left his success as actor and jump in politics.

  2. Yambung kaikugi thamoigi senglaba amakpa yaodraba warol, leibak meeyam amadi eramdam sana leibak ki damak kathoklaba eyambabu eikhoi leibak Meeyamna thamoi sengna mamal Yamlaba vote pijari..yaifare yafare

  3. eige thamoi da pendaba di ahn singna hynei kaiku di naori keisu khng oi hyna karino moina hyri do ei khngde pabung kaiku na kaba oi u ko kari gumba hndk kadrasu mathangdi kani hndk kahwde hyduna tumin na leibikhi nu mym ge mateng adum pangbi u hndk atoppa na ka khrasu moina chahi 5 cda kari twrk e yengmina c mathang su leppi u ko soidana kagani hndk su kaba oi u praja mym c na gyn tabiduna.

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